Sassy Terry Teethers, 2 Count

Sassy Terry Teethers, 2 Count

This 2 piece set includes a watermelon and grape terry teether, which help baby’s inflamed gums when teething. The terry cloth is great for baby to mouth as it is soft, plush and huggable and can also be machine washable for mom to re-use. Chill in freezer for cooling relief to calm baby. Collect all of our terry teethers!

Main features

  • Includes Watermelon and Grapes Terry Teether
  • Wet & freeze – cold helps inflamed gums
  • Texture stimulates gums where teeth are breaking through
  • Fun fruit designs engage baby and provide cooling relief to calm baby

Verified reviews


Son’s favorite teethers

We had tried giving our son plastic and wooden teethers and even frozen washcloths we already had, but he wasn’t interested in them for very long. But he will chew on these washcloth teethers for longer, and they seem to help when he is cranky from teething.You just get them wet and put them in the freezer ahead of time, then pull them out when needed. They also can go through the washing machine on gentle to clean them. They have held up well so far, though we’ve only had them a couple months. I would highly recommend them, especially if your baby isn’t very interested in other teethers.

Arlene Port Austin, MI

Good for teething

These are good for teething when frozen or just at room temperature. We bought these when my daughter was 4 months and her first two teeth started popping through. The grapes are her favorite and we leave those out on her tray table or play mat for her to chew on whenever. For the watermelon, we wet one half and put it in a baggie in the freezer. when her teeth get bad, we pull it out and let her chew on that. Both are a good size for baby’s hands, machine washable, and get use in our home.

Toni Forest City, IL

these are great for my son

these have really helped out my now 8 month old. when he starts to cry in his playpen i just hand him one of these. he really seems to like them. though I probably could have probably put a wash cloth in the freezer without purchasing these, I am still glad I did.

Hilary Moorhead, MS

Baby’s favorite teether! (and we’ve tried them all)

My daughter absolutely loves these teethers. She prefers them over all other others – sophie, raspberry chewies paci style, zoli stick teethers, water filled teethers, etc. I wet these down with a little water (so they are wet but not dripping) and place them in the freezer. My daughter is currently getting all 4 molars and 3 canines. Brutal teething! But these make her so very happy and she chews and sucks on them for long periods of time. They definitely help the teething pain. Highly recommend!!

Chrystal Chino Valley, AZ

A must have for the “must gnaw on everything phase”

Right size, right shape and just what my daughter needed for her recent interest in chomping on things (we are getting close to teething).They are soft but do not get slimy, and they are easy for little hands to maneuver around. Even better, you can throw them in the washer and set them on the counter to dry!If they made more shapes, we would definitely buy them.

Mona Sand Point, AK

Its ok

My son doesn’t seem to enjoy using this at all. We even tried to freeze it and it just made a mess when if starts to melt. I think it is just too soft for him. He prefers harder teethers.

Sheena Gobler, MO

cloth teethers

Great product. Just suggest making sure to have a clean self or bucket in freezer for kids teether. But kids love them and the padding makes them awesome kids cant put them in there mouths and choke like a wash cloth.

Lorraine Chadron, NE

Great teether

My 7 month old sucks the crap out of this teether! She loves the coldness against her tiny gums. She’d probably like it better if it was soaked in juice!

Jasmin Tula, MS

4 months baby love the grape!

-My baby would suck the grape and it will absorb her saliva.-light weight even a 4 months old baby can hold it.-When teething badly, I can soak part of it in water and put it in zip bag and leave it in it!!

Daisy Saginaw, AL

Good alternative to teething rings

These aren’t my son’s favorite teething toys, but he definitely prefers them over traditional teething rings. He prefers to chew on them without being put in the fridge. I like that they absorb the drool. I could just use a regular washcloth, but the shape of these make it very easy for him to hold and fit into his mouth, and he seems to like the bright colors.

Susana Becket, MA

note: care instructions

I bought these with the intention of wetting and freezing as a nice cold teether. I was totally excited about this until I read the care tag. Do not immerse, clean it by wiping with a damp cloth. Since this functions as a teether and it is totally absorbent, what you have here is pretty much a drool sponge. Did they really think we wouldn’t even wash it before going into a mouth?I totally disregarded the care instructions and threw them in the wash with no obvious repercussions except that it had little bits of lint that adhered to it. I picked it off and resolved to hand wash next time.

Angel New Boston, NH

Very “cool” teether

I like that this teether allows you to wet/freeze all or portions of it for easy hold by baby. I recommend not soaking it as it will melt and make a mess. It catches baby’s eye and the texture and coolness really helps baby.

Cathy Walker, KY

Not really useful

My son never liked it, you could use a wet clothes and put it in the freezer and obtain the same result, it’s not really a useful thing, I prefer the regular ring filled with water that you can freeze too and my son liked them better too.

Charlene Cresco, PA

Good and basic teethers

Great teething toys. My daughter goes back and forth between these and rings. I put a little cold filtered water on them and she chews away!

Lauri Cornelius, NC

I wish my baby liked these.

They are cute. However, my 7 month old could care less about using these for teething. I give him a burp rag or a regular wash rag and he will chew/suck on those. Wish I knew why, as these are much cuter.

Janna Clontarf, MN

Nice for infants that are teething

They freeze easy and are great for little hands. My only complaint is that they don’t hold water well. They are nice if the infant likes cold on their teeth.

Wendi Lafayette, CA

Love this so much

Best investment I ever made! Yes it’s essentially a washcloth but it’s so nice to always have a specific frozen cloth ready for those fussy moments. Honestly, with these frozen cloths I can get the serenity in a moment when I need it the most. Great item.

Monica Leeton, MO

A lifesaver

The grapes in particular have been a lifesaver. Baby loves chewing on them when they’re frozen, they’re just the right size to fit in his mouth and as they start to melt he sucks up the water with great dedication. I have 4 different types of teethers and he likes most of them for short amounts of time, but this one is always grabbed and put straight in his mouth.

Tia Gypsum, KS

Simple teether

My son it almost 8mths and is teething slightly. He doesn’t seem too interested in anything I take from the freezer to help. I bought these and another freezer teething set and he doesn’t seem to like them. He would rather chew on his binky or yellow rubber duck.I rate them highly because they are made well and a great idea, they just don’t work for my little guy right now.

Nadia New Era, MI

4 month old teether loves these

They are a great size. You saturate them and freeze them, and your baby can chew on them to their heart’s content. I just got these and tried them once, and they were an immediate hit, but I think this time, I’m only going to dip half of them in water before freezing because baby doesn’t like to hold onto cold stuff.

Susana Stilesville, IN

Great Quality Teethers

I have not even wet them yet, my daughter just loves chewing (licking mostly, still) on cloth and these are easy for her to hold on to at 5 1/2 months.

Glenna Kelton, PA

Just get a washcloth

Don’t waste your money. Go get a washcloth… wet it…and put it in your freezer. It is the exact same as what this is. I didn’t listen to this advice and wasted my money- but I really wish i Hadn’t. Take it from me, just go get a washcloth lol

Patrice Peever, SD

Needs a new design.

If these had some sort of grip that didn’t also get "iced" they would have been a 5 star for my nephew.

Victoria Earlington, KY

Better than most of the other teethers she has

Not necessarily a quality issue, she just prefers this over the soft plastic/silicone teethers. Good wet or dry, dry makes a good drool soaker upper.

Georgina Reddick, IL

Baby approves!

This is my son’s favorite teething toy. I wet it with water and put it in the freezer. Baby LOVES to suck on a cool bit of cloth and suck the water out. When it’s warm again, he gets upset. I think that the coolness soothes his gums, while the melting water quenches his thirst. Sure, you could use a plain old washcloth, but it’s nice for baby to have designated cloths that are just for him!

Virgie Auburn, MI

Three Stars

Baby could care less for these

Velma Loyalhanna, PA

Baby loves them

Our baby was a preemie, and he loves these. They’re easier for him to hold than some of the solid teethers.

Jewell Dennis, MS

Not the best

I thought these would be a good alternative to the hard plastic rings that are usually used for teething, but they didn’t turn out as I hoped. When you freeze them they get rock hard and are not a shape that are easy for a baby to get in his mouth. Also, when it’s cold the baby can’t hold onto it. All in all, would not buy again, but may work for some people.

Margarita Hillsboro, NH

daughter loves it

my 8 month old is teething, and this is the only teether that entertains her for 10 minutes. She usually just sticks the plastic ones ni her mouth for a few seconds and then moves on to another toy. Not with these teethers. She sits there for about 10 minutes each time (until it is all "melted" or room temp) and she sucks and chews on it and it seems to help her teething.

Estela Grand Gorge, NY

waste of money

It’s just like any piece of cloth. Not worth the money. my baby won’t even play with as toy. Waste of money

Tamika Shannon, GA