Sealy Natural Cotton Crib Mattress Pad

Sealy Natural Cotton Crib Mattress Pad

Sealys Naturals Cotton Crib Mattress Pad

Main features

  • Cover: 100% Cotton; Filling: 100% Polylactide Fiber Batting
  • Imported
  • Cover: 100% Cotton; Filling: 100% Cotton Fiber Batting – totally Hypoallergenic
  • 300 Thread Count and Thread Stitched Quilting for Lasting Durability
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly
  • Perfectly sized at 52 “es long and 28 “es wide, with a deep full skirt to securely fit any USA standard size crib and toddler bed mattresses

Verified reviews


Great mattress pad with no vinyl backing

I searched far and wide for a crib mattress pad that doesn’t have a vinyl backing. I have a waterproof naturpedic mattress so i don’t necesarily need a waterproof pad. This one is really soft and thick so I think it would do a good job of absorbing any spills anyways. Have not used this yet since the little one hasn’t yet arrived but I did wash it, it held up but i do notice a small tear in one of the seams on the side. That’s why i gave it 4 starts instead of 5. But it’s still worth it to me to not have the vinyl and plastic backing even if I have to replace it eventually. It did not shrink in the dryer and fits the mattress pretty well..I will probably order another soon

Naomi Cranberry, PA

REALLY plush (almost too much?)

I thought I loved this thing out of the package. No smell, seemed really soft. But after 2 washes, one of the seams is ripping a little. And, well, it’s DEFINITELY dangerous for an infant. I got it for my 2 y.o. and still feel its just too much padding. I would not purchase this again.

Deanna Jacksonville, FL

File this under things you don’t need…

Put 2 of these on our registry before our first child was born. I was thrilled to receive them, and washed them both as soon as I got them. They shrunk. Badly.This particular pad was of very poor quality for the price. It was extremely hard to stretch over the mattress (harder than crib sheets), and once I did get it on, it started to fall apart at the corners from the stress.We realized after his birth that babies don’t actually need a mattress pad, and just a fitted sheet works perfectly. About half the stuff on our registry fell under the title of “things you don’t really need for a baby”, and this was one of them.

Kim Lexington, MO

shrinks and doesn’t last

I was disappointed in the quality of this mattress pad. It shrinks like crazy when you wash it, and doesn’t stretch back like the mattress pad on our bed. I could barely fit it over the crib mattress and when I finally did get it on, I could see the mattress bending like a banana! I’ve had this for about 15 months and now it has holes in it. Need to buy a new one (not this one)!

Raquel Port Byron, IL

love it.

fits very beautifully over my mattress.. gives a very nice cushy and soft feel over the hard crib mattress and baby can sleep comfortably .. i totally love it.. no weird smell of anykind.. nice cottony topper

Eugenia Safford, AL

just what I needed

Our baby’s mattress is already covered with waterproof material, which is why I wanted a mattress pad, to add some cotton comfort between him and the polyester. This is perfect.

Isabella Oak Grove, MO

exactly what I was looking for

I have a mattress that has a plastic coating and there was no way for the baby’s skin to breath. This is nice and thick, all cotton and fits snugly to the mattress

Elsie North Carver, MA

Not really natural, but it’ll do

I got this knowing that it wasn’t ‘natural’ as in ORGANIC. You have to spend quite a bit more for good quality natural mattresses and covers. It’s bleached cotton which is highly fumigated and full of chemicals before it’s even harvested, so I wasn’t going into this being fooled by the word NATURAL on the package like a lot of people seem to be.It’s quite pillowy, washed up fine. Fits my 5″+ mattress just fine. Has wide stretchy elastic so even if the top were to shrink a bit the elastic would still reach all the way down the sides of the mattress I’m sure.As far as being waterproof I can’t quite say, but it would soak up leaks no problem since it is so fluffy (not dangerously fluffy, that would be bad for babies).Over all I’m happy with it.

Dorthy Port Charlotte, FL

Good for the price

I bought two of these after reading other reviews concerning how these don’t have the nasty plastic backing. And they don’t. They don’t have the awful plastic smell when they arrive and fit the crib mattress very well. They’ve been washed a handful of times and while they seem to stand up to the washings/don’t fall apart by any means, I do feel that the padding has become matted. As a caveat, I have to wash all bedding in hot hot water to kill dust mites, but then I only pop them in the dryer for about 10 minutes before air drying. I will continue to use the two I have, but I will probably try another brand when I need to replace them just to see if I can get a fluffier padding. One final caveat: these are for my 20mos son. So I’m not worried about suffocating him with thick padding. And the mattress we have is plastic covered foam (though green guard certified so the plastic does not release harmful chemicals) so i don’t need waterproofing on top of waterproofing. My son has definitely stopped waking up sweaty once I switched to these and he was no longer sleeping on plastic on top of plastic. overall, I would recommend these for not having plastic and standing up to washing for the price, but might suggest comparing with other brands as well.

Beatrice Issaquah, WA

Soft cotton. Fits well. Did not shrink through several washes.

Soft cotton. Fits well. Did not shrink through several washes. So far so good. (haven’t had any spills to review how waterproof it is).

Amparo Naselle, WA

Fits our crib mattress well

It fits our crib mattress very well and seems very comfortable for our daughter. The only complaint I have is the smell when you remove it from the package which is why I only rated it at 4 stars. However, after washing, the smell had went away.

Abbie Guttenberg, IA

Perfect fit!

Fit our crib mattress perfectly. We were concerned because it seemed to be a largerMattress but there were no issues. Plus it’s one of the few natural cotton pads that don’t cost a fortune.

Deirdre Edgewood, NM

soft padding is nice

thick quilted padding creates softness but does not sacrifice safety; fits mattress well; cotton fabric for easy washing and drying.

Enid Fairdealing, MO

Just what I was looking for

I was looking for a 100% cotton mattress pad that was soft and didn’t have the stiff vinyl feel. This mattress pad is definitely soft and washed up well. I’ve only washed it once so I can’t rate its longevity but I am satisfied with my purchase so far. The only thing I question is its ability to be dried in the dryer. On-line it says that it is dryable but the tag (I believe) says dry using no heat. I decided to put it in the dryer on “fluff” only. So mine didn’t shrink. Not sure if it will have a problem if I dry it with heat. I will probably dry it next time on low heat.

Delores Brant Rock, MA

Makes the crib more cozy for my baby girl!

This is a good quality mattress cover that really helps put a little more air and cushion between baby and her plastic crib mattress. I won’t put her in her crib now unless we have this pad on. I probably shoud buy a 2nd one for laundry ease.

Grace Menominee, MI