Sassy Water-Filled Teethers 2 Pack

Sassy Water-Filled Teethers 2 Pack

Water-Filled Teethers are great for baby as they teethe and try to soooth sore gums. Put in freezer to help baby’s sore inflamed gums and watch them teethe, knowing your baby is safe with sterilized water inside! This is lightweight for even the youngest teething babies, providing a variety of textures and thickness for stimulation to mouth.

Main features

  • 2Pk water-filled fireflies can be chilled in refrigerator for cooling effect. Filled with sterilized water.
  • Lightweight for even the youngest teething babies
  • A variety of textures and thickness provide stimulation to mouth
  • Letting baby experience a variety of stimulation helps prepare for forming words
  • Colors may vary

Verified reviews


As expected.

We use these for boo boos rather than to teeth at this point but they are great. We store them in the fridge since I’ve read the freezer can cause frost bite.

Goldie Alexandria, AL

Not for my baby

Looks cute and functional. However my baby decided that this is not the teether for her. Be careful while cleaning it. We accidentally put one of the teethers in the sterlizer and it came out all wrapped and leaky. Otherwise takes the abuse pretty well. The second piece has been stamped on, banged on the tiles, thrown on the floor and is still fine.

Shanna Gurley, AL


my daughter loves this but she did have a hard time holding them like the shaped ones that are easy for little fingers to grip.

Carey Gladewater, TX

Great for Sore Gums!

While teethers in general are a good idea the water filled ones that can be chilled have always seemed to work better. It helps to sooth more as well as let kids explore different textures with their mouths.

Kathleen Frierson, LA

Perfect thickness for baby mouths

These are great teathing toys. Many teethers are too thick to actually get into a baby’s mouth. These are just right.

Carissa Taneyville, MO

The blue ones are better than the purple/pink ones

We bought these for our 5 month old daughter and she loves them! We were going to get her the purple/pink ones but but for some odd reason they were much harder than the blue ones. Our little girl loves these butterfly teethers better than any other water filled teether we’ve purchased. I wish we would have bought two packs!

Lorena Aberdeen, NC

Great Baby Products

I buy these for baby wreaths. They’re cheap and highly durable. I have yet to hear any complaints from my recipients.

Marjorie Littlefield, AZ

These are great!

This is a great chew item for babies; they can grasp one wing while chewing on a bumpy wing that fits perfectly in their mouth. I would buy more if I had an use. They claim to be dishwasher safe, but I haven’t given that option a try.

Greta Jacksonville, VT

Great for teething

My baby loves these. chewed on these at 3-6 months old and wasn’t even teething. Now at 15 months she is teething and she’s back to chewing on them.

Antonia New Lisbon, NJ

Not as good as I had hoped

I was really hoping my son would love these. Unfortunately they just end up on the floor. Since there is no opening or ring to get a really good grip, he is constantly fummbling these teethers and sometimes flinging it out of his hands. Maybe he just has big clumsy hands, I don’t know. I will put these away for a while and re-introduce them again when he has better hand coordination! For now, he is into teethers with openings in the middle like the Mam teether/brush (probably because he can hold onto it long enough to really use it)!

Reba Ferryville, WI

Nifty little teethers

I bought these because we had one that had been attached to another Sassy toy. My son was obsessed with chewing on that one, so I decided to get a few more. They’re great, they’re textured, they do the job.Just knocked off a star because you can’t choose the color (I got blue, so I’m happy).

Claudine Holden, UT


These are awesome to throw into the diaper bag, or leave in the car seat so they have something to chew on at all time during those tough teething times!!! Love them!

Candice Kenai, AK