Sassy Stay-Clean Silly Squirts Water Toy

Sassy Stay-Clean Silly Squirts Water Toy

Sassy Stay-Clean Silly Squirts — Cat and Fish Mix and match tops and bottoms of Silly Squirts to make new characters. The silly characters encourage creative and imaginative bathtime fun. The 2-piece stay-clean design helps prevent mold growth and makes cleaning easy. They can be air dried and are top-rack dishwasher-safe. Product Dimensions (inches): 8 (L) x 4.5 (W) x 2.5 (H) Age: 6 months and up

Main features

  • Innovative solution for biggest problem in bath toys – mold inside squirters
  • Take-apart construction eliminates mold inside squirter
  • Mix and match feature encourages creativity and imagination play

Verified reviews


Do the job

My daughter loves these. However, I think they come apart rather easy. Especially for a bath toy that allows squirting. The daughter likes when they have the wrong base.

Gertrude Wapakoneta, OH

Not very fun toy

The idea is good but unfortunately the toys don’t close very well. It take a lot of adult effort to put the toys together and when they are together they don’t suck in much water. My kids just use these toys as cups but at least they dry fully.

Rene Martin, GA

Easy to clean but hard to squirt.

I love that you can open and clean these easily, but they are very hard to squirt, my two year old could easily squirt the cheaper kind but has no chance with these. I have to really squish them to get water to come out.

Lesley Manokotak, AK

Entertainment in the tub

These are great, safe, and affordable bath toys. They provide lots of fun for my 1 year old in the tub. One thing that I noticed while supervising my child in the tub is that these toys are difficult to take apart and put back together. They are also somewhat difficult to squirt. However, my child just loves playing with the animals and I love having a toy that does not get mildew or mold buildup and require extra cleaning.

Marietta Calypso, NC

So-so squirt toys

These squirt toys are pretty firm and not very easy for a toddler to squirt and not even easy for mom to squirt. Yes, it’s nice that they pull apart so they dry thoroughly but the squirt toys at the local YMCA pool are much better.

Amber Hardesty, OK

Easy to clean

I love that these dry well and won’t mold like other squirt toys. My 10 month old can’t squirt them yet, but hopefully he will figure it out soon.

Nell Mc Carr, KY

Fun but not so easy to use.

My daughter loves these bath toys. The fact that she cant squirt them doesnt bother her. We do it for her sometimes, but mostly she just likes playing with the toys.

Rosa Franklin Park, IL

Not recommended – too hard and don’t fit together well

My daughter got these as a gift. She loves bath toys and I hate the mildew her other squirting toys accumulate, so I thought these would be great, but I was disappointed. The toys are much too hard for a baby/toddler to squirt and don’t squirt well even when I push them (when you squeeze them, water and air comes out of the middle where the parts meet). After a few tries, I put them away.

Winifred Latta, SC

Fun squirters that won’t grow mold

These squirt toys come apart so they can be cleaned or allowed to air-dry, which is extremely important to avoid mold. I have first-hand experience with other squirters that have grown mold inside of them. I have never had an issue with these squirters. My one-year old enjoys them, and as she gets older, it will be fun to mix and match the animal heads and bodies.

Nancy Wadsworth, TX