Sassy Soft Sided Toy Organizer

Sassy Soft Sided Toy Organizer

Picking up after Baby seems like a never-ending process. Make clean-up time fun and easy at home or on the road with this Soft-Sided Toy Organizer from Sassy. The large soft-sided toy box has interior panels that fold out for quick assembly. Mesh pockets on both ends are perfect for small toys and books while the front panel folds out to become a colorful play mat for toddlers. When you’re ready to pack it up, the organizer folds completely for easy storage and portability. Comes with removable storage compartment for smaller toys and travel. Makes an excellent gift. Imported. 15Hx24Wx15L”.

Main features

  • Helps protect children from bumps and bruises while playing
  • Interior panels fold out for quick assembly and compactly fold in for easy storage
  • Removable storage compartment with handles conveniently fits inside toy organizer
  • Front panel of the toy organizer opens to reveal a colorful activity mat for toddlers
  • Side mesh pockets offer more storage space for small toys and books

Verified reviews


Great ToyBox

I wanted a soft, spacious toybox and this one is GREAT. Despite being “soft” it is sturdy and I move it around the room with ease (using both handles). Others have complained about the smell. It does have a “new” smell but was never overwhelming and left soon enough after setting it up. The take-out toy bag is great for on-the-go. The toybox has a divider and I put large toys on one side and smaller toys on the other side in the bag. It doesn’t get a five star simply because of the color scheme – a little boring and not what I expected. It’s lighter blue than the picture. Still, it is a great product.

Latonya Woodlawn, TX

Great, Affordable, Safe Toybox.

This is a great purchase choice. It costs much less and is safer than a wooden toybox of the same size. It’s also more Fun! It has an attached, fold-down/open play mat on the front which my son loves. It has extra storage “nets” on the sides, and a removable carrying case that fits in the smaller section inside. It’s also very sturdy for being soft-sided.

Diane Conway, MA

Large and cute but horrible smell!!!!!!!!

I read the reviews about the smell but since most of the reviews were positive I hoped that was an old (solved) problem. The chest arrive and was spacious and cute. My tot liked opening the lid and would not get hurt running into it. But the smell was noxious! It smells like just produced toxic plastic. I aired it out for 2 weeks (!) in another room. Then taking drastic measures (realizing that it ruins the chance of return but hoping to keep this oh so cute box) i dunked it into a cold bath. After it dried (which it did without any problems btw) it still smelled. So did the toys left in it overnight. Sadly the chest went to the curb…

Mabel Garner, NC

Great Toy Box

I originally registered for a step 2 toy box that is a hard plastic. I have two of them already in the basement for my other childrens toys. I changed my mind when I saw this one. I have to say I really like it. It’s great and there is no smell to it at all. I love the look of it and the fact that it’s soft is a big plus for when he is a bit older and either crawling or walking. I wont’ have to worry about him pinching himself or the lid falling down on him. I definetly love the detailing and the little drop down side that looks like a playmat. The extra little bag that comes inside for transporting or additonal storage is great as well. It’s a great value and looks really nice in the nursery.

Tasha Santa Maria, TX

Sassy soft sided toy organizer

I picked this storage box up after exhausting myself trying to find an easy to maneuver and safe toy box for my toddler’s toys without spending a fortune (canvas bins, baskets with liners, etc.). It is not an heirloom wooden toy box, but really serves the purpose and looks better in our living room than a rubbermaid bin or a series of open top baskets. It is roomy, has a soft lid that you can either use closed or tuck behind. The sides have mesh pockets for books and the tote bag fits into one side (after putting in divider). The sides and divider that velcros inside to divide into 2 sections would probably bend if the baby smashed into them, stood on them, etc., but the plus side for me is that she cannot turn it into a stepladder because it is somewhat pliable. For the price, it cannot be beat and provides good temporary toy storage.

Goldie Irwinton, GA


We have been storing my 20 month daughter’s toys in an open box in the living room since she was born. I finally got sick of looking at them at night and wanted something that I could close after she had gone to bed. This fits the bill perfectly. My daughter likes to climb and she likes to climb into the toy box. So I like that the box is soft. I also like that it has an organizing compartment that I can put all of the little plastic random toys that we seem to accumulate. It has a side compartment to put books or puzzles and a fold down playmat that we don’t use, but I think I would have when she was younger. But the best part- it closes! So my living room looks much neater at night or when we have company. My husband always complains when I buy things that he feels are unnecessary, I thought he would complain about this purchase, since we already had a toy box. But even he likes it and feels it is much better than what we had before. I highly recommend this toy box.

Crystal Bliss, ID

Great toy box

I bought this box a bit under 2 years ago… ended up buying a second one because I liked it so much! I didn’t have any smell issue. I agree with the other posters that if you want a box that will hold its shape and is easy to close, you should probably not get it, as big toys can definitely alter its shape and make it hard to close the lid. But if you want a nice box to just hold toys without worrying about your child getting fingers pinched or falling on a corner, it’s a must-buy – plus we never really cared about a toy box we could close anyway, and it sure beats large plastic bins.

Lolita Henning, TN

Safe Enough to Actually Leave in the Nursery!

We bought this item for our 2 year old. He has a habit of climbing onto boxes and jumping off of them if we don’t keep an eye on him, so I was very weary about putting a toy box in his room. This toy box really holds a lot of stuff, but because it’s soft, my son couldn’t really climb on it. Every thing we wanted to put in there fit and the extra tote is nice – you can just grab it and not have to worry about picking toys out to take somewhere! I felt safe enough to leave this toy box – unlike the others which are in the living room – in his room. I knew he couldn’t climb on it, I knew if he fell against it, it wasn’t going to gouge out his eyes, etc. Now that he’s almost 3, he flips the front open and plays with his cars and tucks books into the side pockets. This was the perfect toy box for our family!

Bobbi Mendota, VA

Toy Organizer

I purchased one for my twins…. I plan to purchase another. The size is great, it can hold a lot of toys. The pockets on the side actually can hold books well. The bag with handles inside is prefect. I actually have it out with all my kids blocks and it adds more space in the toy bin. I don’t close the top, I have it bent back and so far if I try to close it it works fine (hasn’t reshaped to being bent back). The little toy mat that folds down in the front is a nice feature. My twins don’t actually us it to play but I have hardwood floors so it adds a little extra padding. The best part for me is safety. My twins know how to get in and out of this but never get hurt because it’s not wood or hard plastic. They also run around a lot and I don’t have to worry about them bumping into this and getting hurt. And last it is extremely easy to set up and down. Takes seconds. In my opinion if you were going on vacation it’s prefect to bring since it folds flat.

Lydia Magazine, AR

cute and sturdier than I thought it would be

My daughter loves this toy box. She has fun playing with the fold down front. She is at an age where she really likes taking her toys out and putting them back in, so she does that a lot. The box is sturdy enough to withstand her using it to lean on and pull herself up with, and I can pick up the whole box without it collapsing in on itself. I would buy this again.

Michael Piermont, NY