Sassy Soft Spout Tub Guard, Green

Sassy Soft Spout Tub Guard, Green

Sassy Soft Spout Guard Sassy Soft Spot Guard will ease your worries and make child’s bath comfortable while still keeping it fun-filled. It fits effortlessly and firmly over most bathtub faucets and prevents accidental bumps and bruises. The friendly frog makes for an ideal bathing companion for your child. Why You’ll Love It: It fits conveniently over most bathtub faucets, so you don’t have to worry about injuries during bathtime. Age: Newborn and up Features Fits most standard bathtub faucets Prevents accidental bruises and bumps while bathing Frog makes for a friendly bathing companion for your child

Main features

  • Fits easily over most bathtub faucets
  • Flexible plastic covers tub spout guard
  • Whimsical character makes bathtime fun

Verified reviews


Didn’t fit

Considering most tubs have the little knob on the spout to switch from tub to shower, you’d think all spout covers would be designed to accommodate that. Not this one. Didn’t fit. I bought this at a store and by the time I tried it out, it was too late to return it. So I gave it to a friend who could actually use it.

Rosanne Charleston, MO

The worst thing ever.

It was the only thing I found at the walmart close by after accidentally bumped my little one head to the faucet. I thought this would at least help if it happens again. As soon as I put it on I knew it was the waste of my money. My bathtub is bigger than standard faucet yet this is still big. Since the opening for water to run out is at the bottom the water is now flowing backward from the opening then flow backward to the spot that didn’t fit. It is a horrible horrible product. I would give a negative star if i could.

Cecelia Jackson, KY

Doesnt fit, water does not pour out, and HARD!

I bought this a few months ago, because it matched my now 14 month olds bathroom with his little froggy theme, and despite the other reviews i went ahead and bought it anyways. uggggg.It doesn’t fit the spout, and i have a standard apartment spout. It is way to big.The water hole doesn’t even line up with the spout, so that’s useless.It is HARD as a rock! My son would be just as hurt wacking his head off this than the spout!It does not accomidate the shower pully thinggy… i don’t have that though… so that doesn’t bother me.Needless to say, now he is out of his blow up tubbie, and i am on here now looking for another. I kept it because it did look cute just sitting there… being useless lol.

Jodi Mica, WA

Too big

It doesn’t fit our spout, so all the water just gets pooled inside. It’s a good idea, I just think it should be more versatile and fit more than one specific type of spout.

Anna Douds, IA


It is very cute and does cover the spout. Only thing is that it is easy to pull off. Constant battle that it isn’t a bath toy and needs to stay on the spout.

Sheri Weeksbury, KY

Perfect tub guard for babies. Too cute!

This is a great little guard to put on the tub spout so your little ones don’t accidently bump their heads on the hard spout. It’s so cute and fun. It is exactly as pictured, vibrant, great price, and fast ship. Couldn’t be more pleased.

Noreen Heth, AR


The plastic is quite stiff, not as soft or bouncy as you might expect, but it’s still significantly better than a metal spout, especially now that I have a toddler and a mobile baby who bounce back and forth across the tub. Ours doesn’t fit well on our spout, but it still does the job.

Julia Holladay, TN

Cute and Cheap!

This spout cover is great for the price. It fits a little loose around our spout – we just need to adjust it a little to make sure the water is flowing out the front – and there is no hole for the shower plug – which isn’t a problem because the frog can easily be removed (and if it bothers you, it would be easy to put a small hole where it is needed).I read that one reviewer said that it was as hard as the spout itself – that is just untrue (unless this product has been fixed). It is a little hard, but not to the point that my child would hurt herself if she bumped her head on it.

Deena Ridott, IL

doesn’t fit

This is cute but does not fit (my faucet was listed as matching). It immediately fell off when we turned the water on; it was obvious as soon as we put it on that it was not a tight fit. We ended up just using it as a new toy instead of a spout guard. It is a great addition to the toys for my daughter though- we use it as a "waterfall" from the spout or after the water has stopped using the bath water.

Holly Smithfield, VA

way to big for my spout!

Doesn’t fit at all. Slides right the slightest touch. The opening for the water also doesn’t align with the spout and you have to remove it to fill the tub.

Avis Olivehill, TN

Fun and protective

We purchased this spout guard mainly for the purpose of keeping our child safe and the price was right. It does a great job and I can see that it would accommodate a variety of tub spouts. Our son loves the froggy and likes to look at it while bathing. So far, he hasn’t been able to figure out how to pull it off, but it does come off easily for cleaning.

Marianne Meadowlands, MN


Works good for intended purpose. Sometimes I do have issues getting it to stay on the tap, but I think that’s because of the kind of tub faucet we have. Only issue I’ve had is my daughter loves it likes to try and take it off lol

Edwina Wikieup, AZ

Just as advertised

It’s cute, it fits the tub faucet, and it does the job of protecting little one’s head. It is pliable, smooth plastic, but not "squishy" soft.

Ingrid Waldron, WA

Great product

I wanted to protect our sons head from the faucet and wanted one that coverd BOTH the top of the faucet and the sharp part on the bottom. This fit the bill. However we do have a diverter (part that makes water come out of faucet/shower head). I knew this did not have a hole for the diverter but my husband, with a razor knife, just cut a whole in the top and we were good to go. The hole does not mess up the integrity of the product. We also made the opening on the bottom a little bigger so the water doesn’t splash inside the frog. Also the frog is soft enough if my son hits his head on it he doesn’t even notice. This product was far cheaper than the other spout covers I looked at. Also the covers I saw made for the divert didn’t look like they adaquetly covered the faucet. My son likes to put his head onder the faucet to get toys and I always worries about him hitting his head on the way up…so this is perfect.

Clarissa Ilion, NY

waste of money

This worked just fine until I moved. It does not fit right in our new bathtub. Now she like to take it off and play with it.

Norma Crum Lynne, PA

Cute but….

I like this spout cover but I do not like the fact that it doesn’t fit over my specific spout. My spout has the tub stopper on top of it. It fits only halfway but it does pretty good in the water flow and my daughter likes it so that’s a plus.

Opal Barling, AR

Big and Cute

I love this, Its cute and friendly looking and also very easy to slide over my spout and take of when my baby isn’t in the tub.

Heather Cleveland, AR

works well but not for shower use

dose the job great keeping her from hitting her head just didnt think about the fact that we also use the shower daily

Maria Houston, MN

fit not adjustable

Good idea and cute frog, but the fit is not adjustable and if you have a thin faucet this will just fall right off.

Ada Snow Camp, NC

Love it.

I didn’t purchase this from Amazon. I needed a spout cover when my girls started moving around playing in the tub. I thought this froggy cover was adorable and inexpensive. I love it and the girls like it too.A lot bigger than it looks.Fits snuggly so doesn’t move around and cannot be easily removed by either of the girls.Made of thick, rubber. Very stiff but still flexible. Definitely offers protection from the spout.Doesn’t hinder the flow of water.The only issue I have is the spout cover doesn’t allow me to switch to the shower so I have toremove the cover when I want to use the shower.Overall I love this and would most definitely recommend to a friend.

Wilma Wolfeboro, NH

Cute and affordable

This spout cover is cute and definitely covers the spout well. It’s a little hard to get over the spout, but very easy to remove. The water flows from it freely. I think the price is right too!

Krystal Playas, NM

Makes tub a little safer, but make sure you clean often

I like the fact that the cover makes my spout a little safer with my toddler in the tub. However it does build up mildew rather quickly as there is a little lip that prevents all the water from draining. Another thing is that the water tends to not be able to flow freely through the opening because the frog is at an angle due to the shower lever. It is cute though.

Kathryn Fairbury, NE