Satsuma Designs 5 Pack Organic Flannel Wash Cloths and Wipes

Satsuma Designs 5 Pack Organic Flannel Wash Cloths and Wipes

Satsuma Designs’ ultra soft reusable organic flannel baby wipes and wash cloths are absorbent, soft and easy to clean. Made from rayon this fabrication makes our reusable wipes and wash cloths incredibly soft for delicate baby skin. Choosing a reusable wipe is a smart sustainable decision that protects the environment for baby and all of us. Color: Natural Purple, Pink, Orange, Green, Chocolate Trim.

Main features

  • 100% viscose from bamboo
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Quick drying
  • Works with Prince Lionheart Warmies wipes warmer
  • Reusable wipe keeps waste out of landfills everywhere
  • Very absorbent and light weight
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews



These cloths are so small and so thin, I’m not sure they’ll be useful for anything. At about 4″x4″, they are definitely not worth $16.

Bertie Snyder, CO

Very soft!

I received a sample of this through Citrus Lane with a box of other baby goodies. These are amazingly soft and gentle on baby.

Melody Bradley, IL

Thin, soft, perfect for babies

I use 2 wash cloths for each bath. The ones I had have become very rough and just not great for my baby’s face (where I primarily use them). These are small, which is completely fine with me, thin, which is also fine, and very very soft, which I love. I’ve only washed them once, so I don’t know how they’ll hold up. But so far I’m very happy with them and won’t go back to the cotton baby type of cloths.

Olga Provencal, LA

Small and soft

I love Satsuma products, but these were too small to be of much use. The flannel is very soft, so I can imagine they would be good as a cloth substitute for baby wipes, but they’re not sturdy enough to use as wash cloths and too small to use as burp cloths.They are the same size asSatsuma Designs Organic Wash Cloths and Wipes 5 Pack, White, but unless you’re using them as wipes, I’d just by the Wash Cloths instead.

Kelly Villa Grove, CO

Super Soft

I was fortune enough to get multiple packs of the Satsuma Designs 5 Pack Organic Flannel Wash Cloths and Wipes and also the burp cloths from my registry. These cloths are super soft and stand up to wash after wash. I find the size just right for bathing and cleaning up my little one. However, I got the burp cloths also so if I need something larger I use those. I think these are great but they are pricey.

Bridget Glasford, IL

Best Baby Washcloths

I love these little washcloths! They are super soft and just the right size for our baby (from newborn to now 5 months old). They still look brand new as well.

Josephine Alder, MT

Love it!

i purchased the burp cloth from Satsuma Designs and love those so much that i purchased these wash cloths and wipes. they are super soft and my little one just loves those clothes and wipes.

Kaitlyn Fort Sheridan, IL

Soft on Baby’s face and hands

I bought these organic wash cloths to use after feeding my visiting grandbaby, who is old enough to explore solids. The cloths are soft, launder well, and are easy to rinse and hang up to dry. Baby doesn’t fuss like she did when I used a regular terry cloth washcloth. In fact, she often giggles when I’m wiping her up after a particularly messy feeding.

Corine Gerlaw, IL

very soft

These washcloths are super soft and perfect for a new baby’s skin. I didn’t realize they’d be so small but I probably just didn’t read the description thoroughly.

Shawna Ewa Beach, HI

Super soft, but a little small

These cloths are super soft – perfect for a newborn’s skin – and significantly softer than most baby washcloths. They are a great size for our newborn, but I don’t know how useful they will be once the baby gets a little bigger.

Tonya Pigeon Falls, WI

Soft and nice, a bit small

I used this as wash clothes for my newborn son, they are a bit small, however really soft and feel great on the skin!

Toni Ivanhoe, TX

Soft, but yes they are small and maybe not worth the money

I love these little washcloths. We use them exclusively for the diaper bag in case the baby needs something wiped off the skin while out and about. All of our cloth products we use on the baby are organic, and these are really nice.Pros: So soft, cute, wash well so far, thin (which is both positive and negative to me depending on what use)Cons: Defiantely small and thin, Not really worth the money when you figure you can get a lot more cloths/wipes for significantly less money.All in all I would definately want these again. We registered for them and received them as a gift. Had I had to pay $16 for them now, I’m not so sure I would.

Sierra Braddock Heights, MD

too thin

Very soft but too thin to use as wipes. Got soaked quickly when place under baby chin during feeding.Probably is OK to use as wash cloths.

Leticia Big Sur, CA