Satsuma Designs Baby Mittens, Natural, One Size

Satsuma Designs Baby Mittens, Natural, One Size

Satsuma Designs Baby Mittens are the perfect solution to prevent baby from accidentally scratching his/her delicate skin. Our innovative mitten design includes an adorable ribbon tab on each mitten to ensure easy on/off. Baby scratch mittens are a terrific all weather, all season mitten for outdoor use. Our products are fashioned from viscose (rayon fiber), which is a material softer than the softest cotton making it a great material for use in children’s accessories and apparel. Satsuma Designs recommends cold and gentle machine washing and line drying.

Main features

  • 100% viscose from bamboo
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Mittens prevent infants from scratching delicate skin also a great all weather mitten for rides in the stroller or trips to the park
  • Viscose spun into soft and silky jersey fabric with ribbon tabs for easy on and off
  • Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry
  • One size suits 0 6 months
  • Made in the United States

Verified reviews


Good quality

I liked these mittens very much. They are soft and well done. The only problem is that the ad says ’12 months’ and they definitely aren’t for 12 month’s babies, not even 6 months…

Nanette Brightwood, OR

It’s just OK

The material is soft. The mittens are perfect fit with my baby hands and do not fall off as others. But it is kinds expensive for 1 pair of mittens for $8. Hope that they can sell it cheaper. And they should have more in different colors.

Aurelia West Harrison, NY

Great Gloves

The gloves are on the expensive side, but they are well worth it because they stay on much better than any of the other gloves we have. Not only do they stay on really well, but they are very soft as well.

Bianca Chester, AR


we used these in the hospital for our newborn . he doesnt use them now because he loves his hands for comfort but they are very well made

Lakesha Rayne, LA

Cute but way to small

I brought these to the hospital for my newborn boy, who weighs 8 lbs. 2 oz., and unfortunately they were way to tight on his little wrists and left little red marks after only wearing them for 20 minutes. It was a shame, because they did stay on, looked cute, and were very well made. I wish they offered a variety of sizing options. I ended up buying a few pairs of guavamitts that come in 2 different sizes, and those fit much better.

Judy Trail, MN

Stays on little newborn hands!

These mittens are great – and the elastic is just right so that it stays on but isn’t too tight on the wrists. Comfy soft cotton fabric – well worth the price. I had also bought the Gerber mittens since they were about the same price for 3 pairs – but they didn’t stay on for more than 5 seconds because the elastic is so weak and loose. Ended up buying additional Satsuma pairs.

Celina Rabun Gap, GA

Too small and tight for 2 months

These mittens are simple and cute! Nice quality as well, but too small for my baby. He only wore for a couple of hours and it left elastic marks on his wrists. However, I will keep them because I like them and hopefully the next baby will make use of them… He was about 11lbs 13oz and 23in at 2 months. Hope it helps^^

Tricia Mine Hill, NJ


These are very thin and I got them for my newborn son but they were too big and kept slipping off.

Patrica Sunapee, NH

Stay on well

These gloves are great- I do prefer one other brand that stays on a little better because it has a velcro strap around the wrists. But these stay on really well for having elastic wrists.

Blanche Lost Springs, KS


These mittens are just so-so and over-priced. The elastic bands are too loose for my baby. I ended up buying the more ordinary Gerber’s mittens and they work so much better.

Jeri Plainfield, VT

Pricey, but less chance of losing

I have a good stash of less expensive mittens, but bought a few pairs of this one for outings. These tend to stay on, look the nicest, and don’t indent my baby’s skin.

Pat Malta, MT

wonderful breathable mitten

these mittens are wonderfully breathable and soft – which is great because my daughter has recently learned to suck on her knuckles, and it’s starting to get warm here in california! had to wait until about 1-month old to start using these since she was born on the small side, but now that she’s been wearing them for about a month now, i have to say i really love the soft breathable fabric, and don’t mind her sticking it in her mouth every chance she gets. the elastic fits her wrists very well, and does not slip off or pinch (now that she’s big enough). but i don’t think she’ll quite last til 6 months before she outgrows them.the original pair i received had one of the mitten’s elastic break after the first wash, and i contacted satsuma customer service, and they very promptly sent me a replacement. excellent customer service!!!

Delores Emden, MO

Nice and soft

These were so soft and they actually stayed on my daughter. Buy 2 pairs, they are so tiny and easy to lose.

Molly Savannah, GA

Very soft

This are really soft and stay on nice. A few other brands keep on slipping off but the elastic in the wrist holds these on. They are pretty small and were used only for about a month on my newborn.

Nelly Lockbourne, OH

Five Stars

helps face scratching

Pamela Michigantown, IN

A must have

These are spendy, but so worth it. They do not fall off and are very soft and well made. I recommend any new parent who is terrified of clipping nails on a newborn to buy these!

Rosie Rackerby, CA

So Soft!!

These mittens are so soft!! I would have given it 5 stars but they are on the small side and are only good for the first couple weeks.

Rae Pocahontas, VA

So Sweet

These are the softest baby mittens I have ever come across. They should make more of these in bigger sizes and different colors.

Kitty Vina, AL

Tried them all and this is the best. Now please make a bigger version!

My baby is a scratcher and these mittens were a life saver. The fabric is just the right thickness and prevents his little nails from scratching his face, while still thin enough to let his hands breathe as they tend to get sweaty. The elastic is the perfect amount of stretchy to stay on his hands despite some very active arms, and the small ribbon tab is a great design feature that allows you to easily put on the mittens as well as take them off. They fit him perfectly as a newborn at 7 pounds, up until he weighed about 14 pounds at 2.5 months of age. Unfortunately his wrists and arms started getting a little too pudgy around then and he had to stop wearing them. Now i’m having problems finding mittens I like for the next size up… please make a bigger version of this!

Ivy Ishpeming, MI