Sassy Teething Feeder, Colors May Vary

Sassy Teething Feeder, Colors May Vary

Sassy Teething Feeder Sassy Teething Feeder is an ideal way to serve baby with age compatible whole foods. A small mesh bag helps prevent the risk of choking, while the water-filled section of the feeder can be chilled to keep food fresh and cool. Feeder handle makes it convenient for use and its storage cap preserves freshness of the food. Why You’ll Love It: Makes it possible for kids to eat whole foods without choking on them. Features Ideal size promotes self-feeding Mesh bag lets kids eat whole foods Section filled with water can be cooled to keep food fresh and chilled Snap-on lid helps keep food free of dust and other impurities Bags are replaceable Ideal for teething Top-rack dishwasher-safe

Main features

  • Teething feeder great for teething babies
  • Makes it easy for teething babies to eat
  • Reduces the risk of choking while still giving baby whole foods
  • Water filled area in handle keeps food chilled
  • Teether feeder bags are washable and replaceable

Verified reviews


HAZARD if I could take AWAY stars I would.

This is only my 2nd Amazon review, EVER, and I shop enough to get the Prime. But with this product I HAD to review it…. I struggled with the ANNOYING childproof lock that makes it virtually impossible to take it apart and it hurts to open it. I have to soak it EVERY time to get the food out so I can open it, but I would deal with it. But that is NOT why I am writing. I just discovered that this product will fit perfectly over his mouth and nose, like a match made in heaven. Which is pretty bad because it could easily suffocate him. These lids are going in the trash. I will continue to use them WITHOUT the lids (lest someone else let him play with them. However, given the hassle that it is to open it I think we may just go with the Munchkin ones. Very upset about this.

Nadia Standish, MI

Useful, if only briefly

We used this extensively when our daughter first started solids but didn’t have the ability to grasp small pieces to feed herself. It was nice to allow her to feed herself and try new things without constantly picking up little pieces of food from the floor or worrying about her choking. We used a tether to clip it to her bib, so it couldn’t fall on the floor. Only downsides- we didn’t use it for very long- probably only 2 months, so the extra mesh bags I purchased were never used. Also, I don’t think the little water reservoir they claim can be refrigerated to keep items cold actually does anything.Bottom line- very useful for that brief period after starting solids and before a pincer grip.

Mandy Bayard, NE

Poor design

I like this feeder for the most part, it certainly gives me peace of mind when my baby eats solid foods. He chokes fairly easily and we just don’t feel comfortable yet giving him finger foods but with this it’s really nice and he enjoys it very much. The reason I gave this product only 3 stars is the design of it. The feeder has a plastic “bladder” that is supposed to keep food chilled in the feeder but food smashes against it as your baby eats. Tiny bits of food gets smashed between the bladder and the feeder making it difficult to clean. It really leaves me wondering how clean it is. The idea of the chilling feature is nice but not practical.

James Analomink, PA

Not a Fan!!!!

This thing is HUGE…..My daughter has a hard time with it. I gave it to her a few times, and gave up….Went to donation….What a waste of money. One thing its also heavy with the litte cold pack that is built into the handle. Another thing that kind of ticked me off is the picture has 2 of them on it, but you onlu get one….I know it’s my fault for not paying attention, but still a little deceiving if you ask me…..

Marylou Woolrich, PA

Baby loves it!

Just got my Sassy Teething Feeder today and tried it out. Aesthetically it’s so colorful and pretty. My 7 month old took to it immediately. The netting is all natural and is not dyed in any color so I don’t have to worry about her ingesting anything harmful. It was very easy to put the fruit in and screw on the net on to the ring. Also, there is a push lock on the ring so the baby can’t accidentally unscrew it and get the food out. I left my baby with the feeder and a piece of banana and she was happily gnawing for 20 minutes! It is a little hard to clean the net because of the mashed up banana residue but it’s better when I soak it in water first.I highly recommend this product for the 6-8 month old babies!

Deidra Garland, ME

Teething Feeder

It was great when my daughter was teething. I put an ice cube in there and it kept her happy for a while.

Dee Hutchinson, KS

Works too well – can’t taste the food!

The product works well, in theory. Locked the food in place with no problem. Easy to grip. But the mesh is super thick and large. My little girl, who loves food and puts everything in her mouth, didn’t want to put this in her mouth. She tried it, made an awful face and refused to put it near her face again. I introduced at 6 months, and then every few weeks after that. I’ve since given up.I don’t blame her. I tried to eat an apple slice through it. I got hardly any juice and the feel of the mesh in my mouth was gross. Very unappetizing.Maybe if they had a thinner mesh??

Nancy Sister Bay, WI

it’s ok

I bought this because my 2 sister-in-laws swore by it…but my son never really took to it & by the time he did, he was eating fruit in pieces anyway. I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone, unless a hot summer would make this a good product…I put ice cubes in this while my son was teething, but he was more fascinated with an ice cube sitting in front of him then with chewing on this. good idea but just was very useful for my son

Alexandra Walsh, IL

Like the protective cover for freezer

I have purchased others but like the fact this one has a protective cover for the freezer.

Jeanie La Plata, MO

Cuts Down on Mess!

Good tool for that time when kids are transitioning to solid foods but don’t quite have the motor skills necessary to pick them up or eat them properly. Cuts down on the mess produced too, the option to fling small pieces of food everywhere isn’t present making it easier for parents. Replacement nets are available though may not be necessary depending on how fast your child transitions to eating whole foods.

Rosanna Denver, IN

poorly designed, pain to clean

Awful product. I would not recommend it to anyone. It’s not only poorly designed (too many parts, too many little crevices that food can get trapped in that make it a pain in the you know what to clean) but it’s also poorly constructed — the mesh bag is not completely finished on the inside. It has a raw edge which helps the fabric unravel fast, posing a danger to your baby if you are not careful with it as another reviewer wrote earlier.

Dayna Goodwin, SD

This is probably about as good as it gets for this sort of product…

This is the only teething feeder we own, but I can’t imagine it could be much better than this. My complaints are very minor and there probably aren’t too many solutions for them.Pros:- Nice design with several different parts makes washing easier. I’ve personally found it very easy to assemble/disassemble.- Cap is great for when you’re on-the-go and want to avoid making a mess in your diaper bag or cooler- Easy for baby to hold onto and manipulate- My daughter LOVES this thing. It might just be that she loves the fruit that goes in this, but it works well for herCons:- The mesh seams go right down the middle of the feeding bag and this is where the majority of leftover scraps will get ground in. That makes cleaning the mesh part a lot more difficult than I’d like. Yes, I understand this can be thrown in the dishwasher, but this is not an option for me. I feel like there is probably a way to avoid this design.- The “chiller” feature doesn’t do anything. I’ve tried relying on it and basically ended up with a bag of defrosted fruit 20 minutes after leaving my house. Even when it was pre-frozen and put in an insulated bag with an ice pack.As far as messiness goes…I don’t know what a parent could expect when your child is basically sucking the liquid out of something. Of course using this product creates a mess, and this is by no fault of the product. Any mesh feeder is going to result in a mess and it’s a small price to pay for the relief of your baby’s sore gums.

Faye Rhodes, IA

Better than Munchkin and I’ll tell you why…..

I own both the Sassy teether and the Munchkin mesh teether and the Sassy is a much better product. First, the mesh part is removable so you can throw the handle, mesh bag, and cap in the top basket of your dishwasher and all of the parts get clean. The Munchkin’s bag is attached to the handle. We like to put cut up oranges in the mesh bag and it is nearly impossible to get into the nooks and crannies of the Munchkin teether’s bag where the bag meets the handle. Second, the mesh bag of the Sassy is bigger than the bag on the Munchkin. I can put about 2-3 cutie pieces in the Munchkin bag and over half a cutie in the Sassy bag. Third, you can buy extra bags for the Sassy. We own one Sassy handle and I have 2 or 3 mesh bags for it. You have to buy entire Munchkin teethers if you want multiple units.I also want to add that I think that these teethers are also great for toddlers. I have a 14 month old and we put foods that are choking hazards in the teether so he can enjoy the juice and taste with no risk.In response to some of the other reviews, generally speaking, yes mesh bags are difficult to clean. Some people complain about that, but what do you expect? Your baby has been pushing food through mesh with his or her teeth or gums, so yes, food gets caught in the mesh. It’s really easy to just run the bag under some hot water to clear the mesh, and then throw it in the dishwasher. I also have never had a problem with the bag staying put in the handle or breaking and my little guy is a very aggressive chewer.Lastly, I am giving the Sassy 4 stars because it touts that, if frozen, the handle will keep the fruit/goodies in the bag cold. I am unconvinced of this. I haven’t noticed a difference in temperature when I have popped the bag in the freezer v. when I do not. If Sassy didn’t tout this as a benefit, I would give this teether a 5.

Eloise Hartford, OH

Buy replacement mesh bags

These worked well the first time, but then the bags were stained and no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t get them 100% clean. We did wash them as soon as she was done eating, but the banana seemed mashed into the fibers of the mesh. Eventually we ended up throwing them out (after about four uses each) because they smelled a little funky and were stained. I’d say this product is just so-so. Not particularly great and not a "must have" item, but they’re ok.

Chasity Burneyville, OK