Sassy Soft Touch Rinse Cup, Colors May Vary

Sassy Soft Touch Rinse Cup, Colors May Vary

The Sassy Soft Touch Rinse Cup helps keep shampoo and water out of baby’s eyes. With the contoured edges, the curved handle makes it easier to fill and pour over baby’s forehead. Baby will love the soft material and the fill and pour action as well.

Main features

  • Soft rounded edge contours to baby’s head
  • Helps keep shampoo out of eyes
  • Curved handle makes it easy to hold
  • Unique, soft material
  • Colors may vary; pink, blue or green

Verified reviews


Dont buy this cup!

I’m surprised by the other good reviews of this cup. It sucks for the purpose its supposed to have. It does not mold to the forehead at all. the whole cup squishes up so its just flat. Its fine for rinsing the body but for keeping water out of the eyes its horrible. and really you could use any old cup to rinse. Such a waste of money.

Lorraine Nanjemoy, MD

Doesn’t keep water out of eyes.

I bought this hoping that it would keep the water out of my daughter’s eyes in the bath, but it does not, it is simply not large enough. It is very flexible and wider at the perpendicular (to the handle), but not so much that it covers her forhead (she is 20 months). It is perfectly functional as a rinse cup though and good as a bath toy, it just doesn’t sheild her eyes.

Leigh Moundsville, WV

I like it!

Very useful for bathtime. The size and flexibilty is really good but not so sure about it keeping water away from her face when washing hair. Overall, would purchase again.

Karyn South Range, MI

Not great, and mold is an issue

This cup is not quite big enough (as in does not hold enough water for rinsing well) and also not the right size for pressing against the child’s head (molding so that the water does not go in eyes). Big issue of mold-no matter how well you dry it out, and/or clean it, a film of dark, slimy mildew and mold develops not only in the handle, but also the whole bottom of the cup!

Chris Ingomar, MT

Perfect bath cup!

This was my second purchase of this bath cup. We had one for our first child and found it to be the perfect size. It holds enough water so that you aren’t constantly refilling it, and the thick handle is easy to grip even when wet. It conforms to the shape of baby’s head nicely, so you can rinse off shampoo without getting too much water on baby’s face.Our son is 3 1/2 now and loves to pour water on himself during bath time. The soft rubberlike plastic doesn’t hurt if he drops it on himself or bumps his head with it. We got another cup for our second child because they take baths together and each wanted to have one. It’s their favorite of all bath toys!After nearly four years of use, the first cup still looks new – no cracking, mildew, etc. Completely satisfied with this great product!

Isabelle Orleans, MI


My daugter loves that I use this to rinse her hair in the bath, plus she can play with it by herself and not get cut on hard plastic since the cup is so soft that it conforms to her head (for rinsing shampoo out) that she can “teeth” on it in the bath and it doesn’t hurt her.

Janell Centerville, AR


I have been using this the past few months with my newborn, who is now 3.5 months. It holds the perfect amount water and I am able to put it up to his head so I do not get any water in his eyes. Great price. I ended up getting a green color.

Louisa Dryden, VA

Does what it’s supposed to do

I like that the entire cup is soft and flexible – less of a chance of the kids bonking themselves in the head. But unless you have a child who willingly holds their head back to get their head wet/rinsed (which I do not), this cup is about as effective as a Solo cup. Color is as pictured (I received green).

Tricia Twin Valley, MN

Nice water scooper when the kids are having their bubble baths

I bought this for my kids as a water scooper when they having bubble baths. I really like that is soft and rubbery, they cannot hurt each other or poke each other eyes. Very easy to grab. And it doesn’t make a lot of noise when they toss it around the tub.Also you don’t need a lot of water in the tub to scoop water. The lip flattens with the bottom which helps to get more water.My only suggestion is to make the bottom heavier or wider. It easy to topple over even on flat surface.

Rhonda Valley Center, CA

Awesome product at a great price!!!

This cup is made of soft plastic which is perfect for the tub. The size is just right and does the job very well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Ofelia Walterboro, SC

Love this cup

We use this cut at each every bath!!!! Very practical and no getting hurt if baby makes jerky motions, which happens a lot.

Emma Martins Ferry, OH