Sassy Snap and Squirt Sea Creatures

Sassy Snap and Squirt Sea Creatures

The Sassy Snap & Squirt Sea Creatures make bathtime fun. Helping to develop your baby’s motor skills by encouraging a variety of hand movements, this set is recommended for children 6+ months.

Main features

  • Set of 9
  • Set of 9 sea creature squirters
  • Float, squirt and snap together
  • Sized for little hands to grasp and squirt
  • Fun and colorful bathtime fun for 6+ months

Verified reviews


Can this bath toy make your child sick?

Any sort of bath toy that collects moisture is a hazard. A news report on the dangers of this mold revealed clatosporium, yeast, and bacteria lurking inside a moldy bath toys in general. According to the mold expert, children exposed to this may have symptoms of rhinitis, with coughing, runny nose, and scratchy eyes. A pediatrician also pointed out the risk for children with compromised immune systems, “For those children that are allergic to mold and so they have asthmatic symptoms primarily because of mold, that potentially could make things worse, make their coughing worse.” Please see comments section for more information.I bought these as a less expensive alternative to theFISHER PRICE Snap-LOCK Beads Fun Shapes BABY Classic TOY Infant Developmental, as the could be used for bathtime too. Unfortunately, they cannot be drained well because of the way the hole is designed – it’s fairly deep so a lot of water remains inside. Add to this the mildew that always grows inside, and it’s not something you want your baby squirting out.That said, my two year old twins really do enjoy playing with the Sassy creatures, so they’re no longer used at bathtime. They’re soft and flexible and keeps them busy for a while trying to make them snap together. Alas, the dolphins fit together well, but do not work with the rest of the set. All the others work well with each other, but once you show them this, they get it. The creatures come apart easily so it won’t be as effective as a toy for fine motor skills. For that, the Fisher Price beads are preferable.

Adriana Forrest City, AR

Just don’t use them in the water!

I haven’t read all the other reviews, but from what I can see, most people feel the same way I do about these. My baby likes to chew on these and play with them outside of the tub. I have some that have never been in the water and those she plays with along with her other toys. The one’s in the tub never quite empty completely and I can only imagine what’s growing inside! Also, the plastic is VERY hard. Too hard for a small child to fill with water and use as a squirting toy. So, while these are colorful and fun, I’ll take two stars away due to the poor design.

Annmarie Grammer, IN

Cute, but that’s about the extent of it

I have trouble squeezing these to make the water squirt out – no way can my kids do them! They also don’t link together very easily and once together they don’t stay together.

Benita North Prairie, WI

Cute, but not as expected

I got these cute tub toys for my 1 year old. They are very cute and she loves toting them around and chewing on them, but they don’t squeak like I expected bath toys to do (though they aren’t described as squeaking) and how they ‘snap’ together, is not as expected, either. They link at strange places (some on arms, others on heads, etc) and some of the pieces are easy to link, but don’t stay and others are hard for even my husband and me to link and still don’t stay very well. So, it’s not as if you could make a chain of these toys. They’re cute, but I’m not sure I’d buy them again or give them as a gift.

Selma Avondale Estates, GA

Okay but not fab.

These colourful little sea creatures snap together but my 9 month old cannot do this as it requires a little more dexterity and strength than he has. The little bag is cute to hang on the side of his Bath for him to get the toys out of and it doesn’t come off easily when he is putting things in or taking them out. They do squirt but it is way too hard for his little hands to squeeze them enough to squirt, and it takes some squeezing for an adult. Having said that they are colourful and therefore eye-catching to him, and they are great for chewing on and throwing around in the bath.

Amparo Kellerman, AL

too hard to squirt and mildew buildup

I first thought these were so adorable. They don’t squirt well at all. The material is too hard to squeeze out the water. The water that’s stuck in the toy builds up mildew and you don’t want that floating in your baby’s bath water or even let your baby put in his mouth. I think it’s meant for playpen playtime not bath time. I say don’t waste your money. Get the cute little squirt duckies instead…. and I did!

Amie Mc Comb, OH

Cute and Colorful, but very awkward.

First of all, the item pictures shows twice as many as you really get. you only get 8, i was expecting more. they fit together in a very odd way, and young children will have a difficult time figuring out how exactly which part goes in which as well as actually pushing them together. they’re sturdy but the hard plastic is tough for even my 3 yr old to push together. its really awkward. these are nothing like the beads that are for regular play which are a harder plastic and its easy for a baby to figure out which part goes into which.also you have to worry about the black mold/mildew that collects when you have bath toys like this. they cannot properly dry after use and this nasty stuff collects and there isn’t any real good way of cleaning it out.

Susanne Midfield, TX

Health risk

My son loves these, but they are horrible from a parent stand point. Even my husband can’t squirt about half the toys. They are very hard plastic. Water gets in, but you won’t get it out. What a perfect place for mildew. Yuck. I am keeping 2 as they get the water out ok, others ended up in a garbage can. What a waste of money. They do not fit together well either. I had problem putting them together, no way, my baby could succeed.

Marisa Collinsville, IL


Ok for babies b/c they can just throw them around, but these are too hard to squeeze. I can barely squeeze them. I wouldn’t have bought them if I had known we would not be able to squirt the water with them.

Alyce Center Hill, FL

Hard to use

My 11 month old loves these (and has since she could first grab) but they do not work like they are designed. They are impossible for her to squeeze and they are hard for me to get them to connect and stay put. They are also a cleaning nightmare. They get very gross on the inside and I cant seem to ever get them clean. The directions tell you to drain them after each use but I can never get all the water out. If I can get them clean enough I will just stop using them in the bath.

Naomi Ethridge, MT

Great but NOT as a bath toy

I love these little animals, just not as a bath toy. The squirtie hole is the same as the connecting hole making it awkward (impossible) to get the water back out. But, the plastic is soft, great size for little hands, and the little knobs where the animals connect are great for teething babies.

Tommie Springview, NE

traps water which can’t be emptied and grows mildew & algae

The squirt holes are recessed so the toys can’t be completely emptied of water. They are very hard to squeeze anyway so not much fun. No matter how hard I try to empty these toys some water remains, and a couple of days after a bath some mildew or scum came out of one. Beyond yucky. I will never buy another squirty bath toy.

Rosalind Hines, MN

Cute but you can never get them dry

The little characters are really cute and my son loves them. However, most of the characters are hard to squirt and pretty much impossible to get all of the water out. My son also couldn’t really push the characters together to link them. I had bought this at a store and didn’t see the reviews until I was looking for a new bath toys :(The two stars are for being cute and having the hanging bag, which could be reuse for other bath toys.

Arline Meservey, IA

Cheap and simple…

I don’t love these but for the price and the fact that quite a few bath toys on the market last only so long – these are okay. True some are hard to snap together, but even when snapped together, it’s a bit strange looking. My daughter loves bath time and has a collection of bath toys and these are among them. They don’t get much attention. And the squirters are hard for her (but she’s only 8 months, I didn’t think much of it).So if you want to add to your kids collection or are looking for something cheap, cute, and short-lasting – these are not bad.The mesh bag was a great idea, but the suction cups are a bit weak.

Esperanza Safety Harbor, FL