Sassy Teething Tail Fish

Sassy Teething Tail Fish

Teething Tail Fish is a fan favorite from mom and baby! Watch as baby mouths and feels the textures as they teethe. There are multiple textures for baby to explore. Water-filled tail includes sterilized water. The special shape helps baby reach their molars to calm when teething.

Main features

  • Multiple textures stimulate baby’s gums
  • Easy-to-grasp handle has different textures for baby to explore and mouth
  • Water-filled tail cools sore gums
  • Special shape helps reach baby’s molars
  • Chill in freezer for a colder effect to soothe baby’s gums

Verified reviews



our first granddaughter loved this teether, our second granddaughter loves this teether. I hope our third granddaughter loves it too (but she is still a few weeks shy of the world).

Juliet Short Creek, OH

Hard to grab, hard to get in mouth

The frozen bits were way too large to get into baby’s mouth and bite… this must be for a much older child?

Janna Olympia Fields, IL

Fish balls!

My baby loves this teething toy because you can freeze it without freezing the whole thing. The orange parts do not freeze, and her hands don’t get cold while she’s holding it.

Candace Aurora, CO

nice design

I haven’t used this product yet but it has a nice design that is easy for my baby to hold, I’m sure it does its job well

Tiffany Delmar, DE

Favorite teether in our home

My son received this as a gift when he was 4 months old. It immediately soothes his sore gums when it is cold. It is a great size for him to hold on his own & the tail fins fit easily in his mouth which makes him happy.

Chelsey Charlton Heights, WV

Soft tail is too big for babies to chew.

This teether is cute and easy for babies to grab. The fins and face are easy for babies to chew (my kids have used it from about six months old on), but the blue tail is too big to get into small mouths, especially with uncoordinated hands. It’s a good idea for a teether, but the execution is poor, so a lot of the teethable space is wasted.A better teether from the same company is theFlutterby Teether. The wings on that are super-easy for even a young child to direct into her mouth. Even accidentally, they sometimes get in there.If you’re looking for the best teether ever, from any angle, try theSuper Yummy Teether. My kids have loved that one since they were aware they had a mouth and could sometimes bat toys into it.Bottom line: There are better teethers, from this company and others. Skip it.

Marguerite Ferdinand, IN

My daughter likes it!

This is the only teether she likes. Not to hard, not to soft, just right for her little mouth. And the shape is easy for her to put it into her mouth.

Silvia Mendon, IL

Great teether

We’ve had this one for two years now and still love it. It’s held up well and it’s the one my son always asks for when his teeth hurt. This is by far our favorite teether.

Marva Arenzville, IL

A great size and very soft

When I bought this in preparation for my son to eventually be teething I assumed it was going to be small. But no way this thing is about the the size of my hand and it is very light. So i know he wont have any problems holding it. The tail of the fish can freeze and it is so soft. Unlike some teethers that hard just hard. I did a test run in the freezer to see how well it would hold up a freeze and it maintains its coolness for quite awhile about 45-60 minutes. Now once they start putting it in their mouths I would knock down that time buy about ten minutes or so. I gave it to my son to try now hes about 4 months. But my whole family started teething around this time and I am starting to believe its going to come on quick because hes drooling more and always has his hands in his mouth. He was able to hold onto it and was biting the head of the fish. Its still a little to big for him, it would be perfect for a baby around 5-6 months! Enjoy

Rosalind Macon, NC

Son’s Favorite Teether, but Black Eyes rub off

This is my 9-month old’s favorite teether. We put it in the freezer and he loves to soothe himself with it when it’s super-cold. It’s easy to hold, very cute and seems sturdy. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the black part of the eyes has scraped off. I don’t care about that aesthetically, but I have to wonder where the black paint went? His belly? Other than that, I’m very happy with it.

Angelina Loysburg, PA


My son did not love or hate this compared to other teethers but there was nothing wrong with it – just average but decent for the price and cute

Virginia Frankfort, SD

Cute and Functional

I love the design (daddy is an avid fisherman) and the boy loves the three different textures to chew on!

Therese Drewryville, VA

Great teether!

My granddaughter is starting to teethe so I bought this for her….she loves it! So colorful and she plays with it a lot…

Evangelina Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

A little big for younger babies – better suited for 6 months+

I originally purchased this when my son started cutting teeth at 3 months. The teething part was too big for his little mouth but by the time he turned about 6 months he was able to hold this and chew on it without any issues. He loves the blue teething part and the textured bumps on the body of the fish. Ships quickly. Works great. I would definitely recommend this for your teething tot.

Gracie Labolt, SD

My six month old likes it.

I have three kids, 8 years, 3 years and six months. I have found that you never know what they will enjoy chewing on. It has been different for each kid. I have gotten my kids teething toys that I thought they would love and they didn’t care for it, then again I’ve had a random family hand-me-down toy, that didn’t look that interesting to me, and they have loved it.The Sassy Teething Tail fish is a good teething toy – but your baby may love or hate it. In my experience it is best to get a few different styles of teething toys to figure out what your baby likes. This teething ring is sturdy, has bright colors, is easy for little hands to grab, has several textures to chew on, has squishy and hard parts to gum.My son happens to like it, it isn’t his most favorite, but I keep it in the mix so he doesn’t get bored. Only he knows what is going to feel good to chew on at any given time to releive the pain of emeging teeth.Also check out the Teething Bling Donut Shaped Pendant Teething Necklace. I wish I had it for my first two kids, my baby LOVES it.Another type of ring that is usually popular for babies is the classic ring shaped water filled one with baby mouth sized bumps they can put in their mouths.

Blanca Venice, LA

too heavy for baby

I loved the idea that there was a place for her to hold the teether to be able to chew but this thing is huge and heavy. She just ends up dropping it and going for something smaller to chew on.

Carey Tremonton, UT

Teething Fish

I recommend this teething toy because of the ease of holding; the ability to refrigerate for cooling; and the colorful design.

Bridgett Foristell, MO

Great product!

Exactly what the picture and description say. I cant wait for my baby to try it out! You can never have enough teething toys!

Leola Normalville, PA

Great teether!

My sister gave me her kids’ older Sassy Teething Fish, and my son loved it so much, I ordered a new one (as shown). Unfortunately, we lost it after a few months, so I ordered another. It’s easy to hold, and can be refrigerated for extra relief.

Jacqueline Barneveld, WI

A little too big

The colors are bright, and I really like this. But I’m not the one I bought it for. My baby doesn’t really seem interested in it. I think that might be due to the fact that the tail is a little too big for his little mouth. He can’t really get it in there to chew on it like he’s supposed to. Kind of disappointing.

Greta Terreton, ID

Teething Toy

This is a great size for tiny hands The tail is soft but the body is a bit hard for little gums. I like the product over all and recommend this seller to you.

Jodi Newbury, MA


This was a gift for my grandson that is five month old and looks like he is teething and this tail fish I hope wlll help.

Lucille Kilkenny, MN

Nice and soft

The tail is freezable, which is great for teething babies, and the orange parts are like a soft rubber that also feels good on little gums. Unfortunately…our baby didn’t get a chance to use it, as our puppy also enjoyed the softness…

Rita Wascott, WI

Teether Fish

This is the best teether ever. I am so suprised how easy it is for my 6 month old grandson to hold and bite.

Araceli Keithsburg, IL

Very cute, keeps cold well and my teething son loves it

This one it a hit. its a nice simple design and durable quality. my son seems to love it, probably the combination of bright colors and easy to hold design. We’ve used it in and out of the fridge, he loves both. My son is 4 months old at present.

Alicia Pernell, OK

Best teether I’ve found!!!

I’ve purchased several different types of teethers and this one is by far the best! The plastic handle is perfect for little hands and doesn’t freeze their little fingers.

Etta Steilacoom, WA

It works well

I almost wish they picked a different color for the tail, since everyone comments on the ‘blue balls’ (sorry if you don’t have a sense of humor), but other than that it goes well for my little teether.

Augusta Basye, VA

Too large for toddler

Icy blue tails were too large for toddler mouth or even adult mouths. It was too bulky and uncomfortable because of the enormous size of the fish tails, especially for back teeth.

Alberta Faith, SD