Sealy Soybean Natural Dream Crib Mattress

Sealy Soybean Natural Dream Crib Mattress

Naturally enhanced foam made with soybeans and a naturally enhanced cover made with cotton. Soft cotton cover offers a plush, natural sleeping surface while the waterproofing allows liquids to Natural Comfort Cotton fabric covers help create a more natural and breathable sleeping surface for babies. Soft comfortable fabric helps disperse baby’s body heat. Even with a fabric surface it is necessary to keep it sanitary so this baby mattress is enhanced with a waterproof coating and stain-resistant finish. Wipe liquids and germs away with a damp cloth or spot clean with soap and water. The binding is a lock-stitched waterproof edging that won’t allow liquids to seep inside to help prevent mold, mildew and odors from growing. Square corner design helps create a snug fit inside square corner cribs and toddler bed frames. For added comfort and easy cleaning, check out some of the Sealy crib mattress pads with full fitted SecureStay skirts as the perfect addition to your baby’s mattress. Safety & Quality Ultra firm crib mattress is tested for firmness, durability, chemical content and air quality to ensure a safer sleeping environment for infants. Sealy sleep products go through industry-leading testing that is unparalleled for baby mattresses. The Sealy Soybean Natural Dream Foam Core passes ASTM crib mattress standards and is Greenguard Gold Certified for a healthier indoor environment for babies. The seams are lock-stitched and designed with a sturdy edging so they won’t unravel or pop open. An airflow pocket uniquely designed for circulation without the use of hazardous small metal vents in the sides of the mattress. Sealy crib mattresses offer over 160 years of sleep technology experience and ensures quality construction with over 60 inspection points over and above any baby mattresses available. The Sealy Soybean Natural Dream crib mattress is backed by a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials so you can feel confident you and your family have a reliable, supportive mattress for your child. Firmness & Support Some parents choose the Sealy Soybean Natural Dream foam core crib mattress for their newborns since they are lightweight and have a consistent firmness throughout the surface. A crib mattress foam can be made with renewable and natural resources, such as soybean oils. The Sealy Soybean Natural Dream uses soybeans grown by American farmers. This provides a high quality product while helping decrease the dependency on foreign oils for use in a baby mattress. Provides a hypoallergenic, firm and comfortable sleeping environment that is made with CertiPur-US Certified foam tested for durability and air quality. Crib Fit Tested Sealy crib mattresses are proudly made in the USA. The Sealy Soybean Natural Dream crib mattress measures 52x28x5 inches and fits USA standard size cribs and toddler beds. Creating infant and toddler sleep products that use some of nature’s best materials while integrating today’s latest comfort technologies is why Sealy Baby crib mattresses and crib mattress pads were voted America’s Best for Baby. In 2013 and 2014, Sealy won the Women’s Choice Award, earning votes from thousands of women across America who recommended Sealy baby products to new Moms. Sealy Soybean Natural Dream Foam Core Crib Mattress At A Glance: Plush cotton cover is water, moisture and stain-resistant while offering a softer and cooler sleeping surface with natural woven fibers, pvc-free mattress Extra firm lightweight foam crib mattress made with soybean oils provided by American farmers Greenguard Gold Certified baby mattress for a healthier indoor environment Award winning American-made crib mattress, Sealy baby mattresses and pads were voted America’s Best for Baby winning the Women’s Choice Award in 2013 and 2014 Measures 27.25 x 51.63 x 5 inches to fit securely in USA standard size cribs and toddler bed, a perfect fit for your baby’s crib From the Manufacturer Sweet dreams start with a premium sleeping environment. Upgrade your baby’s crib mattress with the Sealy Soybean Natural Dream Foam Core crib mattress. Proudly made in the USA, this lightweight and firm crib mattress is made with natural and renewable soybean oils grown by American farmers. A cotton blended woven cover not only provides natural comfort and softness with fabric materials instead of plastic, but also protects the sleeping surface with water and stain resistance to help keep molds and odors from spreading. The foam-core provides a firmer sleeping surface for infants with a balance of just the right amount of comfort for toddlers so you can use it as your child grows. The foam is CertiPUR-US Certified for air quality and durability and the entire crib mattress is Greenguard GOLD Certified, a high standard to help ensure a healthier indoor environment for baby. Measures 52 x 28 x 5 inches plus a square corner design for a snug fit in cribs. Sealy crib mattresses and crib mattress pads were voted America’s Best for Baby winning the Women’s Choice Award in 2013 and 2014, recommended to Moms for newborns! With over 130 years of innovative sleep technology, Sealy Baby offers award-winning infant sleep products recommended by Women Certified, Inc. Compare America’s favorite crib mattress models below with different cover choices for higher levels of comfort. Sealy Soybean Natural Dream Crib Mattress Sealy Soybean Serenity Crib Mattress with Organic Cotton Cover Waterproof ✓ ✓ Fabric Cover ✓ ✓ Cotton Cover ✓ ✓ Organic Cotton Cover ✓ Crypton Enhanced Surface ✓ High Density Soy Foam Core ✓ ✓ GREENGUARD GOLD Certified ✓ ✓

Main features

  • Plush cotton cover is water, moisture and stain-resistant while offering a softer and cooler sleeping surface with natural woven fibers, pvc-free mattress
  • Extra firm lightweight foam crib mattress made with soybean oils provided by American farmers
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified baby mattress for a healthier indoor environment
  • Award winning American-made crib mattress, Sealy baby mattresses and pads were voted America’s Best for Baby winning the Women’s Choice Award in 2013 and 2014
  • Measures 27.25 x 51.63 x 5 inches to fit securely in USA standard size cribs and toddler bed, a perfect fit for your baby’s crib

Verified reviews


The best mattress hands down!!!

I received this mattress as part of the Amazon Vine Program.This is by far the best Baby Mattress. It is made of high qualitymaterials and it is lightweight and waterproof. It says that it is madein the USA which is another big plus. It does not contain toxic fireretardants another huge plus. It has a soft cotton cover and the feelis firm but soft. We have owned different crib mattress made by othermanufactures and none compares to this one.Greatly recommended.

Laurie Rosendale, WI

Good Value

[Good]It is very firm which is a good way to prevent horrible things like SIDS, making this a safer mattress.Water resistant and stain resistant.Unlike the other Sealy Soybean Mattress that we own, this is better for colder areas because the outer material isn’t plastic. the again this is probably a non-issue depending on the sheets that you use.There is no noticeable chemical smell and it is GreenGuard compliant in terms of chemical emissions.Made (or at least assembled) in the US. For a lot of people this helps give products an aura of better quality.[Ok]I’m not sure this is as easy to clean as the other more inexpensive Sealy Soybean Core Mattress which is enclosed by plastic.The price is fair for what you get.[Bad]What does GreenGuard Gold compliance mean? According to the website, it means that it doesn’t emit over 350 VOCs. Is this impressive? I’m not sure when low VOC paint is 50 VOC. Just because you can’t smell toxicity, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. This said, this is still better than most foam crib mattresses.It’s only 20% soybean foam. By law, companies are allowed to label their products Soybean foam even if it contains as little as 5% soybean foam. The rest of the foam is the not safe PVC foam.I still feel that best mattresses are natural latex in both firmness and chemical emissions. Anything made of foam will degrade sooner or later, ending up in the air. This mattress is no exception. Of course not many people, including myself, are willing to pay $400-500 for a latex crib mattress. Moreover, the foam degrading issue, is a non-issue unless the mattress continues to be used for years after.[Verdict]It’s not the best, nor is it the safest compared to the super expensive latex mattresses. However this is one the best values in crib mattresses (and so are the other products in the Sealy Soybean Foam line) and this is probably better than any other standard crib mattress.

Jacklyn Crowville, LA

Pretty good

Seems well-made, and the kid seems to sleep well on it. I’m not sure about any health benefits. They sound good on paper, but I don’t have any way to verify (or refute) them. Seems good if you’re looking for this kind of thing.

Ofelia Wingo, KY

Built in waterproof cover, can be used on a toddler bed for extra value, daughter gets a good night sleep

The mattress feels great to me and my wife. Like a good adult foam mattress. Firm but giving enough in the right way. Our daughter took to it right away and liked it from the get go.When deciding on expense, one thing to keep in mind is that toddler beds, at least ours, uses a crib sized mattress. So we are getting extra use out of it. A good night’s sleep benefits everyone in the family. So for that, highly recommended.

Felicia Whitehall, MT

If A Mattress Could Get Fancy, this is!

I have a standard crib from IKEA and this mattress fits it, just so you know if you also have an IKEA crib. It’s more firm by a lot than my soft mattress from IKEA. My daughter slept on it just like normal. No complaints. If you’re looking for a mattress that will last for years it’s probably worth the cost, you can tell it would last much longer than the cushion only mattresses.

Claire Ralph, AL

Lightweight but firm- no smell!

We have had many crib mattresses over the years and the Sealy soybean mattress is one of the best. It is firm enough for an infant but with the added plus of not having any strange smell. So many of our mattresses have needed to be aired out so that the factory/chemical fumes could wear off. Another bonus of this mattress over others is that it is pretty lightweight! Making middle of the night sheet changes pretty quick and easy, no straining to lift the heavy mattress up. The only thing I wish it had was a softer toddler side in addition to the infant side.

Cristina Alvordton, OH

Sturdy, well fitting.

I don’t know about all the soybean stuff. Nor do I really care – I’m sure some find that important, but it’s a mattress, that will be covered with a mattress pad, then a cotton sheet.Pros:- Holds its shape well. Our cheaper mattresses shrunk until it became dangerous to use them in the crib with the baby – just from the sheet pulling them closer.- Soft plush cover that resists water and stains. We use a waterproof mattress pad, just for ease of cleanup, but this would work without one, I think.Cons:- It’s quite expensive, and I think there may be some greenwashing going on.We bought another Sealy mattress from a baby store, and it was only around $100. I would put it at similar quality. It’s not as soft, as it has a plastic exterior, but fit, finish, and quality seem the same.

Lidia Los Olivos, CA

Very nice mattress!

This is the 4th crib mattress I have owned; it is definitely one of the top 2 best if not the best one. It is nice and firm, yet soft and comfy since it does not have a plastic cover like others. It seems on the larger end (crib mattresses vary in length/width slightly and that can make a big difference in your crib!); I have not had a chance to compare it to my other large mattress that fits my crib perfectly as it is currently being moved, but will update my review with the information later. It is nice to know the actual dimensions and if it really will fit your crib well. I do know that the sheets that fit my larger mattress also fit this mattress in a similar way. GREAT and high-quality mattress.

Lesa Abbeville, LA

Twice the price, twice the quality

This mattress costs anywhere from $60 – $120 more than an inexpensive crib mattress.Is it worth the cost? Probably.Here are the pros:- While inexpensive ones feel like they just have cheap foam inside, this one actually feels like something an adult would want to sleep in. Pushing down on this versus our $80 dollar one, you can tell the difference.- No chemical smells or others. New mattresses even children ones are created with different chemicals, this one is a fairly natural composition, it does not carry the chemical smell that takes a few months to wear off.Additional notes:- Yes, it’s pee-proof/vomit-proof/milk-proof. (the cover obviously). I put it here because virtually every single baby mattress comes with a water proof cover. It’s an expected and absolutely necessary feature.- Crib size and toddler bed size are the same. So yes, this mattress works for their toddlers years too.- Some reviews said this mattress was heavy. I thought it was really light myself. Checked the item, and it’s 13 pounds shipped, so maybe 10-12 pounds itself. Anyway, it’s really light and easy to move around. Your 8 month old is heavier than the mattress!Overall, this mattress deserves 4.5 rating. It’s good quality, non chemical smell, make it one of the better crib/toddler mattresses. If it were closer tot he $150 price range, I’d given it 5 stars without hesitation.

Sonya South Bend, IN

Great for crib or toddler bed

After using a hand me down crib mattress, my daughter was happy to upgrade for this one. Fact is mattresses don’t last forever so it’s a good idea to update for each child.My daughter likes the feel of this mattress and I like the waterproof surface. I still use a mattress pad just to be on the safe side so I can wash that. It’s a good feeling though that she’s getting the proper type of support to sleep on.It fits the crib and can be flipped to change sheets pretty easily. At his potty training point, I’m getting lots of practice on changing sheets so sheets go on and off almost daily.If you’re looking for a good mattress, this seems to fit the bill. The only thing I noticed as a negative was a little extra material around the stitching that my daughter pulled back a bit when I was changing the sheets. When covered with a sheet though, it’s not an issue but I do hope it doesn’t make the stitching unravel over time.

Cathryn Brentford, SD

Very nice mattress (love the foam)

My husband and I sleep on a tempurpedic mattress so we’re partial to the foam vs. springs/coils, however I didn’t realize there was anything like that made for babies.In prep for our 1st baby’s arrival we bought a Simmons Back Care mattress that has two sides: firm for baby and softer for toddler, but it’s the springs/coils kind.Before baby’s arrival I was given one of these Sealy Soybean Natural Dream mattresses to try and review. It is slightly thinner than the Simmons but it is definitely more cozy feeling while still providing firmness and support. I ended up returning the Simmons and am really pleased with the Sealy I’m reviewing here. For those of you who are sensitive to smell, this mattress had almost zero scent/odor.Recommend!

Staci West Grove, IA

Best mattress out there.

There is a book called "Baby Bargains" that every year releases a new version highlighting the best picks for parents from everything from bottles to cribs. When I was setting up my nursery, I heavily relied on this book to steer me through the ridiculous maze that is Babies R’ Us and the insane amount of choices related to babies. All which claim, by the by, to be the best.This crib mattress was highly recommended as the best out there, and although the price point is a bit higher than others – it is a tiny price to pay for the security of knowing that your child is sleeping on a natural (no fumes!) mattress.Additionally, it is very light. Changing baby sheets is a pain, having a light mattress is important. This mattress will last a couple more years with my toddler while she transitions to a toddler bed from her crib, and I could not be more happy. Do yourself a favor and spend the money – I remember thinking at the time how silly it was that I was spending more money on the mattress then I did the crib (Graco Lauren) but honestly – the mattress matters, buy a good one.

Elise Smithfield, UT

Excellent (but expensive)

Our baby sleeps well on it, and it seems to cause less sweat during sleep. I cannot talk about waterproof capability, since our baby is too young, and still has nighttime diapers (which don’t leak much). Yet so far, it’s much more preferable than our older one.Even though this is a more expensive mattress (you might be able to find queen size ones at discount stores for this price), there is a visible difference in quality. Also having no chemical smells, and having health certifications, will probably make you sleep better in addition to your child.

Pearl Quimby, ME