Scootababy Baby Carrier, Black

Scootababy Baby Carrier, Black

Coming to the rescue of tired arms everywhere, the Scootababy carrier is a hands free way to carry a baby or toddler in the natural hip position, promoting face to face interaction that babies adore and making parenting easier. The comfort and ease set Scootababy apart. A wide, padded waist belt and supportive, yet stretchy, fleece shoulder panel distribute baby’s weight. The buckles are easily adjusted with one hand and provide fast on and off transitions and a unique shaped seat for baby adds comfort and security. The Scootababy takes up where infant carriers leave off, and excels at carrying heavier babies and toddlers.

Main features

  • Hands free baby carrier provides natural carrying position for babies 5 months to 3 years, up to 37 pounds
  • 100% cotton black chino twill and print panel, black quilted microfiber lining, polartec fleece shoulder
  • The padded waist belt and the supportive fleece shoulder distributes weight evenly for maximum comfort
  • These are easy to use, one handed buckle adjustment for quick up and down
  • Folds compactly for storage on the go and comes with nylon drawstring backpack

Verified reviews


Nice until around 18 months, when carrier starts sagging

This was a great side/hip carrier until my toddler hit 30 pounds (around 18 months for us). After 18 months, the waist started sagging and it was far less comfortable. It is also quite a hot carrier for summer use – the side fleeceis H-O-T when it is over 75 outside and the microfiber is more hot than breathable. But for use with children from 7-16 months, it is really comfortable and well made (and made in the USA, too). The most comfortable hip carrier on the market, and easy for Dads to use as well.

Sheila Gila Bend, AZ

It’s a miracle!

I’m 6’0″ with a 44″ waist. This one fits with no extra belt extensions, etc. I’d guess it would fit up to 45″ waist max. I have a developmentally delayed foster child with VERY low muscle tone. He’s only just now starting to crawl at 15 months old. Because he’s so “floppy” and doesn’t hold on, it’s hard to even toss him on my hip for even a few minutes of unsupported carry. I’ve been using the Scootababy since he outgrew his Balboa Baby sling around 9 months. I was fortunate enough to find it on sale here for only $69 in the camo pattern (not my fav but I got over it). He’s now 34″ and 24lbs but still fits great. He seems squish himself into me when I’m getting him into it so I know he enjoys it. So quick and easy to put on, does tend to mess up my hair though!

Opal Jackson, NJ

Exactly what I was looking for on my commute

It takes about 45 minutes and 2 buses to get to my 14 month old son’s daycare and I wanted something that would be quick to put on and off as well as comfortable. This really was it, though it wasn’t in stock when I wanted it so I drove an hour to the nearest shop that carries it and as soon as I tried it on, the shoulder cover and the hip placement was so perfectly comfortable that I knew this was the carrier I’ve been looking for. I’ve tried numerous other front and back carriers but it was just never comfortable or easy for me, especially when I have only a few minutes before trying to catch my next bus. My son is very fidgety and I was not a baby wearer so I thought he’d be a little frustrated but the hip position is perfect for him, especially so he can play with other people and cuddle up when he gets overstimulated or tired. The material and the sewing are solid and look great and people always ask where I got it because it looks different and comfortable. This is worth every penny, the only disadvantage is that I wish it had a little zipper pocket or something, but I can add that on myself and I don’t think it’s a flaw in the product. And the back for the baby rides up a little higher on my son than I would like but he doesn’t seem to mind. My initial desire was for the Mini Monkey, but that is not sold in the US for some reason and I am very pleased with this purchase and this product.

Kirsten Malone, WI

Love the Scootababy Baby Carrier

This was PERFECT for what I needed. My son was getting bigger and most of our shopping excursions he would fight staying in the cart after a few minutes. This was a back-saver! Sure eventually it wasn’t the most comfortable wearing a 20-25lb child but it was definitely easier than carrying him without it. It also was great when he would fall asleep while wearing him We are expecting again and I plan to use it quite a bit with the new baby as it is safe for 12-30something lbs. I had borrowed a Playtex hip carrier before buying this one and I must say this one is much more comfortable! I do not work for either company…I’m a SAHM just giving my opinion. I would definitely recommend this for any mom or dad wanting to easily carry their baby.

Patrice Lake View, SC

Not for forward facing

I loved this carrier… VERY comfortable for a hip carry. Unfortunately, my little one loves to be carried facing outward and this carrier is not really set up well for that.

Angela Lingle, WY

Didn’t Work For Me

I bought this carrier concurrent with a Maya Wrap Ring Sling. I learned how to use the Ring Sling with great results, but could not get the hang of this. Obviously, many people love it, but I wanted to put my two cents in that I didn’t love it. I found it extremely uncomfortable and difficult to use. I just could not find my stride with this thing and it have snaps all over the place and adjustments everywhere that just make it more confusing and bulky. I think I got it on properly once as it felt quite nice, but then I could not find that groove again. Unfortunately, I missed the window to return this item and now I am stuck with it. I’ll probably just donate it to the local baby carrier chapter and hope someone has better luck with it.

Elinor Ashburn, GA

Best carrier for older babies!

I got this for my 23lb 12-month-old who loves being carried on my hip.I’ve tried many different carriers in the hip position but none of them worked well for us. I had been using the Infantino Mei Tai Sash (my other favorite carrier) in the hip carry position but my son was getting too heavy for the unpadded waist belt to be comfortable. I also use the Ergo in the hip position, but it’s awkward to put on and adjust and not very comfortable. The ring sling wrenched on my shoulder terribly.This carrier is simply elegant. It’s like a hybrid between a ring sling and an Ergo. It’s so easy to put on and adjust. The waist belt is super comfortable and there is even a padded panel that you can slide into place where you need it. The material is soft and sturdy. The shoulder strap fans out wide in order to distribute the weight on your shoulder instead of just digging into your neck like carriers with narrow straps (ergo, Mei tai). Most of the weight is carried on the hip not the shoulder, which makes it very comfortable. This even works well for breastfeeding.I get complements on this wherever I go. I’m simply thrilled with this purchase!

Gale Bradley, CA

best older baby carrier

WOW is all I can say! After reading the raving reviews for this carrier I ordered it…so glad I did! Now that my grandson is 23 lbs, nearly 11 mos, this carrier is the perfect “next step” from my Peanut Shell Sling (which I love and still use for rocking him to sleep at times)! We use this for walks as well as shopping (when not using a cart cover or stroller) and it is so comfortable besides being quick and easy to adjust the fit for small adult to large so everyone can use! I can’t say enough good things about this carrier…attractive besides!

Alma Kootenai, ID

Not impressed

I was looking for a side hip carrier that was comfortable and attractive. This is not it. I am constantly rearranging myself or trying to straighten out the waist band and shoulder cushion from riding up in order to be comfortable.

Cora Moody, MO

Easy! Comfy w/ heavy toddler, but can be hot

I use this with my 30lb toddler. Its super comfortable for both of us. It adjusts in one tug of the shoulder strap. I love how fast it goes on and off because of that. The only downside is the fabric is thick – fleece shoulder and quilted carrier. That makes it nice and soft. But hot in the summer/warmer climates. I used it all over Disney World and my back never complained or got sore, but we did sweat. Wish they’d make a mesh version for warm weather.

Annette Rhodell, WV

Just perfect

I ordered an Aprica and a Scootababy. Scootababy’s price is higher but it is worth every dollars. It is very comfortable, the band doesn’t hurt my shoulder. I started to use when my Baby was 16 months old, now she is almost 2 years old and this carrier still has been perfect. I really like it and it helps a lot for me, makes my life much easier. My Baby likes it too. It is very easy to use.Update: We’ve been using for 1 year and we still love it. It helps me a lot to carry my toddler especially during the flights. She would be too heavy without it and I love that my hands can be free. Anyway it was a good choice.

Ester Piedra, CA

The best carrier I have!

I received the carrier today and have used it for a few hours while doing things around the house. I absolutely love it! This is the most simple, elegant and yet the most functional design! I also love the handy nylon carry bag that comes with the scootababy to store the carrier. This is by far my favorite carrier, and I own a My Baby Nest Organic carrier and a Stokke MyCarrier. Here are the details:I am 5 feet tall and wear size 2 clothing. My seven-month old baby weighed in at 17 pounds today. Entirely contrary to what I expected based on one review here, the hip belt can be tightened very tight around my hips (and I have small hips), so that the baby’s weight is for the most part off my shoulder and distributed nicely onto my hips and legs. This is a HUGE relief for my shoulders and back! (Make sure to put the soft fleece strap over you shoulder — not your hips!! — On the first try, I put it around my hips and was upset that it could not be tightened enough around them, LOL!) I carried my baby in our favorite position for around the house — on my hip! This is the ONLY position we like for doing things around the house because when she is on my chest, I can’t eat or do things easily in front of me (and she is too small right now to have her on my back, where I can’t monitor her. The on the chest position is good for walks or hiking but not when doing things in front of you, such as in your kitchen.The cotton shell fabric feels soft and nice quality. The back support for the baby is quite reasonable for a light-weight carrier; The design colors are vibrant and tasteful. The buckles are few and super easy to use and adjust. The whole design is extremely simple and yet is works wonderfully to save you back and shoulders, while carrying your LO on your hip, with your hands free!To have the baby sit high on you, tighten the shoulder strap/ shorten is so that that baby is against your torso and then tighten a little more to lift her up higher on you. The baby sits deep and my small baby had the top of the back support at her mouth level and she would mouth it. This is perfectly necessary because as she grows, the back needs to be long enough to prevent her from “flipping out” backwards out of the carrier. While she is still small, I like to put a folded swaddle under her bum to lift her a bit higher inside the carrier — so its top is a her shoulder level and below her mouth.Overall, this carrier really does what it promises. I felt the baby is very secure and comfortable, not too squeezed or smothered. If your baby puts too much weight on your shoulders and back, and you like to hip carry when their weight is distributed over your hips and legs — this is by far the best, the simplest and the most functional design. Absolutely love it! What an elegant and quality solution!

Caryn Nebo, WV

So Disappointed, Wanted to Like it

I am so disappointed with this carrier. After reading the rave reviews, I couldn’t wait to get this. I tried it 3 different times, trying different positions and adjustments. I hated it more and more with each time I wore it. I think it might be related to the fact that I am very thin and petite and it just didn’t fit my frame properly. My poor 7 mo daughter was slipping down my body and I had to keep an arm under her to keep her up. And the pain around my waist was downright unbearable. It also pulled down the waistband of all of my pants and made it is so that my pants were literally falling off of me. It’s a great concept and very nicely made, the Picadilly Circus print is super cute. I have given up on carriers and we just bought a backpack carrier for my husband instead that my little one loves!

Cassie Lincoln University, PA

Trying to decide which carrier?

Carriers are a huge investment and there’s always those one or two reviews which says the carrier doesn’t fit the person. I’m a new mom and was a little overwhelmed with all the choices and I didn’t want to spend 100-150 each time to try a new carrier.I found a store that will let you rent carriers before you purchase so that you can make the best decision.[…] – baby carrier rentals. You can rent the scootababy (or beco, or ergo, or babyhawk) and try it out first. Scootababy works great for children that are a little older.

Sherrie Union, MO

Great Carrier for When the Bjorn Gets Too Uncomfortable

We’d loved our Bjorn but after a while our backs hurt too much. We started using this carrier when our daughter was 10 months old (she is small from her age so my guess is most could start using this even earlier). We used it all over Italy. It folds up really small and the should piece really makes it comfortable. Our daughter loved riding in it as it holds her in the same position that we hold her in when we carry her. She is now 15 months old and still fits in it great. This is a great carrier and definitely worth the price!

Elizabeth Lynwood, CA

Best Baby Carrier for babies 5 months+

This is a great carrier. I’ve had wraps and slings, and liked them when my baby was smaller, but once your baby can hold himself up, this is it. I always keep it in the car because i can get the carrier on me and the baby out of the car seat and in the carrier in less than a minute. Can’t beat that. and she loves it and snuggles herself up against me. She is now 16 months old and I still see us getting good use out of the carrier for quite a while. Even my husband, who has broad shoulders, finds this comfortable and intuitive to wear.great product!

Lilian Tivoli, NY