Sassy Spin Shine Rattle Developmental Toy

Sassy Spin Shine Rattle Developmental Toy

Sassy’s Spin Shine Rattle inspires vision with its bold colors allowing baby to focus from birth. A reflective, rotating disc encourages eye tracking and simple textures for baby to explore and cultivate tactile sensitivity.

Main features

  • Bold, contrasting colors help baby focus
  • Shiny mirror for eye-catching stimulus
  • Variety of textures to explore with hands & mouth
  • Slender center bar helps develop grasping muscles

Verified reviews


The perfect rattle for baby’s & toddlers.

This is a must have rattle for baby’s & toddlers. My son loved watching the piece spin on one end as well as shaking and hearing the clicking. Once he started to walk this was his go to toy. He used it to balance while he was walking. He carried it every where with him. As soon as you put it in his hand he would get up and walk.

Dixie Rockport, MA

It’s a rattle turned drumstick

She liked it well enough when she was younger. She loves it now that she can use it to beat on her drums. I love that it’s easy to clean and easy to take along wherever we go.

Ila Prairieton, IN

It’s okay

My baby doesn’t really like this rattle as much as I thought he would. He tends to hit his face with it a lot and then ends up crying. So I don’t let him play with it. I replaced it with a soft rattle and he seems to be happy with that. But other than that I thought it was cute. I liked the polk-a-dot ball on one end and the spinny-mirror thing.

Katharine Caneadea, NY

What were they thinking?

I bought this and another one at our local store.I have twin babies that have had this toy since three months old. When they were three months the thing was just too heavy and they couldnt grasp it because of the rings. So i put it away and forgot about it. Now they are six month old and i gave it to them today. Its made of such a hard material, or whatever it is, that when they miss their mouth and hit themselves in the forehead it hurts them! And me (i tried like another review :). The rings around the middle just gets in the way. I will be throwing these away. Its just not a great design for little babies who are still working on their fine motor skills. Way too solid and hard for them.

Helene Newton, WV

My son loves it!

My 5 month old son adores this rattle, he likes playing with the rings and its still easy for him to hold.

Milagros Williamsport, TN

Near perfect

Love this rattle! The rings make a great noise, the black and white keeps her attention, and our baby will stare at the spinner as I twirl it. However, the rings take up so much room on the handle it’s hard for her to grip – it took her until month 4 to hold it well since they are in the way. If you want a great visual piece with a great sound, and YOU plan to rattle it at your little one, this is perfect. Great for the price! If you want baby to hold it earlier, get the ones with the dual tornado/dna grip like “Bright Starts Rattle and Shake Barbell Rattle”Bright Starts Rattle and Shake Barbell Rattle, Multi

Nadine Sunburst, MT

Five Stars

Beautiful rattle from Sassy, I bought the phone too. Excellent quality, nicely done

Kara Argyle, TX


I cant wait till my little one can actually hold this on her own! Right now I have to hold it for her since it’s pretty big and bulky for little hands. Overall it’s bright with great contrasting colors & easy to clean!

Ladonna New Orleans, LA

Hard, heavy, and tough to hold

There are some major design flaws with this thing. The colors are good, and the twirly mirror is nice (once you get it to spin – can’t imagine a baby figuring that out), but it’s hard as a rock. Babies shake things up and down. When they come up, they very easily hit their heads. My kid beaned himself one too many times with this one. It’s also not easy to hold – the plastic rings that encircle the handle leave little room left, even for tiny hands. I really liked the OBall rattle instead, softer, makes a gentle noise, and easy to hold both at the middle handle and the balls at the end.

Charlotte Forbes, MN

OK rattle

This rattle is OK, but I wouldn’t buy it again. Kids like rattles that RATTLE and this one makes no noise although my son likes the colorful rings and the swirly ball.

Olivia Addy, WA

Sassy Spin Shine Rattle

Another wonderful Sassy product… the Spin Shine Rattle meets the nice quality of all the Sassy toys and incorporates the black and white with vibrant colours. I am very pleased with this product and have purchased several more in the same line.

Lula Clay Springs, AZ

Sassy Rattle

My daughter likes the bright colors and contrast on this rattle, and seems entertained by the spinning part on the end. The only thing I didn’t like is that it’s a little hard for young babies to hang on to since the balls on the end are too big for them to grasp and the skinny part is covered by the colorful rings.

Lillie Beach Haven, NJ

An ok toy

I bought this toy because of how cute and cheap it was. I love the toy, however the handle where the baby holds it at is kind of small and the rings make it a little harder for the baby to hold it. I have a 4 month old boy and he loves all of his toys, however this is the hardest one for him to use. It’s not the worse investment I’ve made, but it’s not what I thought it was going to be.

Judi Chiefland, FL


just enough to grip with those little fingers and of course gentle enough to chew on . My grand daughter loves to grab this and try to "bonk" her big brother, but it doesn’t hurt – he loves to dodge her .

Erna Harmonsburg, PA

Clear ball grew MOLD; ball knocks on baby’s own head when waved around

I bought this & the greenish circle rattle by Sassy as well. I thought it was a good toy until I noticed mold growing inside of the clear ball! I yanked it out of my baby’s hand – who was biting it. I did handwash it from time to time (not in the dishwasher) since it’s plastic. I wish Sassy’s quality control is better. I would’ve exchanged for another, but I also noticed that my little one sometimes would hit her own head with the ball by accident when she waves her hands around while holding the toy. So I returned it.

Della Weaver, AL


Poor baby’s head. This is too heavy for baby to hold, and the material is too hard. The pole in the middle is too short. I don’t think this was very well designed.

Marsha Statts Mills, WV


My grand daughter loves this toy. The contrasting colors are great, and one end has moving parts inside and she loves it.

Tracy New Canaan, CT

6-month old loves it, but be careful washing it!

My 6-month old loves this rattle – it’s not loud and annoying sound wise, and the spinning feature is fascinating to him. We did not have problems with the sticker falling off, but when I washed the toy, water seeped into it. It did not become water-logged, but condensation was present and then a few days later there was mildew growing on the sticker. I didn’t want to give that back to my 6-month old (who puts everything in his mouth). I contacted Amazon and they replaced it. It was only $3.99 so for the price it is really a fine toy, but I will be careful to use toy wipes or a washcloth to clean the toy, and hopefully that will keep the mildew problem at bay.

Estela Woody, CA

My kid loves it!

I bought it for my 5 month daughter and she loves it. Though it didn’t make her favorite toy list, it definitely gets lots of love.

Leah Seneca Castle, NY

Cute, but not the best option, keep shopping.

Multiple issues: the rotating piece inside the clear bulb slips loose from the axis and will not properly rotate. Also not water tight so the paper stickers on the piece inside the clear bulb gets warped. Gotta be able to wash kid stuff. Cute and cheap, just don’t wash it or move it around too much. Sarcasm.

Fran Orleans, IN

Cool toy

2-3 month old liked it lot, now at 5 months he’s really playing with it. Dig the old school retro design. Like it very much.

Madge Thaxton, VA

handle problem

I didn’t think about this before I bought it, but now I see my baby can’t grab the handle because there are rings on it. The rings are tight enough to the handle that it’s tough to just grab those instead. She likes the spinning mirror part though.

Ruby Bloomdale, OH

Too heavy for little hands

This rattle looks really cool but it’s heavy and my daughter has dropped it on her face more than once causing the expected tears. I see that others rated it very highly so I guess we’re just in the minority in our disappointment.

Thelma Egan, LA

At least the broken spinner kind of rattles when you shake it…

It’s an alright toy. The spinner never worked on ours, and the stickers are all peeling/torn but it’s still visually appealing. Compared to other rattles, this one is one of the better ones. But strictly for it’s colors and textures. The black and white end is kind of rubbery feeling and the bar holding the colored rings is ribbed. It doesn’t make sounds, aside from the “spinner” part bumping back and forth in it’s sphere, and the rings get in the way so it’s hard for the baby to hold. As a “developmental toy” it feels gender biased to baby girls. It has a lady bug and the colors aren’t as sharp as I thought they’d be. The red is almost more pink, etc.

Rachel Moultonborough, NH


Nice black and white high contrast rattle.My husband accidentally dropped this on our baby girl’s head, and she cried. It hurts, be careful when you play with your baby with this rattle.

Audrey Loleta, CA

Love this rattle!

Its bigger than I thought but its super adorable! I really like the mirror inside. Looking forward to seeing my baby play with this!

Krystal Moses Lake, WA

Great toy at a great price

Bought this for my son and its perfect and when he is able to hold onto it I am sure it will be of a lot of use. Good price and good quality product!

Linda Petersburg, OH

A bit hard for baby to hold

The rattle is rather large, and the rings on the handle get in the way of her hand holding onto it well. She does play with it for short periods of time but loses interest quickly. Also, the first time she was able to hold this on her own, she bonked herself in the head with it – she didn’t like that too much needless to say.

Adriana Oak Hill, OH

Simple, effective rattle and grasping toy

This is a great toy for an infant; the rings move around, the polka-dot end rattles, and the clear end has a spinning device inside with stark red, black and white patterns (a good color palette for a developing baby’s eyes).It’s not complicated, it makes a little noise, it’s easy to grasp, and it won’t break easily. Perfect for a little baby!

Esperanza Ackerly, TX

Fun, safe rattle.

Great colors, shapes, and sounds. This rattle is likely to keep baby busy for while….it keeps my husband busy now. Well made and safe. I am not afraid of any choking issues with this rattle.

Leanna Idaville, PA