Sassy Soft Swimmers Animal Characters Bath Toy, 3 Pack

Sassy Soft Swimmers Animal Characters Bath Toy, 3 Pack

Your baby will love playing with the sassy soft swimmers during tub time. The soft swimmers are a set of three colorful and textured characters. Baby can experience the feel of water playing with the sponges and squirter. These bath time companions are not only fun, they inspire baby’s sense of touch.

Main features

  • 3-pack
  • Set of 3 sea characters
  • Fish sponge
  • Crab and Octopus squirter toys
  • Variety of textures engage baby’s sense of touch

Verified reviews


cheap quality

These bath toys look ADORABLE in the picture; however, the quality is cheap. In addition, they are squirty toys. I hate squirty bath toys, as they turn nasty and moldy (especially bad for my teething 7 month old). I promptly returned these toys!

Virgie Rickman, TN

Cute, Soft and Dry Quickly!

I like these little toys because they’re soft, they float and they’re quick to dry. After my daughter is finished with her bath, I squeeze them tightly and all of the water wrings out. They feel dry just after squeezing them.

Noelle Stacyville, ME

Cheaper in Stores

I almost purchased this online when I happened to see it at Wal-Mart for $2.50. Great toys though. My daughter loves them.

Cherry Saint Johns, MI

Great toys for bathtime

Great quality, good size, and fun!! Now my little girl would rather chew on these rather than trying to get the washcloth the whole time. Material is easy to clean too.

Rosalind Blairsville, GA

Baby loved them, they float and easy to rinse

I bought these for my 4 month old, the first night I put them into her little tub and squirted water, she was in fits of loud laughter – worth every penny!! They float and just need to be rinsed in clean water and I store them in a little mesh bag, stuck onto the shower wall, so they air dry and they are dry in a day or so. Two have squirters, the fish is just like a little terry cloth sponge. Very cute.

Kathi Mc Clelland, IA

Great bath toys – love that some squirt water!

My 7 mo old son loves these bath toys. He can’t yet squeeze them to squirt the water out, but I do it for him, and he loves it. The fish is a soft sponge that he can grab. I love how colorful they are too. Great bath toys!

Nicole Mexico, IN

Perfect 1st Bath Toy

My 12 month old loves these. Should have gotten them sooner. Since he always loved to chew on the little towels I would always wash him with.

Dorothea Blissfield, MI


My 7-mo old grandgirl loves these. We actually use them outside of the bathtub to keep her busy during diaper changes, etc. The colors are vibrant. The textures are interesting. They are light enough that she can easily handle them herself AND they are washable (duh, bath toys!) without falling apart.

Kathryn Kimberly, WI

Soft Bath Toys

These are cute and soft and bigger than I expected them to be. Nice alternative to sucking the water out of the washcloth while we’re trying to scrub!

Juliana Cheboygan, MI

Fun, and easy for little hands to grip

My baby was interested in grabbing toys in the bath from about 4 months but couldn’t hold on to the plastic ones. These are perfect (the animals more than the fish sponge) and at 7 months she still likes them. I just make sure to squeeze them out after bath time and they dry by the next day.

Cynthia New Providence, NJ

Good for babies

My son loved these in his bath. However by the time he was able to figure out the squirting mechanism, they were no longer engaging toys for him. They do remain excellent distractions when he starts to get cranky in the tub.

Joanna Paisley, FL

Cute cute cute

These are very cute, and my daughter seems to really enjoy them. The crab and the octopus are squirty toys, and the fish is like a soft sponge.

Ashleigh Osburn, ID


They are okay but basic didn’t really hit the bullseye with them for our grands but they seem to be holding up.

Freda Soda Springs, ID

Baby loves them

Replaced the first set my daughter had worn out after 18 months or so. These are great bath toys that she loves to play with, so had to get the second set. We use the fish to wipe her face because it is so soft, and the octopus squirts water. Crab just hangs out, but its all good. Throw them in the wash from time-to-time and they do fine.

Alisa Caro, MI

Great for young babies

I have a four month old who is just beginning to examine the world with her hands (and mouth). She had trouble holding other bath toys (plastic squirt toys)- but is able to grasp these toys. When we introduce the toys to her at the beginning of her bath (as is our ritual) she looks excited, tracks them with her eyes and tries to reach for them. The octopus’ and crab’s legs are easy for her to hold and the fish is very easy as well. I suggest these toys for younger babies.

Naomi Landing, NJ


they are what they say they are. My daughter LOVES them. they are soft so she can chew on them and also they squirt. the one is a bath sponge so i can also use it to wash her.

Glenda Fontana, KS

Baby loves them!

My 7 month old loves these bath toys. They are smaller than I expected, but perfect for little hands to grab. The crab and octopus both squirt water and the fish is a sponge. To avoid mold, I leave the squirters upside-down to ensure all the water drains outs.

Lorene Decatur, TX

My daughter loves these!!!

I bought these when my daughter was 6 months old and she loves to play with these during bath time. I have purchased a lot of bath toys but she likes these the best, and always giggles when I squeeze water out of the crab. They are also soft for her to chew on. The positive reviews are right, a must buy!!!

Shirley Chapel Hill, NC

Bath buddies

These little guys are fun and let the baby learn how to squeeze to absorb water and then the crab and octopus squirt it back out. He loves all 3 of these toys.

Glenna Eldersville, PA

ok toys for bath time

I bought these for my four month old to use during bath time. They are cute toys but take forever to dry. The crab works well, spitting water out of its mouth, and keeps my daughter entertained. The octopus is supposed to squirt water out its top; however, it does not work.

Geneva Alba, MI

Simple, cute bath toys

We got these for my son as his first bath toys when he was about 6 months old. He didn’t really like his baths, and we just wanted to give him something else to focus on for distraction. The crab and octopus are squirt toys and the fish is a terry-covered sponge. He really enjoyed chewing on them and sucking the water out of them. We would give him one to hold while we were drying him off as well. I would rinse them off after each bath and throw them in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning. I think they’re really great bath toys for babies.

Sasha Toccoa Falls, GA

Soft Swimmers

Soft, cute, squirt toys. my grand-daughter is not able to squeeze these yet, because she is only 15 months old, but she likes to watch them float, and she likes to hold them. They are fun in the bath, and will be great in water play this summer.

Kay Big Timber, MT

“Bath toys” that can’t get wet. Give me a break.

They became malformed and wonky after the first use. Closer inspection revealed these "bath toys" come with a tag noting they can’t be submerged in water. Ridiculous.

Rosario Carp Lake, MI

Perfect bath toys

My son really likes these toys, they are his favorite bath toys. They have bright colors, are soft and he loves chewing and sucking the water out of them (Yes, I know, yikes!)They are smaller than I taught they would be from the picture, but that’s actually easier for him to hold and squirt the water.

Camilla Mc Kittrick, CA

OK bath toy

My daughter sucks the water out of the terrycloth parts. Not a big fan of that, but it is a cute set.

Juana Topeka, IL

Perfect for little ones

I got this as a gift off of our Amazon registry and absolutely LOVE them. My daughter has been playing with these in the tub ever since she started having purposeful movement. She is now 4 months old and loves to reach for these toys floating in the water around her. Great set of bath toys!

Willa Rogersville, MO


Super cute, my baby loves these. I put them in his kiddy pool as well. Fun, cute toys. Good buy

Florine Belgrade, MT


Love these for bath toys- the fish is a great face washer and can be washed in the laundry too!

Mavis Elm Hall, MI

Great bath toys.

We’ve had these for about 3 months, and kiddo (8 months now) uses them every time in the bath. I wring them out and put them in a mesh bag to dry between uses. They have held up well and we haven’t had any problems with mildew or anything. She loves to chew on them and throw them around. The octopus and crab are made out of a slick nylon type material and they have plastic things inside so they can shoot water. The fish is terry cloth and is a sponge. Nice variety.

Felecia Broaddus, TX

Great bath toy

My baby loves these and I don’t think he will grow out of them for awhile because eventually he will learn to squirt the water with the crab and octopus. They float well and are very cute.

Ethel Williamson, GA