Sassy Transitional Feeding Spoons 4+ months

Sassy Transitional Feeding Spoons 4+ months

These Transitional Feeding Spoons are great for feeding time. Easy to grip. Four in a set.

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Not dishwasher safe! Warped like crazy on top rack!!

So while I loved these spoons the first time I used them (after hand-washing them out of the package), once I used them to feed my little one and then cleaned them in the dishwasher, they warped. I thought that it was because I had put the two spoons I used in the utensil rack of my dishwasher (on the bottom shelf), until I used the other two new spoons and put those on the top rack, because they also warped. And not a little, but a LOT. The spoon part (where the food rests) melted, and the handles became twisted and bent. So disappointed because these really worked great otherwise. I am debating whether I should get another set and just hand-wash them, but then I’ll have to be vigilant about it (as will my husband) and with a little one, it’s hard to remember small details like that.I am also annoyed that it doesn’t say on the package that these are hand wash (and no, I don’t have a super duty dishwasher, or a heat sterilizing one – in fact, it pretty much doesn’t clean my dishes at all – just dries them after I wash them in the sink and put them in there). I would call it a dishdryer instead of a dishwasher at this point. 🙂

Fanny Camanche, IA

Good for beginners

I have had a good experience with these spoons and my beginner feeder. It is easy to get the food into his mouth with these spoons. He is difficult to feed at times bc he gets distracted. Once he gets going I think we will need a more sturdy spoon. The price is acceptable for these spoons too!

Leta Danville, GA

Perfect as Baby’s First Spoon

We started solids at 4 1/2 months and this was the first spoon we used. It is awesome for babies just learning to eat from a spoon. The fully silicone design makes it really safe and comfortable, and the slightly arched design was the perfect angle for feeding. Now that he’s almost 6 months, we have started using the Oxo Tot spoonOXO Tot Feeding Spoon Set, Green, which is definitely the best baby spoon we’ve found. But the Sassy spoon was perfect to start with – I think the Oxo Tot spoon would have been too deep as his first spoon. If you’re starting your baby on solids, the Sassy spoon is definitely the one to start with!

Lina Printer, KY

GREAT spoon, but not from these sellers on amazon. 10 bucks is far too much!

These sellers are charging very unfair prices for these spoons. I got mine at target for half the price. Otherwise, these spoons truly are the best. Sometimes my baby dives onto the spoon and the whole spoon gets into his mouth, but these don’t hurt the back of his throat. All that happens is that my baby gets a little startled. With other spoons, I think that it might hurt somewhat.

Georgia Nottingham, MD

Great spoon, but very flexible

These are great spoons for beginning eaters, as they are soft and gummy. And I agree with the previous reviewer – they are very flexible and scraping drooled food off of the little one’s chin is a challenge without accidentally flipping food all over.

Janell Grady, AR