Sassy Splashin’ Fun Bath Tub , Turtle

Sassy Splashin’ Fun Bath Tub , Turtle

Sassy Splashin’ Fun Bath Tub – Tiny Tubtime Turtles make a big splash in the bathtub! The Sassy Splashin’ Fun Bath Tub is a large tub that grows with baby from newborn to toddler with a soft mesh sling for newborns. The large basin keeps baby warm and secure, and includes three developmental toys for bath time fun. In addition, the tub has a drain with plug and built-in storage for toys. Mesh Sling For Newborns View larger Full Size Toddler Tub View larger A Tub That Grows With Your Baby! This large tub grows with baby from newborn to toddler. The machine washable newborn sling cradles baby and keeps newborn secure. Once baby outgrows the sling, transition baby to the large basin tub. Mesh Sling for Newborns The sling is printed with a fun Tiny Tubtime Turtle scene and is made of a soft polyester. It cradles newborns for a safe & secure bath experience. The sling comes with 5 clips to attach to each corner and the head of the tub. It easily detaches and is machine washer safe. Full Size Toddler Tub When baby is old enough to sit on their own, remove the sling and the tub will be a safe contained area for bath time. The tub is the perfect depth to keep baby warm and secure. Caregiver Convenience The bright orange storage tray is great for temporary soap and toy storage. The tub can be easily drained by removing the plug inside the basin. The purple handgrips are an added feature for that pop of color. Tub Includes 3 Developmental Toys! View larger Three Developmental Toys Included The Splashin’ Fun Bath Tub comes with 2 fun developmental toys: 1 Tiny Tubtime Turtle Squirter that has quick-dry arms and legs, 1 turtle scoop & strainer, and 1 turtle sudsy pal; play patterns that are sure to keep baby busy during bathtime Product Features: Large, deep basin tub grows with your baby from infant to toddler Clip-on newborn sling Includes Tiny Tubtime Turtle squirter, turtle scoop & strainer, and turtle sudsy pal Storage tray included for caregiver convenience Drain with plug at bottom of basin for easy drainage

Main features

  • Large basin tub grows with your baby from infant to toddler
  • Large, deep basin tub grows with your baby from infant to toddler
  • Machine washable newborn sling gently cradles your baby
  • Includes 3 fun bathtime toys
  • Storage tray included for parent convenience

Verified reviews


for my niece

who is expecting her second baby, the first bath tub by the time they need it they had lost the newborn sling – my niece loves it it s very cute she loves the sea turtles and the other animals and she loved that it would grow for the new baby like this one. of course the baby is not born and she cant use it yet but she was happy that she had this one for the baby.. highly recommend!

Lorrie Hatton, AR

Great tub with some drawbacks

I have a six-year-old and an eighteen-month-old, and surprisingly, they both played with the little bath toys that came with this Sassy Splashin’ Fun Bath Tub. The turtle “cup” has holes in it for a shower-like effect and fun play, but it will retain water long enough to dump the majority on the baby to rinse off. Those are probably probably the best features of this set. The tub is light enough that the little one (1 and 1/2 years) picked it up, and the plug hole is easy enough to remove. She did this as well, which was an immediate cause for concern. And unfortunately, she took it completely off the tub. It’s easy to snap back on, but I don’t see it staying in place for very long. While we no longer need the newborn mesh at this point, I did place my 21-pound baby on it and it stayed. It was easy enough to get on but took a bit of effort to remove.As for the “storage” bin, I don’t know why I bother to replace it when it repeatedly falls off. Don’t carry the tub by this end because the bin is very easily removed. The storage areas themselves are slightly curved but should hold all normal-shaped bottles, and sample/travel sizes well–but not round ones. Plus, they’re not very deep, so I can see bottles easily falling out, and they really don’t provided much room to store the toys, a feature prominently mentioned on the box. That said, the tub itself is great and works just as well as the other baby tubs I have used over the years. It’s useful for giving our baby a bath and for storing a few of our various tub toys.

Sherrie Rossburg, OH

Almost perfect

We loved this design and initially our bright baby had apprehensions being around something new but that soon changed getting her used to seeing it.Having used this though, we have to say the functionality lags only a little. I know people have different setups so we’ll explain ours. We fill the tub in the bathub, then lift it out to bathe our baby with the tub placed on the floor. My wife having used this just once in this fashion says the tub is just to “flexible”. When filled with water it just couldn’t resist the weight of the ater as well as another less cute option.We love the design of this tub though and think it is more perfect for those parents whose setups don’t involve moving the filled tub from one place to another.

Imogene Brownfield, ME

Great Bath Tub for Infants!

SASSY Company’s Sassy Splashin’ Fun TURTLE Bath Tub is not only adorable to look at, but is wonderful for baby’s bath. It comes with a sturdy bright aqua colored tub with orange handle/storage on the end. It weighs about 3 pounds but do consider once water is put in, that changes! It is made to be used from infant to toddler but by the time our grandson was a toddler, he was in our regular tub. This tub s for our new infant grandchild and the washable newborn sling fits securely so no worry about that. It is perfect for putting the baby down to give her a safe and gentle bath. It is also machine washable which is very handy with a newborn especially. There are 3 cute toys included. Two are soft turtles for even infants and the harder plastic one our toddler likes as he can squirt water from it. They supposedly store in the end part but we have some trouble making them stay so just put them in the tub when finished. I think these Sassy tubs make great baby shower or new baby gifts!

Deana Roslyn Heights, NY

Good but not great

I loved the colors and how big the product was, but it is not as sturdy as it could be. Be careful not to fill it with too much water or you may get a crack. Nothing a little duck tape can’t cure, but still a bit of a disappointment. If they advertise that you can wash bigger babies in this item they need to make it more sturdy. If you just plan to bathe the child in a few inches of water and not fill the tub up, and then try to carry it outside, etc. for dumping then this would be o.k. Otherwise, I would look for something with far thicker plastic, or perhaps something with a brace in the middle to prevent cracking. Even if it is in the tub and you lift it to dump water when it is really full you will probably crack it.

Juliet Oakesdale, WA

Big, but so slippery!

PROS:- The tub is big so there’s plenty of space for our little guy to sit up, play with toys, splash around and turn around- Easy to clean – smooth, see-thru surfaces make it quick and easy to clean.- Easy to drain and easy to plug up- Holds water well- Toys are cute and the kiddo loves em.CONS:- That smooth surface that makes this easy to clean also makes this tub incredibly slippery. That’s a big downside even if our kid isn’t old enough to attempt standing in it. Even sitting down, I’d have to hold on to him for dear life to prevent him from sliding around and slipping under water. We ended up cutting up a no-slip bath mat and sticking that to the base and it has worked like a charm, but something like that should probably have been included with this set in the first place.

Constance Hosston, LA

My Grandson Loves the Toys

Oh, this the cutest tub while being sturdy, convenient, and safe. A special baby sling cradles the tiny tots and when they are nearly 7 months, as my Alex is, they can splash while their parents aid. Alex adores the little toys and his Daddy squirting at him with him. his would be such a cool baby shower gift and believe me I will be buying another when that opportunity arises.Love the "Sassy Splashin’ Fun Bath Tub. Turtle." Where were these things when my daughter was little? At least I can enjoy them now with my grandson.

Wendy Bossier City, LA

Pretty good baby tub

"Sassy Splashin’ Fun Bath Tub" is a fine choice for an infant tub. It’s sturdy, looks cute, has some fun accessories and is respectably designed. Personally, I prefer the inflatable infant tubs I’ve tried (e.g.,"Sesame Street Inflatable Bathtub"), which are cheaper and softer, but this is a fine choice for those in the market. Recommended.

Gwen Sturgeon, MO

Adorable, easy to use, sturdy

I got this as something to start with and then something to travel with. It works great for me in both instances. First, it is a little larger than I expected (because I don’t actually have any idea how to read measurements). It fits on my bathroom counter inbetween the double sinks, but is pretty close to not making it there. I did not get this early enough to use as a newborn, but for a one year old, it still works out well. It is big enough to set him inside and still be able to clean him well. The colors are vibrant and the toys are a lot of fun. It is also super easy to clean and store in a nearby linen closet. For traveling, this is perfect because I can use it for both my youngest and my oldest. My oldest is too big to sit comfortably in it, but if I need to hose her off then she can stand in it and not get dirty by standing in the sand for her “shower”. I hope that it continues to be helpful even as my children get older. You honestly can’t have enough plastic “tubs” around the house for dirty children.

Lynn Mimbres, NM

Great shower gift

This Fun tub is so cute.It is solidly built but still lightweightIt has a little plug for emptying the water that has held up really well so farToys are included toys and they are so cute, and there is even have a little tray to store themIt has a little sling that fits securely so that you can use it from very small baby to toddler. It comes in a huge box, and this would be nice to take to a baby shower.

Antonia Midway, KY

Great product!

This is a great tub! It has a nice depth, I love how easily it drains, the infant sling is secure and handy, and the included toys are a nice little added bonus. The attached shelf is basically pointless as none of our bottles fit on it (the small bottles that do tip over if you look at them funny) but the shelf isn’t a deal breaker for me so no reason to deduct a star. I can see us getting a lot of use out of this tub as baby grows so for me it’s a great bargain at its asking price. All in all an excellent product!

Silvia Cooksburg, PA

Larger than I thought but a Nice Value

First off, if you are considering this baby bath be aware of the dimensions (26.8 x 19.9 x 7.5 inches). I didn’t pay attention before ordering and if didn’t have a large enough counter area in my bathroom I would have been disappointed. I mention the size because it won’t fit inside a sink so keep that in mind.The newborn sling attaches easily and securely to the sides of the tub. I would prefer a bit more room on the sides of the sling to reach the water below but it works fine as is. As I mentioned, I use this on my long countertop in my bathroom but I find that it is more convenient to also use the faucet sprayer I found here at AmazonHomz Shampoo Spray. When my Grandson outgrows the sling I will just put the Sassy Tub in my regular tub and attach a tub sprayer like this onePlumb Craft 7653700B Versa-Bath Spray.The plug drain is convenient but while I am using the tub on the counter it is easier (and faster) to just dump the water directly into the sink to empty.The included toys are a nice bonus! I also love that it has the tray to hold the baby wash products.I really like that I can use this product now through toddlerhood. And I figure after my grandson grows out of it completely I can always use it to wash my little dogs in the backyard. :)I give this product 4 stars but would have given it 5 if there had been little suction cup feet on the bottom to make it more secure to a countertop. I understand that the water and the weight of the baby should keep the tub steady but as a Grandma I am just more of a Cautious Connie.

Valarie Evanston, WY

Cute and gets the job done.

This tub is a nice sized unit that fits between the sinks on my 72" double sink vanity. It is a clear turquoise plastic so you can see what’s under and/or around it. This is handy if you drop a wash cloth or toy – that way you can see exactly where it went instead of fishing around while your kiddo gets chilled.I would’ve preferred if the sling to be more tilted into the water but it is not a feature that’s used for a super long time anyway. I ended up getting a bath sponge and putting it inside the tub instead of using the sling. That way the baby stayed in the water and much warmer.I have a huge kitchen sink I could’ve used but there’s a large window above that creates a cool downward draft all the time. Using this tub in the enclosed bathroom was much better for temp control and easy on my back.It drains by tilting and rinses in a snap. Water beads right off so it dries very quickly as well.

Taylor Mansfield, IL

Super cute and versatile

The difference between this and the standard white baby bath tubs is night and day – it’s colorful, fun, well-designed, and easy to use. It sure is big, but if you have only a shower, this is perfect for bathing the kids. It’s especially nice that it lasts for several years – less waste!

Vilma Savoonga, AK

Fun Bath Time!

This tub is really attractive and easy to work with, whilst being sturdy enough. For our infant’s first 2.5 months, we used a tub from Summer (Summer Infant Right Height), which was much more cumbersome and clunky. Bath time become noticeably more enjoyable for our daughter when we switched to this tub.Our daughter weighs around 13 pounds and we are still using the sling. I like how this sling is made and that it easily dries out between uses. I also like that the bottom is clear and not too deep. The toys are also a nice touch. We have purchased additional squirt turtles as we thought they were so adorable!The reason I didn’t give a full 5 stars is because of the tub’s shape: Since the tub is curved and tray is fixed to one end, it may be awkward to position in your space. The are for bathing the child is smaller than our first tub, but the tray makes it longer overall – again a consideration if your space is limited.

Katie Star, NC

I like it

I rated Sassy Disney fun bath tub 4 stars because it is a really cute tub. I love the bright and happy colors and cute turtle toys. I did not try this with the sling but only for an older baby.This is easy to fill up, clean and rinse off. Overall, I like this cute little bath tub.

Rachelle Georgetown, CO

Too Cute

Super cute bath tub with bonus toys. You couldn’t ask for a better little bath. Easy to clean up and store and looks like it will last until the baby is big enough for the regular tub.

Alison Rochester, PA