Sassy Soft Spout Tub Guard, Green

Sassy Soft Spout Tub Guard, Green

Sassy Soft Spout Guard Sassy Soft Spot Guard will ease your worries and make child’s bath comfortable while still keeping it fun-filled. It fits effortlessly and firmly over most bathtub faucets and prevents accidental bumps and bruises. The friendly frog makes for an ideal bathing companion for your child. Why You’ll Love It: It fits conveniently over most bathtub faucets, so you don’t have to worry about injuries during bathtime. Age: Newborn and up Features Fits most standard bathtub faucets Prevents accidental bruises and bumps while bathing Frog makes for a friendly bathing companion for your child

Main features

  • Fits easily over most bathtub faucets
  • Flexible plastic covers tub spout guard
  • Whimsical character makes bathtime fun

Verified reviews


Wouldn’t Stay on Faucet

This ended up being a bad idea for us because having a cheerful looking frog on the faucet made it much more appealing than it was before when our son mostly ignored the faucet. It fit well if you push it on and then don’t touch it, but our son of course wanted to touch Mr. Froggie and ended up pulling it off. Now it is just a bath toy since it never stays on for very long because he pulls it off. We don’t have a little thing to pull up on the spout to make sure it sticks on. It would be nice if the plastic was a little bit more flexible and it could be pushed onto the faucet more tightly. That said, if you can get your kids to look at it, rather than touch it, it might serve its purpose well. Although, it is still pretty hard if they hit their head on it – maybe something softer would work better. So – not great, not terrible. I wouldn’t buy it again, obviously.

Ronda Hot Springs National Park, AR

Doesn’t stay on spout

We have a standard spout size and this just slides off…nothing is holding it on. I loved the design since it goes with my bathroom theme…but I’d return if it I could.

Leanna Richland Springs, TX

Cute and functional

This is really cute and really useful to keep little heads from banging up against the tub spout. We love it! It did take a bit to fit on our spout as we don’t have a standard spout, but we got it worked out.

Maureen La Center, KY

Does Not Serve It’s Purpose

This spout cover does not serve it’s purpose. It is so hard that there isn’t much different between hitting your head on a metal spout or hitting your head on a metal spout with this hard piece of plastic over it.It also does not fit a standard spout and has not flexibility to it to make it fit. We tried it and our spout was an 8th of an inch shorter than where the hole was on this so it kept filling with water and shooting it out the back.We returned this item and purchased an inflatable spout cover which is far superior. It’s softer and because it’s inflatable, it’s easy to flec it around your spout no matter what the size.

Ursula Columbia, SD

Cute, but renders faucet useless and does not fit

This little frog is cute, but useless. He sits on the faucet, barely… he more hangs off the faucet, but it gives my 13 month old something to look at. I cant use the water AT ALL if he is attached, which is ok for me though becuase he is in a blow up tub inside the real tub, and i have to use the detachable shower head to fill it anyways. When he becomes bigger for the tub by itself, i will buy a different froggy cover.

Elinor Lebanon, NH


Found this at a local store for half the price after buying online. I thought I had a large or standard tub spout/faucet, but this is too big for it. It seems like it may stay in place okay anyways though, but haven’t used it yet.

Elinor Joliet, MT

Doesn’t Fit

I’m not going to waste much time on this review. The bottom line is this spout cover does not fit our standard size bathtub spout so it’s completely useless to me. I see that this is a common problem. If you find you are having the same issue, I recommend that you try the Puj spout cover.

Katheryn Berea, WV

Doesn’t fit our tub spout!

Product is sturdy but it doesn’t fit our tub spout (which, by the way, is completely standard sized.) It goes on, but the water doesn’t come out at the right spot and it ends up falling off with no effort. Our 10 month old can pull it right off of the spout, so it doesn’t do much to protect her from bonking her head!

Lawanda Apalachicola, FL