Secure Transitions Inflatable Baby Tub

Secure Transitions Inflatable Baby Tub

The BIGGEST, Cushiest Inflatable Tub You’ll Find! More comfortable, more room to grow! Our soft, jumbo tub keeps little ones secure, and the contoured headrest makes shampooing easy. Unique pockets keep bath supplies close, so you can keep one hand on baby. For babies who can sit up, up to 24 months. A OneStepAhead Exclusive!. More room to grow — measures 33″L x 23″W x 8½”H (outside length including flap: 37″L) . Inside space: 25″L x 14½”W x 7″H

Main features

  • Many uses give 5 stars to this best baby tub.
  • Both boys and girls love this tub due to this common patterns and colors.
  • No need to worry about sliding around, the size is just right.
  • The drain plug makes the water flow freely, Another mom said this tub was a great tub. She used it to bathe her little one every day. There is not any smell coming from it. And the price is reasonable.
  • Much room to play in and the right size to protect the baby.

Verified reviews


A lot of work

Beware- this product requires you to actually blow it up on your own (advises against using any pump). I’ve been working on it for a day and it’s still not complete. Not sure it’s worth the effort. I’m sure there are easier products out there to use. I brought it to use on vacation. Maybe worth it if you are using it long-term.

Jean Kearney, MO

Wonderfully Big Inflatible Tub…

I have been a fan of inflatible bath tubs for babies since I was given a Tubby 32 years ago. When my grandson was born, I encouraged my daughter to purchase an inflatible tub; she chose the Secure Transitions Baby Tub and is quite pleased with her choice. Using an inflatible tub provides a measure of security for new parents and prevents little ones from having an extremely slippery surface on which to sit. Further, the inflated edges add a measure of protection for little heads if baby topples over while you are bathing him/her.The Secure Transitions Baby Tub is large; it is almost as wide as the standard bathtub in which it is placed. There is only one suction cup on the back tab of the tub; but, the bathtub in which this is being used has nonslip appliques on the bottom. These add an extra measure of security to prevent the tub from slipping around. I would recommend using a nonskid bathmat under the tub if you do not already have the nonslip appliques in place as they are not easily removed. Although the floor of the tub is supposed to be nonslip, I do not think it goes far enough. I would recommend getting a nonslip shower mat and cutting it to fit inside the tub as it will provide extra security. Several of the off-price stores have a wide selection of nonstick bathmats for under $10; some of these are large enough to be cut in half so one would not have to purchase two.I definitely recommend that you consider the Secure Transitions Baby Tub when you are looking for an infant bathtub.

Greta Velarde, NM


Good product overall. It is large, the compartments are handy and so far it’s been very useful for our 7 month old. HOWEVER…the floor is extremely slippery. Our daughter is very active and reaches for toys and slides all over the place, sometimes falling in the water or hitting her head on the side of the tub. I am currently looking for something to put on the bottom to help and maybe purchase a foam cover for the edge of the tub.

Cristina Rose Hill, KS

Baby hated it, but I liked it!

We love this tub. We specifically sought this tub out to transition our 9 month old from the infant tub and knew it had every feature that would make it perfect.My daughter hated it. Screamed, wailed, thought she was dying. After the first traumatic use, we went back to her old tub. She would start crying again at bathtime each night, but it got better about 5 days later. We waited for her to be normal and happy again before trying this tub again.The outcome? Rinse and repeat. It was if someone dropped a 50 pound anvil on top of her head. She would not stop screaming at all.My best guess is that she felt unsteady as a result of the inflated padding along the bottom. The infant tubs are hard plastic, and she just could not make the transition. We have purchased another large plastic tub and our daughter loves it (Eurobath). No problems at all.I have not seen any review describing an experience like our own, but I wanted to share in case you experience a similar problem.

Marie Johnstown, PA

Good Product

Great transition from the Baby tub, which was too small for my 1 year old and definitely safer that the regular tub which is too slippery. Good solution for this stage!! The product has a good size, my baby is 26 lb and 32 in an he has room to play…I hope I can use this until he is at least 2 yo.

Lea Oceola, OH

Roomy enough for tall babies!

I was looking for a good transition tub from my son’s first tub:The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn to Toddler Tub. Being that my son is in the 95% percentile for his height (he is 8 months old, 29.5 inches), I needed to find a tub that was roomy enough and long enough to accomodate his outstretched legs. My son loves to move around, kick, splash and play…and this tub lets him do all of those things. Not only is it a good 25″ L but it’s wide enough that it wedges snug inside our bathtub and doesn’t move. There is also a suction cup flap on the bottom which I use to secure the baby tub to the tiled wall inside of our bathtub up on it’s end to dry. I simply keep it inflated like this even when we shower and it still leaves plenty of room with no hassles.I did have a slight problem with the bottom of this tub deflating on its own after 1 month but the company (OneStep Ahead) solved my issue without hesitation by sending me a new replacement free of charge! Overall I am satisfied with my purchase.

Kristin Marble Hill, MO

best tub for babies who can sit up on their own

We love this tub- we transitioned her as soon as she could sit up on her own. I agree with some other reviews that it’s a little wide in some spots, making it a bit difficult to squeeze into a narrower tub, but it really hasn’t been a big issue- just deflate it a bit. We don’t worry if she tips over, as she’ll just hit the inflatable padding. And, it’s nice and big, which is especially fantastic now that she’s 13+ months and looooves to thrash and splash around during bath time.We spray it down after every bath and use the suction cup to hang it on the wall; the suction works amazingly well and the tub never falls off the wall. We have never had issues with slime or mildew build-up, as it’s plastic and you can easily wash it. If you leave it in the tub forever without picking it up and rinsing the bottom…well…it’s going to get gross.

Fran Maybrook, NY


My daughter and I love this tub. I used it for 7 months (starting at age 5 months) until my cat played with it and poked her claws through it, so I’m buying another one. It’s nice and big yet fits in the tub. It’s cushy so baby feels secure, and I feel secure knowing that if she slips, she won’t get hurt.

Joanne Blawenburg, NJ

Snug as a bug in a tub

I really like this tub. It fits very snugly in ours and doesn’t move a bit. The inflatable bottom is a nice touch for extra cushy on baby’s tushy. It provides much more play room than the standard hard infant/toddler blue baby tub that I had before, but not so much that toys float out of reach. I can’t really use the little pockets on the back for shampoo and whatnot because my little guy is constantly grabbing at it, but I can see how it might be of some use once he learns how to control his impulses a bit. Also, to my surprise, the suction cup for hanging it to dry actually works! The tub hangs on the tile of our tub wall just fine. The only tiny peeve I have is that when I pull the stopper to empty the tub I basically have to hold it open the whole time while the water drains. If not, the little stopper flaps back down over the hole and it drains very slowly. Still a solid 4 1/2 stars for this little tub.

Reva Gulfport, MS

Great tranisiton tub

My son used this tub when he was too big for the infant tubs and too small for our bathtub. It was nice and padded and he loved it. We have deflated it and stored it away for our next child. It packs away very small unlike our large plastic infant tub.

Tanya Beloit, KS

The best

My 14 month old daughter loves it! Still has room for her to grow, she can turn around, stretch her legs, play with the colorful fish design. Much bigger than the Duck inflatable bath tube we had. (which she did love as well). Now that she is bigger and interacting more and playing, this one fits better the bath time, which is really a play time with her daddy that she enjoys so much!

Lillian Keota, IA

Perfect fit

I just got this tub and it fits perfectly in our guest bath’s tub. Tub was easy to inflate (once my hubby figured out it is one way valve and needs to be squeezed when blowing).My daughter is 7 months and she loves it…she has plenty of space and loves to sit in it …she can stand up too with my supervision without toppling over.So far, I am very happy with the product.

Jami Shallowater, TX

Great Choice for a Second Stage Bathtub

We had a little infant bathtub and once our little guy started to get too big for it and was getting good at sitting up on his own we looked into what our next options were for baby bathtubs. We were considering the bath seat option where you just have one of the little seats that you latch and place in the regular bathtub but I hear that those had the following problems: kids with fat legs could get pinched, children could slide around within the seat and have trouble staying upright, it can be hard to clean their little bums while they’re sitting in the seat, they don’t get to move around at all in the bath, and you have to fill the entire bathtub with water.The inflatable baby tub fixes most of these problems, AND it’s cheap! Our son tried to crawl around in it at first but that went away on its own pretty quick.Pros:- Sturdy, we generally leave ours inflated but we moved recently and deflated and reinflated the tub with no problems. It comes with a couple of patch stickers in case you need them but we’ve been using ours for about 6 months with no problems.- Should be the only bathtub you need until your child is 2 or ready for the big bathtub- Good prep for big bathtub behavior since it’s basically just a miniature version of the big bathtub- Babies’ little rears don’t slide all over the place in this and you can sit within arms reach on the side but you don’t have to hold onto your child for their entire bath. I didn’t realize how nice this was until we tried a bath at Grandma and Grandpa’s without this baby tub. Not fun for anyone.Cons:- It’s kind of a pain to fill straight from the faucet, the big padding on the sides means it doesn’t sit right under the bath faucet. We use a little plastic cup to kind of funnel the water from the faucet to the baby tub, it isn’t too big of a deal.- Drain doesn’t do much to actually drain the tub. There IS a drain but it can’t do much when the bottom of the baby tub is flat against the big bathtub. But it’s not like there’s much water in there anyway, I’m able to dump out the water by tipping the tub over on its side. And I can do this one-handed. Not a big deal- Storage is not great. We typically just leave ours in the bathtub because no one else uses that bathroom but the infant, but if you have overnight guests who are going to need a shower and you have limited storage space it could be more of a pain. The little bath seat is definitely superior in that respect.Overall, this is a great purchase. Our little boy LOVES bath time. I think having a nice bath tub where he doesn’t have trouble with sliding around on his bum and is able to move around enough to play with his toys makes all the difference.

Earnestine Byron, MN

Excellent purchase

Terrific! We’ve had this for a few weeks and think it’s great. We considered all the reviews first before choosing it. Pros: it’s much larger than the contoured plastic tub our 11 month old was outgrowing, it’s cushioned so she doesn’t bang her head as she moves around, it gives her space to practice sticking her face in the water to blow bubbles.Things the adults like: it saves water (& time) over filling up the full tub, the bottom inside has some texture so she doesn’t slide around, because we can hang it up on the back wall via the suction cup it’s no big deal to shower.Thing we don’t like: the tub spout doesn’t reach far enough over the inflated edge for the water to go straight into the tub so we have to use a hand or other means to fill up the tub.Hints/tips: Air it out before using to get rid of the plastic smell (a few days to a week). As you fill it with water, the plastic seams stretch so after it drains it looks like it lost air but it hasn’t. No need to re-inflate because the water pressure from the full bath will make it sturdy again. Our daughter protested loudly when we switched tubs then we figured out it was because this is all open room versus confined…we set her down in the corner of the bath leaning on the walls and she settled down right away. Shop around to save fifty percent elsewhere.*Update: After 3 months, still going strong. Our daughter is standing up in the tub often now & she doesn’t slip.*

Gayla Corry, PA

We keep using it, but it hasn’t help up.

We have purchased 3 of these. Why do we continue to replace this when it keeps tearing, you ask…. Maybe just habit. The product works well for our toddler. It fits in our tub which she is still afraid of and the sides and the bottom are inflated, so when she slips around we don’t worry about her hurting herself. It is easy to inflate and the holders in the back are great to rest toys in or the soap. But it was ripped 3 times on us. We were able to fix the first hole with the patch material which came with the tub, but the second and third time, the rips were in the seams and too large to fix. The third time, I can say was operator error as I tried to move the tub filled with water in it and held on to the seams, but the second time is still a mystery.

Joann Lewiston, MN

Had two and each one broke

Went through 2 and each one developed holes at the seam. Neither one lasted even a year. We ended up getting a kiddy pool from Target for about $10 that fit in our bathtub.

Maryann Semora, NC

bigger than others

This is bigger than the other brand one we used, so that our tall 2 year old can still use it. We use it in a shower stall, but it is Great for travel too.

John Pocahontas, VA

great toddler tub

My daughter is tall and this tub is long and has a great amount of play room. It also has a suction cup so you can hang it on your shower wall when you are done. I also purchased an extra one for traveling, since it is inflatable, it travels well and I dont have to worry about hotel bath floors. love it!

Carole Stockland, IL

Fits very snug in the tub.

This is a great transitional tub between the little plastic infant tubs to the full size bathtub. I started put my son in this when he could sit up right on his own around seven months. It is easy to blow up, and it fits in my bathtub snuggly with really no room to spare on the sides. It comes with a suction cup so you can suction it to the wall of your bathtub, but the problem with my bathtub is that it is made of material that a suction cup won’t work on it. So I went out a bought this command hookCommand Sticky Nail Wire-Back Hanger, stuck it to my bathtub wall, punctured a hole in the top flap of the bathtub that doesn’t inflate, and then hung it there after every use. It is out of the way and stays in place.My son likes this tub, he feels secure and comfortable. He likes to move around in it and splash in it. And I don’t have to worry about him hurting himself because it is a hard surface or unstable. I add toys and bubbles and he has a great time. There are two cup holders at the top, one is square shape and the other one is circle shape. I used them to hold his wash clothes, toys, and rinse cup. I like to put toys on the edge of the inflatable tub and he likes to knock them down or grab them. He doesn’t seem to notice the bright color graphics on the tub though. He is more entertained with the water, bubbles and toys.

Stefanie Ether, NC

Great transitional tub

Typical problem, my son is too big for the plastic whale tub and too little/wiggly for the grown up tub. This inflatable tub has been a lifesaver. It’s the largest one I could find and at almost 10 months, 23 pounds and 30 inches tall he has plenty of room in it. The inflatable sides are a great safety feature too, cushioning his fall when he tries to climb the walls (seriously this kid never stops moving). I just dump it upside down to empty it because I find it doesn’t drain all the way using the plus on the bottom. My only complaint is that the ends are a little too wide for it to fit under the faucet, so I have to use a large cup to fill it. However if it were more narrow that would take away from one of the best features, the roominess.

Agnes Memphis, MO

Super small!!!

I should have read the measurements! The picture makes it look large but its actually smaller than her plastic tub.

Ellen Calvin, OK

So much room but still cozy for large infants

My son is huge, 31" and 24 lbs at 8 months. Needed way more room than the gar animals ducky tub could offer.

Edith Joliet, IL

only made it five months

Our other inflatable tub, the Safety 1st Kirby Inflatable Tub made it over a year before springing a leak in the seam. This one only made it 5 months. ARG!

Amparo Forest, VA

baby tub

After our grandson outgrew his Tummytub we got this one for inside the bathtub – he loves it but it is slippery so we need to be sure he stays stable!

Blanca Hillsboro, AL

Pretty pleased with this tub

My baby wasn’t a fan of this bath tub at first. She was used to bathing in the sink, so the whole experience was pretty overwhelming for her. I wish I had let her play with it at first instead of just plopping her in without prior warning. Live and learn!The plastic used for the tub seems pretty sturdy, but seems to constantly need more air. I have to pump it up every third use. I’ve searched for a source of the leak, but can’t find it. She’ll probably outgrow this tub soon, so I’m not too worried!

Erica Jones, OK


Pros: good color and print, good qualityCons: it’s slippery, one side is big and one side is small so it doesn’t fit right on to the standard tub.

Berta Ravenna, TX

Great purchase

I saw this tub at a friends house, and bought it for our son afterwards, who was getting too big for his infant tub. We used it from 14-22ish months, but I will likely use it earlier with our next child, as soon as they can comfortably sit.Love that if my son stands up and "wobbles" he has an air bumper around him.Love that I can just dump it out (never used the drain) and suction cup it behind the shower curtain out of view.Love that it is comfy for him.Love that it fills up faster than our big tub.Love that I save money on water bills.Loved that when he stopped using it, I just deflated it and stored it away easily for the next baby.

Berta Harvey, LA

After so much research, this was the best choice!

I am one to do days and weeks of research before making a final decision. I’m am very pleased that I purchased this tub. The tub only took 5 minutes to blow up, and now after each use we just hang it by the suction cup on the back, and it doesn’t take up very much room. The tub is large enough to fit snug on the inside of my bathtub, I do have a slip/bathmat on the inside of the regular tab so nothing slides around. However a slip mat is not needed on the inside of the inflatable tub, its designed very good and my 10 month old baby doesn’t have any problems slipping around. My only complaint about this tub is the drain plug, for one when you unplug it, the plug just folds back over and plugs it back up again, so you have to hold it, in addition to that I have to stick a shampoo bottle under the tub to lift the drain off the bottom a little so the flow can increase. I like to drain the water and then rinse the baby, so I deal with this each bath, however I’ll take this over any other safety issue. I would still recommend this tub to others.

Araceli North Augusta, SC


This tub is very cute, durable, and a great size. HOWEVER….it is VERY slippery when wet. Now I don’t let my daughter stand in the tub, but since she has learned to pull herself up, guess what she tries to do? Well the bottom of this tub is slick when full of water, and it is makes it even harder to bathe her by myself when she is wiggling and slipping all over the place. When my husband helps, it works great, but I am to scared to use it alone anymore, so I just take a bath with her. Don’t buy this unless your baby sits well alone and you have help!

Angelita Henderson, TX

Works great!

No leaks here! I read the blow up instructions, followed them and we’ve had not problems whatsoever. Instructions, though sometimes not well-written, are really a good idea to read and follow.It’s a good size for a toddler and fits snugly in the bath tub. The drain plug is a great addition. All the little critter graphics are enjoyable to our toddler and are becoming an asset in color distinction and counting.After bath, it’s drained and stood up or hung up to air dry. After a couple months of use there is absolutely no evidence of mold or midlew. We’re quite pleased with it.

Penelope Detroit Lakes, MN