Sassy Soft Sided Toy Organizer, Blue Mod

Sassy Soft Sided Toy Organizer, Blue Mod

Sassy Modern Soft-Sided OrganizerThis large soft-sided organizer helps keep rooms clean while protecting children from bumps and bruises while playing. It’s trendy colors and modern design make this organizer a fun addition to any room. The interior panels fold out for quick assembly and fold in for easy storage and portability.

Main features

  • Perfect for keeping rooms tidied up from Baby’s toys
  • Large to fit many different toys in all shapes and sizes
  • Modern day colors and style make it a fun addition to any room
  • Its made out of a soft sided material to keep baby from getting bumps and bruises
  • Quick assembly to put together and easy to fold in for easy storage

Verified reviews


It’s okay

The design sold me. It’s so cute…but this is only a temp toy box. Lets see my husband and I bought the pink and brown girl version a year and half ago, roughly. The sides of the toy box don’t have enough support to keep the box in a rectangle shape. It’s bulging pretty bad. While it was fun as it lasted. I believe it is time to upgrade to a wooden or plastic toy box. I believe I bought this box for $30-$40..then I look at the prices of a cherry wooden toy box at a price of $55. If I had paid the extra $15-$25 I could have a toy box that would last many years maybe even a life time.

Hilda Tire Hill, PA

Perfect for our son’s toys

This box is the perfect storage solution for our 9-month old son’s toys. It’s soft so he can’t hurt himself, yet sturdy. He’s at the stage where he is pulling himself up to stand; he does this with the toy box and it doesn’t tip over. I wish the lid had a piece of cardboard reinforcement or something to make it lay perfectly flat, but that’s just an aesthetic thing for us. We don’t plan on sitting on this or using it as an ottoman.

Angelica Craig, NE

Sassy Soft Sided Toy Organizer, Blue Mod

This toy chest is awesome! It will be great for when my baby starts digging in the toy chest herself and doesn’t slam her fingers in it. My only wish was that there was like cardboard or a thin piece of plastic in the lid to keep it somewhat sturdy. If you put anything on top of the lid it collapses into the box. I also may add a piece of velcro to secure the lid to see if that helps. But, overall, we love it.

Anita Haldeman, KY

Cute and roomy

My baby is due in November and I keep all of the clothes, toys, etc that I buy for her in this organizer. It is big and roomy and I have no problems with moving it around. I took off one star because the top does not really stay down around the edges. I think it would be better with either a velcro or magnetic closure instead of having nothing to keep it down. I also wish there were more colors to choose from even though I love the blue one that I ordered. I am happy with my purchase.

Whitney Chignik, AK

Best Toy box ever!

So happy with this toy box! It’s soft yet sturdy! It holds all of baby’s toys & blocks! Don’t be fooled, this toy box may look small but it holds everything…and I’m so happy that I don’t have to worry about little fingers getting pinched or heads getting smacked! I wanted a toy box but wanted to stay away from the wooden type. I grew up with a wooden toy box and both my sister and I were constantly getting our little fingers pinched all the time. I wont have to worry about that with this super stylish toy box! Very happy with this purchase!

Leah Canby, MN

Love this!

I love this for my daughter. It folds up easy when it has no toys and its soft so she cant get hurt on it.

Marina Tunbridge, VT

Toy Box

It’s a decent toy box. I’ve had mine for maybe around 6 months and it’s holding up well to my 2 boys (3 and a half and 19 months.) My oldest has even gotten in it a few times. It folds up easy to travel as well.For the price, it’s good.

Joanne Glidden, TX

VERY VERY SIMPLE AND no lumps or bumps

i purchased this as a replacement for my kids’ small wooden toy chest. I was just TIRED of the constant slamming and banging on the box, and open/shut marathons. My kids’ are really busy and destructive ( a two man demolition crew to be exact), i wanted something that even they could not destroy. This does fit the bill. It’s soft and a “no-brainer” to put together, and easily holds a room full of bulk toys. Even my kids’ “push” popper, fits- both of them! “SASSY” is offered at very good price and has good construction. This box is a solid deal. I can see multiple uses for it, it could work great in a nursery for extra crib bedding and blanket storage. IF you are looking for a non wooden or non plastic alternative to a toy chest. I would call this one a “must” buy.

Lynda Burlington, WA

Love that they break down easily for moving or storing

Holds A LOT of stuff. Love that they break down easily for moving or storing. Sturdy material.

Maureen Millington, NJ