Sassy Zanibar Bouncer

Sassy Zanibar Bouncer

794 H, DYx3

Main features

  • Two reclining positions
  • 5 melodies
  • 3 soothing sounds
  • 5 calming vibration modes
  • Secure three-point harness

Verified reviews


Automatic Shutoff is not your friend

We have three bouncers for our twins. This is by far our least favorite. The vibrations automatically shut off after a time! Trust me, this is terrible. Your worst enemy when you have finally put a baby down to sleep after 45 minutes of crying. I’m happy to eat batteries if a baby will sleep longer.Also, the angle of this bouncer was all wrong. It was adjustable, but even so, we felt like they were just going to slide out the bottom and onto the floor. Face it, sometimes you just can’t strap them in.I recommend the Fisher Price bouncers. They’ll run several nights in a row without requiring a battery replacement 🙂

Eileen Grand Marsh, WI

Good Bouncer, Minus the music

This is a decent bouncer, I can’t really complain. I’ve been using it with my new baby for 2 1/2 months now, and it seems very comfortable for him. He still doesn’t do a whole lot with the hanging toys, but he will look at them sometimes, other times we take the toy bar off because he seems to prefer looking at other things. We’ve also started to swap out the hanging toys now and then. My only real complaint is the choice of music, it’s cute but soooo repetetive that we hardly ever want to play it. We will turn on other music for baby instead. The vibrations are good though, didn’t use that so much at the start but now have found it’s very comforting for baby, and he’ll take a nice nap in the bouncer if you leave the vibrations going (shuts off automatically at about 15 minutes though).

Melba Harris, NC


My 3 month old loves the bounce of this chair as she kicks and bats at the swinging animals, when she is in it she squeals with delight. The placement of the music and vibrate buttons is where her legs are though, so it will cycle on and off as her feet kick the buttons on and off.

Elvira Angela, MT

So Cute Bouncer!

This bouncer is adorable! I love the tan and sage tones, it kind of melts into any room it’s in – not bright, not hard on the eyes, and doesn’t stand out and scream BABY! It’s sweet and calming to look at.Came with assembly directions and was simple to put together, took less than 5 min. You only need a screwdriver for the battery compartment.Bought this for my 3rd baby – thus my 3rd bouncer. Some things I love about the Zanzibar that I haven’t seen on a bouncer before:> 2 seat positions, reclined as shown in the picture or more upright> the toys detach by a velcro loop allowing you to interchange with other little toys of your own> vibration has slower and faster levels (music also has volume levels)> the frame has good bounce to it, my girl is 5wks and her little movements can bounce the seatI didn’t give it 5 stars because of where the buttons are positioned. When my baby gets bigger, she will be able to kick the buttons on and off, which may or may not become upsetting to her. The buttons really should be at an angle that is out the way.But I am soo vey happy with this seat, and so is baby! I wish I had this one with my first 2!

April Pelham, NH


This was the single best purchase for our newborn. She was happy as a clam on the bathroom floor while I showered. The music is catchy, perhaps overly so for an adult, but to my DD that was a good thing – familiar and happy and fun to watch mommy dance to. Once she was crying in the car and we started humming one of the safari tunes and we cheered her up. She also liked pulling down the animals and cuddling with them. The bouncer is also light enough to easily carry (sometimes toss) to another room or floor. It would have been easier to carry if the toybar was locked in place, but i understand this is a safety feature, to keep parents from foolishly using it as a carrier. Great product – I was so sad when she outgrew it.

Margie Saint Benedict, OR