Serta Nightstar Extra Firm Crib Mattress

Serta Nightstar Extra Firm Crib Mattress

An extra firm sleeping surface will provide peaceful sleep for your baby. The Serta Nightstar Extra Firm crib mattress features extra firm, balanced support throughout with heavy duty coils and full perimeter border wire. It features an easy to clean, laminated cover. Cover adorned with an adorable Serta sheep pattern.

Main features

  • Top insider layer is Serta Fireblocker, providing gentle sleeping and added safety using exclusive material, cotton blend top layer ensures extra comfort
  • Heavy duty coils for strong, even support, balanced support from full perimeter border wire for firm edges when baby is standing
  • Security of edges assured by heavy duty cloth binding with lock stitching, this is stronger than vinyl, lock stitcing prevents the entire binding from unraveling if any threads become loose
  • 25 year warranty
  • Meets all Federal and State safety standards

Verified reviews


Excellent crib mattress.

As a first time mom, I did A LOT of research on the type of mattress to purchase for our crib. Don’t be fooled by the price. This mattress meets all the requirements prescribed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and that made me very happy. It’s also slightly larger than a standard mattress, which is excellent because it fits very firmly in my daughter’s crib with no gaps between the mattress and sides. I do advise that you actually measure your crib before ordering this as some other reviewers noted it was just a tad too large for their cribs and would not fit. Overall, and excellent value.

Selma Denton, GA

Fits a standard crib

This mattress is just what we were looking for – very firm but doesn’t seem too uncomfortable. Additionally, it runs a little larger than the average mattress (we had a different mattress that we got for free with the crib that was a few inches smaller on the side), so it fits VERY snugly in a standard crib. In fact, we have to lift the mattress out a little just to get the sheet on, which can be a pain if you have a crib bumper but is comforting to know that the baby can’t get his hands stuck between the mattress and crib. Have already recommended this mattress to a few other parents.

Kayla Dougherty, TX

I like it but…

We ordered this for our nursery and we really liked it and thought the price was very reasonable. BUT, when we opened it up, the mattress was ripped in two places. We kept it because the rips were manageable and figured we could just buy another one if we needed-but it was just an annoyance.

Penny Eastville, VA

Great mattress!

I purchased this mattress after reading many reviews – I didn’t want to spend too much on a mattress, but I wanted it to be a good one. This is it! It’s not too expensive but is a great mattress. Fits perfectly in our crib (DaVinci Kalani Convertible Crib in Espresso) and works great!

Nancy Fruithurst, AL

It’s ok, BUT…

I foresee us having to purchase another mattress for our son before transforming our crib into his toddler bed. We got one of those really big cribs that turn into a toddler bed, and later a full sized bed frame, so we needed a big mattress like this. My mom and I went and felt them in the store and decided on this one: not too firm, but firm enough to be a SIDS preventative. Well my son is just over 3 months now, and my husband and I have noticed that where he ends up in the crib at night after he does all of his scootin’ around, (which is pretty much in the middle) there is a dip/soft spot. It’s not really bad, but considering he is only 3 months and has only been sleeping in the crib for 2 months, I’m a little disappointed. We will probably make it work until we make his bed a toddler bed, and I’m sure with him weighing a lot more by this point, we will just go ahead and buy a different mattress for him. I’ve read a lot of great reviews on this mattress, so perhaps ours just wasn’t stuffed all the way with the padding, but I just thought I would throw our experience out there!

Jana Falcon, MO

great fit

affordable, relatively firm and fits our Graco cribGraco Victoria Non Drop Side 5 In 1 Convertible Crib Whitealmost too perfectly.

Alexandra Birmingham, NJ

Extra firm? Are you kidding me?

Despite the mixed reviews on the product, I decided to take a chance and order hoping the negative reviews were exaggerated. My baby is only two weeks, and has been sleeping in a bassinet. But I can already tell that this mattress is way too soft, especially considering the “extra firm” in its name. You can see her literally sink into the mattress when I place her in the crib to do something hands free for a minute. She rolls and even leaves a dent where she was lying. She’s only 8 pounds!!! I am a huge stickler for safety and know you need a firm mattress to reduce the risk of SIDS. I feel like not only is Serta falsely advertising this product by saying it’s extra firm, but I feel like this is a potential danger to my child. Since I did open this product, there’s no way for me to return but I will be looking for a new mattress ASAP. You can’t put a price on my child’s safety.

Gayla Crown Point, IN

I’ll buy it again!

We bought this mattress for our son about a year and a half ago. It is exactly what we wanted and has held up exactly as expected. I am pleased with the firmness- not rock hard, definitely not soft or saggy, no, my folks gave us a yard sale toddler bed with a terrible mattress, ugh. I can feel the individual springs!I got on today to order a good mattress for our second son and wanted the same as before. I especially like how well it fits the crib and now, that toddler bed- no gaps! I read a review discussing spring count, although I was somewhat concerned about that before I bought this, my thought now, with as well as ours has held up is: the count in this mattress is just right, after all how much weight is this mattress supporting and for how long will it be used as compared to an adult bed? It’s a really good mattress.

Inez Saddle Brook, NJ

Love the mattress and fits well with our crib

Would definitely recommend this mattress. I did a lot of research on the type of mattress to buy before purchasing this one to ensure that I was not putting my new little guy in any harm and that it would last through to a toddler bed. So far this mattress has been great and has held up very nicely. Even through my 19 month old jumping on it and me and my husband lying on it when its on the floor of my son’s room. We took it out to change the linens one day and my little guy started jumping on it and we all were lying on it and still looks like it is brand new. we will be buying a second one for #2 that is due 5/4/13.

Kristie Aragon, NM

Fits our crib better

When I originally purchased my crib mattress, I did so when we bought the crib in Target. I just assumed that they would sell mattresses that fit the cribs. I was wrong! The mattress I bought was a good two to three inches short!This posed a safety hazard. So we measured the crib and determined a 52 inch mattress was a better fit. Thankfully had them and I could check all the measurements before I purchased it. It came super fast and is nice and firm for a baby mattress. It seems to be a higher quality than the ones offered at Target also, but the price was the same.I recommend this mattress.

Willa Ludlow, IL

Fits Well With Larger Than Ave Cribs!

I needed a mattress that would fit snugly in my larger than standard crib. It does!! Thank goodness! My son used the crib with a average sized crib mattress and it had at least a half inch gap all the way around. It made me so nervous that he’d get a limb caught in the gap that I shoved a bumper pad down in there (not easy when frequently changing the sheets). This mattress fits so much better!!! I am not worried about the gap between the bars and the mattress at all because this fits as it should for a larger than standard crib.

Callie Carlock, IL

small problem but solved

Product was received very quickly, unfortunately when I opened the package the mattress had a slit cut in about 2 feet long. When I notified amazon of the problem they quickly processed the return and sent the new mattress so quickly that I received it the same day I sent the old one back. The mattress itself is of good quality and fits nicely in the Delta Eclipse crib(which is beautiful by the way). If you have problems fitting it in the Delta cribs try putting the brackets on the springs downward. It will still be stable and won’t pinch the mattress.

Glenna Newcastle, CA

Not firm and does not hold up

Bought this for my daughter before she was born and noticed that even when she only weighed 7 pounds that it sunk in a little where she was laying. Then I went over to my mother-in-law’s house and felt the mattress she had and realized how very unfirm this one was in comparison. Now, 20 months later, I can feel the springs when I just push on it with my hand so I’m SURE laying on it can’t be very comfortable for a 26+ pound toddler. Maybe this is one reason she has been waking up so much in the night again. I’m going to try a new mattress and see if that helps…would not recommend this one!

Christine Charlotte, NC

Great mattress

I checked this out in a store and bought it on Amazon. It appears to be nice and firm, and left no gaps when I put it in the crib. I believe it’s a great product.

Leah Woodruff, WI

Our son loves this mattress

He is 2 1/2 now….has been sleeping on it since he was an infant. Loves it. Sleeps ALL night long. Nice and firm and safe. Great support. A+++

Lee Luana, IA

Best Crib Mattress, Worth Every Penny!

I spent months researching crib mattresses, and ultimately decided to go with the Serta Nightstar Extra Firm mattress. I couldn’t be happier with it!For my first child, I didn’t realize that a $30 mattress wasn’t a good idea, or that I should research them. His crib mattress was too soft, much more appropriate for a toddler bed. I didn’t want to make that mistake again with my second child, and after extensive research I now realize that this is a great price for a great quality mattress! It is without a doubt, worth every penny!It is perfect for a newborn or older toddler, it’s not too soft for a newborn or too firm for older kids. My daughter has had this mattress for 14 months, slept on it every single night since we brought her home from the hospital, and she loves her bed, seems very comfortable, and she sleeps very well (12hrs through the night, 3hrs (2 naps) during the day, and she won’t sleep anywhere else but her crib). I realize that is also partially due to her individual personality but I think having a great mattress to sleep on helps!We are now expecting our 3rd child and I will be buying this mattress again; I would recommend it to anyone in need of a crib/toddler bed mattress with a standard size crib or toddler bed.

Annmarie Center Sandwich, NH

Great mattress

This is our second time purchasing this mattress. This one is for my nephew that is due to arrive in December. My husband and I bought this one for our son 16 months ago and it has been a wonderful mattress. I wouldn’t call it extra firm, per say, but it has not dented in at all as some have said in the reviews. We found that it was more than firm enough for our son, as some that we looked at in baby stores were like padded bricks. It does have a slight smell when you take it out of the plastic- It’s not really an "odor" but we gave it a couple of days to air out before putting linens on it. It has been put to use for the last 13 months solid, and is still going strong. Very happy with the purchase.

Matilda Arbyrd, MO


I never actually use the crib as we co-sleep with our daughter but the times when I place her on it to nap for a while or when I need to get something done, she seems to enjoy it and when tired seems quite comfortable. I would definitely recommend.

Hilda Mc Gehee, AR

Perfect fit in our DaVinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib

The mattress arrived very quickly and was exactly what I was hoping for. I read a lot of reviews and was scared that it would be too soft like some said or that it would be defective but I was very excited when it arrived and was perfect!It is very firm and fits perfect in our DaVinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib!I would recommend this mattress! The price is great!

Antionette Bradley, OK

fits davinci emily crib without gaps

I purchased this item after doing a significant amount of research on mattresses that fit the Davinci Emily crib. It fits the crib with only slight adjusting in the corners where the brackets make it so the mattress does not lay flat. Minor detail for us, we’ll take the extra work opposed to gaps on edges like other mattresses reviewed.

Marie Kanona, NY

Great for babies

This was a great mattress. We are still using this today and it’s great. Baby seems to love it and she even bounces on it!

Gilda Montgomery City, MO

Serta Nightstar Extra Firm Crib Mattress

This mattress is exactly what I expected from Serta. It is quite firm, yet gentle enough for a new born baby.

Tommie Lewistown, PA

Fits Delta Canton crib Perfectly

I am very pleased with this purchase. Unlike some mattresses that leave a gap between the mattress and crib rails, this fits perfectly in the Delta Canton crib we have. I am very pleased with the overall workmanship of this mattress. Everything was sewn properly with no loose threads or frays. Mattress seems firm enough for use with our little one. The laminated cover materials seem pretty moisture resistant, so there probably is no need for a mattress protector. I would definitely recommend this mattress.

Cheryl Sparrows Point, MD

Happy with this

My son’s crib mattress which was a hand me down from 2 older brother started to fall apart and it was getting all wrinkled up at the edges. I bought this as a replacement and it is really nice. It holds its shape really well. I even sit on it sometimes at night to read to him and it has done nicely. I have no complaints.

Jennifer Warrensburg, IL

Like it

It’s a nice mattress. Nothing exceptional about it but I like it. It’s a very tight fit in my 57.0″ wide crib. I like it because my son can’t get his fingers between crib and mattress but it makes replacing the sheets an ordeal.

Josefa Plainfield, IN

Excellent mattress for this price

Bought this mattress for our second baby due in a few weeks. The mattress met the specifications for size required by the crib. We are really impressed with the mattress. Our son’s crib mattress is much thinner and we paid more, but out has strong reviews too. However, this mattress is hands down a better mattress. We may end up buying another one for our son.

Lisa Coldspring, TX


THis matress is perfect for my davinchi crib. Its size fits snug into the crib sealing all gaps. DOnt want my little ones finger caught. THe height is a bit higher then avg but its a good thig since they stopped making slide down crib walls. THe matress is thick sturdy and really firm. I’m so pleased with this matress it truly is PERFECT!

Danielle Baxter, KY

my baby sleeps well

my baby is 8 weeks old and has been sleeping in her crib since day one. However, even though she is just 10 lb now, the mattress sinks down a bit when she is sleeping…I dont know how good it will hold as she gets bigger.

Beatrice Bethel, MO

Seems perfect for a newborn

I did research and looked into the various types of crib mattresses. My conclusion is this: The mattress is perfectly adequate. I know people say its too soft or bendable or this or that, but the reality is that unless you get a bunk mattress, the manufacturer is making them based on the safety standards they’ve been provided. Unless something seems totally off with your purchase, I highly doubt a new parent or parent-to-be is going to be the best person to assess the safety qualifications.It fits snuggly in the crib, feels fairly firm and came well boxed. So far, no complaints.

Desiree Sandia, TX

The perfect mattress!

This is the perfect mattress at the perfect price and it arrived in record time! It’s firm and not too heavy, it cleans easily, and it fits perfectly in the crib. It also doesn’t have any strong odors–which is a relief! It’s exactly what we were looking for.

Marylou Purlear, NC