Sesame Street 1-2-3 Learn with Me Potty Chair

Sesame Street 1-2-3 Learn with Me Potty Chair

Includes fun sticker book and 20 reward stickers. Potty training chair with a removable seat that fits most adult toilets. Easily converts to a step stool. Anti-skid grippers on base for safety. Removable deflector shield for boys. Large bowl prevents splashes and leaks. Electronics comes with language, volume and power controls. For children ages 18 months and above. Requires 3 AA batteries. 14 in. L x 11.50 in. W x 11.75 in. H (3.60 lbs.). Assembly Instruction A 3-in-1 potty chair that speaks English, Spanish and French when your child gives Elmo a high five! Award Winning Potty Seat!

Main features

  • Potty training chair with a removable seat that fits most adult toilets
  • Large bowl prevents splashes & leaks
  • Removable deflector shield for boys
  • Easily converts to a step stool with anti-skid grippers for safety
  • Fun sticker book & 20 reward stickers included

Verified reviews


well… it’s a potty chair

Don’t know what to say about it, I mean you go potty in it and it works. I love how you can take the top off and put it on your big potty and the bottom turns into a step stool. You can’t change the language it says english french and spanish interchangably.

Candy Meadow, SD

Too complicated

This is a cute potty, but I found myself annoyed with always having to take it apart to empty it. I guess it’d be good if you have a curious one who might try to empty it on their own and spill, but it was always hard to get the seat apart from the base because the prongs that connected them bent and it always stuck together. It also didn’t entice my daughter to use the potty any more than she would have with a basic potty. We gave it away and for my younger baby we’ll just get a basic one.

Ada Glendale, KY


Good product, usefull!!! Buy it if you are looking for quality to your life; soft and easy to use it. Our kids love it

Eula Ringling, OK

Fun for potty time!

My daughter LOVES Elmo and he delivers, as always, with the potty chair! He talks in both English and Spanish! The tray is easy to remove and clean. With very few crevices or tiny places, clean up is quick and easy. Elmo does stick out a bit far, so when she sits on it to potty, he preemptively congratulates her, but she likes it! The only problem with this chair is that when she’s not pottying she still sneaks away to “play” with Elmo by pushing him so that he talks to her.

Addie Goodrich, MI

Great Seat

This seat is great. My Son loves it. He easily fits on it and he is a large 2 year old (38lbs and 39 inches tall). The sound is not too loud to annoy you after a few weeks of hearing it, an it is easy to clean out the bowl part.The only downside is the splash gard is easily removed, and move son loves to take it off. Also if you do have a accident and need to clean the front where Elmos is that part is not so easy to clean. I had to break down toothpicks.

Deloris Sebewaing, MI

Great potty chair

I’ve used this potty chair for two boys and it’s held up great. Elmo can get a little annoying but the kids love to listen to him and it keeps them entertained while they’re sitting on it. Also, I removed the splash guard thingy in front because it just got in my boys’ way.

Rochelle Deshler, OH