Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

Sassy’s Wonder Wheel is full of fun and surprise! Cascading beads capture baby’s attention, and the spinning wheel engages the concept of cause-and-effect. Watch as baby spins the Wonder Wheel for the fun activities!

Main features

  • Cascading beads capture baby’s attention
  • Spinning wheel engages the concept of cause and effect
  • Great for highchair
  • Suction base for use on highchair or table surface
  • Watch as baby spins the Wonder Wheel for fun activities

Verified reviews


So much fun!

My child is only 4 months old but so far this toy keeps her interested while in her high chair. Now that she can reach the toy when I push her seat forward she likes to spin it and then stop it. This has really come in handy after she has eaten her meal but the rest of the family is still at the table eating. It gives her something to do at this time. It has the perfect blend of bright colors and a rattling sound without being annoying to everyone. Also, I didn’t know this when I purchased it but on the packaging it said it is made without any paint that could chip off so I was really happy about that. I would recommend this toy if you don’t want to buy a bunch of different things but just want a go-to high chair toy that will keep baby interested.

Kristina Breaux Bridge, LA

She loves this!

Toys can be so dependent on your child’s preference so reading reviews that say ‘my child loves this’ always makes me wonder. However what I think is fantastic about this toy is that it is a wheel and makes a soft swooshing noise when it turns so it really grabs my childs attention and she loves it. It generally always sticks too, however if its having trouble I put a drop of water on the bottom and then attach it and it will stick. Places that she really enjoys playing with it is at her highchair and on the floor. It was also brilliant when we went on a holiday the other weekend and we stuck it to the restaurant table where she had her highchair and she enjoyed it for ages!

Kristy De Forest, WI

Not worth the money!!

I bought this for my 1 year old. She loves toys that spin. I was very disappointed with this toy. The suction only holds for about a minute. I have tried to stick it to the tray on her high chair and walker. Does not even keep the suction when I tried it on the counter.

Cecelia Mount Zion, GA

no suction!

This is a great toy and my son loves it… However, the reason I purchased this over similar toys was because of all the reviews that said this toy had such good suction, unlike others like it, which had tons of bad reviews about poor suction. We didn’t have much luck;, apparently- the suction is TERRIBLE! This toy does not stick for more than a minute, even when wet.

Germaine Deerfield Beach, FL

Perfect Toy for Highchair

This is a great toy. The suction cup bottom makes it a perfect toy to place on the highchair tray. My baby likes to sit in her highchair to eat her snacks while I’m preparing dinner in the evenings. It’s a perfect distraction and she is very entertained by it. Every part of this toy besides the suction cups has moving parts that my baby enjoys. It makes the same type of noise as a rattle, which is nice if you’re wanting a more quiet toy. It’s easy to clean too and the suction cups really adhere well to any smooth flat surface. As with most suction cup items, it’s always a good idea to wet the suction cup a little before pressing it into place. This creates a stronger seal between the suction cup and the flat surface. After doing so, the toy is so firmly in place that it actually requires some force to remove the toy. It’s a GREAT BUY!

Valerie Mayville, NY

Maybe I got a defect but…

I was excited to get this toy because I thought it would be a great distractions for my baby when we went out to eat.When we got it he was scared of it and would cry if we spinned the wheel (although this might be a singular occurrence because he gets scared easily lol) He did eventually get over it as we slowly introduced it to him.It’s a great toy, I like the concept and the colors only thing that the SUCTION DID NOT WORK!!!! Most others say it does have a great suction but no matter what I did after a minute it would unsuction and my baby would throw or drop it or pull on it and unsuction it. Without the suction it’s basically useless and is a glorified rattle 🙁 Hopefully if you purchase this the suction will work!

Adeline Saint Paul Island, AK

Kept baby happy during holiday and other meals

This toy has incredible suction and keeps little ones, even those as young as 5 months, entertained long enough for tired parents to enjoy family meals – with two hands instead of using one to hold the baby. This is not a totally silent toy but we didn’t hear it because of the conversation at the table. So the toy isn’t terribly loud, just enough to hold the attention of a young one. It is certainly a relief to know it is firmly attached and can’t be tossed over the side of the high chair. The wheel moves smoothly and there is a mirror and some other moving parts to fascinate babies. The rings at the bottom are fun for little fingers to grab as well. Well worth buying.

Earlene Cedarville, NJ

Cute toy and sticks very well

Sticks very well to our Bumbo tray so my 3 month old son can play with it. Just be careful when you get it and wash it. Water got inside the spinner when I ran it under the water. I suggest using a wet washcloth instead. Other than that, it’s a great toy!

Charlotte Somerville, TN

crap, doesn’t stick

We tried to wet the suction cup and we dried it as well… all to no avail. This toy simply does not stick. It didn’t hurt our daughter when it fell on her but it could have. I was going to return it and Amazon was, as always, super helpful. The only reason I didn’t is because I simply forgot. I ended up giving the toy to my cousin for her 15 month old son. He’s old enough to hold the toy and spin the wheel.Simply put, this toy does NOT work as a high chair toy. Try again Sassy.

Ola Sherrills Ford, NC

Great toy and amazing suction!

This is a fun and bright toy that has great suction! I have had this toy for about 2 months (my son is 6 months now) and he has enjoyed this toy since we got it. He finds new aspects to the toy every week. At first, he liked that if he hit it, it would spin. Then the next week he noticed the rings on the bottom, and the next week he noticed the small spinning boxes on the inside. It seems to excite him when he gets in his high chair! Best part is that is has great suction!

Lakesha Cadillac, MI

Great suction and long lasting entertainment

I love that this toy stays stuck to my high chair. I used a little water underneath and it has stayed stuck for a week now! I just got it so I don’t know for how long that will last, but I am very pleased. The noise is a nice, dull rattle, not very loud and obnoxious like other toys. My 4 month old daughter loves spinning this and looking at all the bright colors. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Candy Glenn, CA

Great distraction for meal time

My 8 month old loves this high chair toy! He plays with it every time I feed him, and it’s great for when I need to go grab his food and he does not want me to leave him alone in the high chair. He really loves to spin the wheel and spin the little toys inside the wheels. He also enjoys trying to tug it off the high chair. The suction does pop off if you don’t put water on it before sticking it, but most suction toys do this. Overall a great toy and very worth the money.

Maggie Waverly, KS

Great concept but doesn’t stick

I thought this would be great to bring along to restaurants etc. but the suction only really works on completely smooth surfaces (like a mirror) and not any restaurant table I’ve tried so far. and because it is so top heavy it ends up on the floor in about 30 seconds.

Bonnie Alberton, MT

Nice Toy

My 5 month old and 2 year old both love this toy. It doesn’t make loud noises, and is perfect for infants. My daughter likes to spin the wheel and play with the colorful rings.

Blanche Lake Zurich, IL


I bought this for my daughter when she was four months old; now she is twelve months old. She has never been very interested in it. The wheel spins, the little toys inside the wheel spin, and the balls in the wheel roll around and make a rattling sound when you turn the wheel. There are a few toys that kind of slide around on the stem of the toy, but not much. The suction cup on this toy does not hold very well at all. It sticks, but after turning the wheel a couple of times, it pops off. I’ve tried sticking it on different surfaces as well as wetting it, but nothing works.

Sallie Lagrange, OH

wonder wheel

My granddaughter loves this toy the best out of all of her suction toys. We use it on her walker and I take it to restaurants.

Helga Bellwood, IL

Twins love this

I stick this thing to their highchair or the jumperoo. This is the one toy they play with all the time. The love spinner it! Buying another so they dont have to share it 🙂

Abbie Felton, GA

Suction doesn’t hold.

This really capture’s my baby’s attention, especially when it falls onto the floor and makes a crashing noise. Would be great if the suction held.

Lakisha Sacramento, PA

Works well enough

I bought this because my 12mo daughter kept throwing her other toys off of her high chair and driving me nuts. Lol. The suction works a lot better if you get the bottom of it wet first. It keeps her occupied long enough for me to cook or clean up quick.

Chrystal Pueblo Of Acoma, NM

Makes feeding time easier

Our daughter has used this wheel suction toy since she was 6 months old. She is now a year old and she still likes to play with it while in her high chair! I like it because it keeps her attention and keeps her busy if I have to go back to the kitchen for more food, a washcloth, etc. The suction can be lacking, but as long as you wet it first, we have had few problems with it.

Elizabeth Dillsboro, IN

Great Toy and Distraction at the table

My son loves to spin this and look at all the colors. He’s one and will often finish eating before my husband and I. He really loves it and it’s such a blessing when we are trying to eat or before our food arrives.

Wanda New Lebanon, IN

Good for a highchair or any tray

Sticks well, baby likes to turn the wheel on his tray. And holds it some too. A good toy.

Anita Lookout, WV

love it

My son used this when he would eat in his high chair. He LOVED it and it is an appropriate gift to buy for an infant. The colors are vibrant and the sounds interest the baby.

Dawn Shippenville, PA

Doesn’t stay “stuck”

My babies think this toy is fun but it does not stay stuck down to the highchair tray very well.

Dorothea Depew, NY

Sassy Wonder Wheel

This is the only suction toy we’ve been able to find that actually suctions! I have the Sassy bumble bee and it doesn’t stick at all. My son loves turning the wheel and chewing on the bottom.

Freida Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM

Best toy for my 4 month old!

We purchased this for my son as part of his Christening gift. It is the very first toy that he ever gravitated towards. It does have great suction..EXCEPT if you put it directly in front of baby on the bumbo play tray. I’ve noticed that if placed there, the super tiny grooves in the tray break the suction and my little man does not yet reach out far. I’m not sure his fat little arms can make it 🙂 If placed just off to the side, away from the grooves, it’s good as gold. I was hesitant to spend that amt for a bumbo/high chair toy, but I’m glad we did!

Anna Dongola, IL

Great for keeping baby happy waiting in highchair!

I ordered this toy after seeing it in American Baby magazine as one of top toys of 2011 for 6-12 mo babies. It has been a great object of interest for our 6 month old boy so that he doesn’t get fussy waiting for his meals in his high chair. Haven’t really thought of where else I can use it… as it requires suction to stay in place.

Gussie Lookout, WV

Amazing Toy!

My son love it. He won’t eat if he doesn’t see it. Thank you very much. Will buy it again.

Evangeline South Britain, CT

Colorful and cute

We really like this toy! Our little one was able to figure out how to use this toy much sooner than he figured our most of his other ones. We stick it to his activity seat tray or highchair tray and he has a great time.

Lourdes Chico, CA

fun toy!

Our daughter loves it. We take it many places. Sticks better when through bottom is a little wet. Very easy to spin

Corina Matheny, WV