Satsuma Designs Organic Wash Cloths and Wipes 5 Pack, White

Satsuma Designs Organic Wash Cloths and Wipes 5 Pack, White

Satsuma Designs’ ultra soft reusable organic terrycloth baby wipes and wash cloths are absorbent, soft and easy to clean. Made from a combination of rayon derived from organic bamboo and organic cotton, this blend of materials makes our reusable wipes and wash cloths incredibly soft for delicate baby skin. Choosing a reusable wipe is a smart sustainable decision that protects the environment for baby and all of us.

Main features

  • Viscose from bamboo 70%/Organic cotton 28%/Poly 2%
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • More aborbent than cotton
  • Works with Prince Lionheart Warmies wipes warmer
  • Reusable wipe keeps waste out of landfills everywhere
  • Lightweight design dries quickly
  • Made in the United States

Verified reviews


Very soft

As I have not tried this mini towels on my baby, given I still have 4 weeks to go, I can not give it a 5 star review. But as I already washed them and they hold up very good and they are really soft, which I like a lot, I am giving it a 4 star review until I get to use them on baby.

Kirsten Keene, OH

Heaven in a wash cloth….

Oh my! These are so super soft. Although these are pricey for what they are, I think they are worth it. These wash cloths have held up well in the wash, pamper my sons sensitive skin and make me happy. 🙂

Josefa Templeton, IA

The best washcloths!

I was a little hesitant to get these washcloths because of price, but they are so worth it! They are the softest washcloth I’ve found — which is super important for baby’s soft skin (so many other brands are scratchy). I use these during bathtime and also for quick baby wipe-downs after meals. Love that they are organic, too!

Eloise Roosevelt, UT

Too pricey

I bought both these and Spasilk (which are much cheaper). The price was not a big deal for me, but I can hardly tell the difference between the 2 brands now. Satsuma is a bit softer, but it does not matter to me or the baby!

Maura Refugio, TX

Great Wash Cloths for Sensitive Skin

I use these as wash cloths in place of the standard terry cloth ones. They’re thin and soft, so I’m able to wash behind my infant’s ears and under her chin easily, which was always a problem with standard wash cloths.

Tonya Brooklandville, MD

Five Stars

Perfect for all age usage.

Mandy Simpson, NC

Super soft!

Great little soft wash cloths that are organic and super soft! I bought them to use on our daughter, but I might have to use them myself. 🙂

Lessie Cape Neddick, ME

Useful but not super soft

These are not as soft as I expected them to be – especially for the price. I do however love the size and it’s perfect for bath time or to clean up after nursing.

Darcy Joy, IL

Very soft

Very nice and soft. We are using it to clean our baby’s mouth after eating. We use another set of this cloth as our baby’s wash cloth. Works perfectly for both purposes.

Francisca Horicon, WI

Huge Difference

These are so soft compared to say a pack of gerber wash cloths. These are the only ones I want to use on my newborn’s skin, especially the eye area where I feel other wash cloths are still too rough.

Lauren West Henrietta, NY


the softest washcloths of all wash clothes i have. great for face, great for a sensitive baby bum – recommended!

Ruth Coram, NY

very soft

They hold up well too – my baby is almost 5mos. and they have been washed many times. These are small cloths and very soft, so we us them for face, and hard to get places.

Belinda Sebago, ME

Okay. Didn’t Change My Life.

I guess I’m not sure what all the fuss is about these. They cost A LOT for what they are, but because of the rave reviews, I bought them for our newborn. They are, indeed, soft, but they are small and not anything particularly special. We have wash cloths from target that were a fraction of the cost and work just as well. If you’re looking to splurge on your new baby, I wouldn’t recommend you do so on these, but if you have money to blow, go for it. Definitely nice that they are organic, but they’re not life changing by any means.

Jessica Brewster, OH

Best wipes out there

We tried a bunch, and these are the best for us. Very soft, great for wiping baby’s face. Held up well over 9 months of use. Expensive, but if you watch the price on Amazon, it fluctuates fairly significantly.

Casey Noma, FL

expensive but good quality

these are more expensive than other baby wash cloths but they are SO soft and wash wonderfully. they will be in our house for years to come.

Joy Plymouth, CT

Nice, but pricey

Nice cloths, but way over priced. They compare to what you can buy at Target for baby cloths. I wouldn’t spend the money on here.

Ashley Hannibal, NY

Soft and small

These aren’t for adults. The wash cloth is a bit small and perfect for babies. The material is really soft.

Opal Mildred, MT

Super soft wash cloths. Perfect for baby and mom.

I intended to use these as wash cloths, but they are so soft, so I’ve been using them as nursing pads and burp cloths. They are great as wipes as well. Just wet them with warm water and they won’t irritate your little ones tush.

Althea Shannon, NC

Perfect baby washcloths for a newborn!

We originally had the Aden & Anais washcloths on our registry and once they arrived I realized they were huge and wouldn’t be good for a newborn. I searched organic options that would be smaller and very soft and these were what I found. These washcloths are perfect for a newborn. They may seem expensive but you want something smaller and soft that can get in the cracks and crevices of the baby. These washcloths are perfect for our babe!

Rae Northport, AL

These are good but a little small

I like these, but they are a little small for poop clean up. My favorite is the OsoCozy flannel wipes.

Camilla Glasser, NJ

Super soft!

I use these on my newborn daughter’s face every day and at bath time. They wash up nice. I’ve had them for 4 months and they still look good.

Antionette Hemet, CA