Sealy Stain Protection Crib Mattress Pad

Sealy Stain Protection Crib Mattress Pad

Sealy Stain Protection Crib Mattress Pad It’s essential to keep the mattress clean and neat for babies to sleep well. Sealy Stain Protection Crib Mattress Pad is 100% waterproof. The waterproof pad is enhanced with ProGuard Stain Protection, so stains, spills and odors are washed away easily for a fresh sleeping surface. This stain protection mattress has an ultra-sonic quilted top, soft and comfortable for baby’s comfort. The premium snug-fit skirts’ deep pockets prevent shifting as baby rolls on in deep slumber. Why You’ll Love It: The pin sonic quilt technology has no threads stitched through the waterproof barrier, so the mattress surface is completely protected from all leaks. Features Elasticized edge to prevent sliding and pulling Preshrunk pad for lasting use after washing Machine-washable and dryer-friendly Fits standard crib mattresses and toddler beds Hypoallergenic 28″ x 52″

Main features

  • Cover: 50% Cotton/50% Polyester; Filling: 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Quilted top provides added comfort and softness for your baby
  • Hypo allergenic
  • Snug fit deep pocketed cotton blend skirt prevents sliding and shifting
  • 100% waterproof to protect mattress
  • Machine washable and dryable

Verified reviews


It does its job, and I’m pleased

I bought this as a backup pad, and it has been both good and bad. The pad came out of the packaging smelling strongly of plastic, and the smell only faded slightly after being washed. I am a bit uncomfortable with my son breathing in these fumes all the time, which is why my daily mattress pad is organic without any plastics or vinyls. However, I needed a less expensive pad for temporary use for when I am washing the organic pad, and this one has served its purpose very well. For people who do not mind plastics, this fits the mattress well, seems to wear and wash well, and thus far, has protected the mattress from spit-up and poo (so it does its job! Overall, I believe this product has lived up to my expectations for it, and I would recommend it to others.UPDATED: It is now 2011. I just recently gave this mattress pad away, because it shrank to the extent that it no longer fit my crib mattress. My crib mattress is somewhat thicker than the average crib mattress, so I don’t know if it would continue to fit a standard crib mattress after this much shrinkage. The mattress pad actually lasted a fair amount of time, and it was so inexpensive that I’m not disappointed, but my organic daily-use pad remains fully useful and the correct size, so I have bought another one of those for my second child instead of replacing this one with another cheap one.

Lola Devol, OK

Doesn’t fit the Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress

I ordered this to go over Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress but unfortunately, it does not fit.The mattress dimensions given are: 51.625” H x 27.25” W while the dimensions given on the pad are said to fit ‘standard-size’ so it was disappointing that such a highly rated item didn’t fit:(

Maura Lihue, HI

Doesn’t last

I got one of these and a circo brand fitted mattress pad when my first was born. This was my least favorite. It shrunk the first wash and continued to shrink. It worked ok for the first couple years in the crib and then on the toddler bed. I liked the target one better. However with my second child I purchased the target one again and it is not as good as the one from 2006. Now I have the “Carters keep my dry fitted crib pad.” It is by far the best out of the three I’ve had. I strongly recommend that one. It doesn’t shrink at all and holds up well to frequent washings. This Sealy one is more expensive and not as well made.

Andrea Westford, MA

Good Mattress Pad

This mattress pad fits easily and snugly on the crib mattress I bought here at Amazon ([…] My baby’s arrival date isn’t until the beginning of December so we haven’t yet tried it out. However, I did just wash the mattress pad (per the instructions) and it held up nicely. I actually just bought a second mattress pad to have when I’m washing this first one. One reviewer commented about a strong plastic smell but the one I received didn’t smell.

Shawn Mcintosh, MN

Two big pluses: padded well and doesn’t smell!

We have three toddlers and each of them has one of these pads. We’ve tried other more inexpensive brands but we found that they are either too flimsy or have a strong toxic-like odor emitting from them (that won’t come out in the wash).Our kids are much more comfortable with this pad instead of just the sheet. There’s also an added warmth that’s great for the colder months. We also use this for our toddler beds, not just for cribs.As for the durability, even after several years of use, none of them have shrunk and they are all still in almost-new condition. No stains, no smells, no shrinkage!

Natasha Trementina, NM

Great product.

I’ve only use it for a few weeks, but while it is water proof it doesn’t have the plastic underside and not like to get cracked and ruined from washing.

Elise Alix, AR

Does what it should without costing too much

I bought this when my 2 year old was born, and I’ve purchased it again for my twins – giving us a total of 6 (we want back-ups). The padding isn’t the thickest, it probably shouldn’t be anyway, but it does provide a little bit of cushion for the boys. It fits very snugly over the crib/toddler mattresses – as it should. I change the twins’ sheets if they spit up, and thus far the pad has released any potential stains. Out of the six we have received, none of them have arrived with any sort of strong odor, and none of them have shrunk when washed and dried in the washer and dryer. I highly recommend. I don’t believe there’s much better out there for the same amount of money.**Update September 9, 2013** We have now purchased 9 (total) of these over the past 3 years to accommodate our growing family. They eventually wear out at the corners, but not after being heavily washed and used for a while – over a year each. I still think they’re a great value with great function, and I still haven’t received even one that smelled funky.

Marisol Pleasant Garden, NC

Great waterproof pad

I’ve washed and dried this pad on regular settings with no problems. No pilling thus far, I’ve had it about 5 months. It fits the mattress well, and if anything, makes the baby more comfy as an extra littler layer of cushion between the sheet and mattress. Great buy!

Trudy Gaylesville, AL

A cut above other mattress pads

Overall I’m pleased with this crib mattress pad. I have tried two other brands, and find the Sealy to be a little bit thicker and more plush than the others. I’ve been careful with this in the drier, as I can’t risk much shrinkage, but it has washed up and held up well to repeated washings.

Ila Thousandsticks, KY

Great Mattress Pad

Purchased pad with Sealy Baby Firm Rest crib mattress. Excellent quality for the price. Washes well and fits mattress tightly. Would absolutely recommend this product!

Jaclyn Southside, TN

fits well

Haven’t had any accidents to report on the function. The fit is great and texture is great too.

Lily Carl Junction, MO

Works great has the stretchy sides

This works perfectly with the sealy ultra-rest mattress, and has the stretchy sides like adult mattress pads. It did smell a little straight out of the plastic, but one wash solved that problem. It has held up well in our front loaders and I dried it without shrinkage, piling, or problems. I’d totally recommend it!

Penelope Roaring Spring, PA

We returned this immediatly!

We have a safety 1st heavenly crib mattress and this mattress cover did not fit right….it was too tight and it wouldn’t wrap around the mattress as much as we would like. We are not usually picky about stuff but when it comes to baby bedding, we take every precaution seriously! The material on the sides is so delicate that it can rip easily. We did like the actual padding but didnt think it was worth keeping because of the side material and the fact that it didnt fit right. I returned this and will try a different brand.

Eunice Boyceville, WI

Very poor quality

I am surprised at how bad this protection is! I only washed it twice in the washing machine when i realized it had teared on the sides. I washed it on gentle cycle.I bought sealy since i am used to the brand, but this time it was really a let down.

Caryn Orange City, FL

Saving the Mattress with a good Sealy Product

If you want to preserve your mattress I highly recommend this product by a name you can trust. Perfect for baby

Beverley Tangerine, FL

Great mattress pad!

I got this for my first son and just recently purchased a 2nd for my second baby. It’s waterproof and has a comfortable quilted layer for the baby. I love this pad.

Frankie Kohler, WI

mattress pad

It fits our sons mattress for his crib, he hasn’t slept in the crib yet to test out how effective it works.

Mallory Decatur, AL

Does the job.

So far so good on these! They do as they say…prevent the mattress from getting stained from “accidents” that happen in and around babies. Good purchase but probably not 100% necessary as our mattress also has stain and wetness protection. At least the mattress pad keeps the sheet from showing the mattress pattern underneath…so that’s a plus! 🙂

Lynette Rock Valley, IA

Must have

I got 2 so I would have a backup and I’m glad I did. These are great quality and fit the mattress very well.

Kitty Roslyn, WA

Fits Great! Does its job!

I used this mattress pad with fluffy chamois sheets and it still fits snuggly, leaving no gas between the mattress and the rail. I like that it wraps around the mattress like a fitted sheet rather than just sitting on top. That helps it not shift around. It also did its job keeping the mattress protected. Yay!Great purchase! Well worth the money!

Karyn Hamburg, NY

Work great!

These pads work great! They fit the mattress snug but are no struggle to put on. They hold leaks really well because of the plastic backing, but the quilted top is nice and soft and padded. Our little guy wets through his diapers so I wash these often. They hold up very well on a delicate load in the washer. I even dry them in the dryer on a low setting. If they are still a little damp, I just hang them up somewhere till they are completely dry. These work best out of several styles/brands that I have tried.

Nellie Riley, KS

Crib mattress pad

Item arrived quickly and was pretty much as described. The only problem I had is that it was a bit difficult to get on the crib mattress. I bought two, and both were just a touch too small for the sealy crib mattress. I had to really force the corners. Not sure how long the seams will last.All in all, a good product so far, I’ll update in a few months when I see how well they hold up.

Cathy Trinity, NC

Seems to be good quality, but does not fit crib mattress

I purchased this crib mattress pad elsewhere and wanted to write a review here in case other people might have the same issue. It seems to be of good quality, and it washed well and I dried on cool as directed, but it does not fit my crib mattress. I think this is mostly due to the fact that my crib mattress is slightly larger than others (it’s an IKEA crib mattress that goes with the crib we bought) When i stretch the corners to fit the mattress pad over the mattress, it seems to make the mattress buckle slightly in the middle which makes me uncomfortable using it. Normal crib sheets fit the mattress just fine, but this did not.

Hilary Orchard Hill, GA

Mattress Pad

Bought this mattress for the crib set i recently purchased, came in great condition . Nice and stiff and fits easily in the crib. No complaints.

Janine Chico, TX

It’s a smaller.

I am not sure it this shrink after wash?? or the mattress grew?? not sure it is water-proof. But it’s there since my baby was born.

Nicole Idyllwild, CA


Bought this for our newborn even though the mattress itself is waterproof, I thought we’d give him that extra protection. It’s soft.

Sybil Erie, KS

Great Mattress Cover

This is a great cover and much higher quality than the cheap one I picked up at Babies R Us!

Gracie Trout Dale, VA

Sealy Stain Protection Crib Mattress Pad

This pad is perfect except when I laundered it before putting it on the mattress, it shrunk slightly so that it is a bit difficult to put on the mattress.

Shauna Kaleva, MI

A little extra padding

I purchased this item to protect the mattress we purchased from unnecessary baby liquids and it has done its job very well. It even gives extra padding to the very firm mattress. All babies should sleep on the firmest mattress you can find to help prevent SIDS, but this pad fits very tightly over the mattress so there is no room for the baby to get caught up in it and gives some nice comfort for my child. I would recommend getting 2 so that you can have one in the washer and one on the bed. Plus, you are eventually going to need to change the pad in the middle of the night and will probably want an extra one on hand.

Joni Port Crane, NY

It shrinks

I would not recommend this product to parents. This is the only mattress pad that I have and when my daughter has an accident it has to be washed and dried before the next nap or bed time.This shrank so much in the wash that it causes the mattress to warp when I put it on. Also, due to the stress of stretching the mattress pad the material on the side has began to rip and holes are forming.This is not a good mattress pad if you plan to dry it in the dryer and honestly, what parent won’t?

Latonya Okeene, OK