Sesame Street Alphabet Foam Floor Puzzle by Verdes

Sesame Street Alphabet Foam Floor Puzzle by Verdes

Take all of the letters and mix them up! Place them back in alphabetical order, singing the alphabet as you go.

Main features

  • Letters relate to pictures
  • Build vocabulary & early spelling skills
  • 27 pieces
  • Soft, Safe, Durable
  • Each piece is 4 “x 4 “

Verified reviews


Great toy – well worth the price

This toy has two major things going for it: One – it’s cheap – under $10…Two: it’s sesame street.It’s basically a smaller version of the foam mats you would buy for your floor – a much smaller version, and the pieces don’t meet perfectly in the corners. Each puzzle piece is about 4″x4″.If you have little little ones (under the recommended age) – be careful when unpackaging this. Some corner bits are still slightly attached & as you pull it out a few small pieces will fall (they’re just remnants really – but theyr’e super tiny – basically the perfect size for a toddler to try & eat – and choke on…they’re about the size of a nickel, only square – and thick foam).My son is 20mths. I figured it’s foam – even if it says 2+ on it – it’s foam…not much a toddler can do to hurt himself with that. Well I think I know why it says 2+ – the teething side of things. My son was teething hardcore when these first arrived & I had to take them away that night – he was chewing on them like crazy. They’re the perfect size for a teething toddler to try & gnaw on…and I think the top layer will easily chip off here (& I doubt that’s too healthy for them to ingest). But no big deal – he’s done with the current teething so he’s back to playing with these.One weird thing – the colors you get are kinda strange…mostly a semi-even mix of blue, yellow, red & green – then I got one orange one…thought that was a bit odd…not sure if they’re all the same or mixed (I would assume they’re the same for production purposes, but I have no idea).Ultimately – for under $10 – you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Felecia Homosassa, FL


This puzzle has sturdy material, brightbuy colors, and Elmo! Who wouldn’t love Sesame Street-it’s timeless and yet fresh-you will not be disappointed.

Lina Puckett, MS

Nice pieces, make blocks

Going through the letters, she’s not so much into that now, but we put 6 together to make her name and a cube and she loves stacking these. Eventually she’ll listen to the sounds…

Megan Akron, IN

Small puzzle

Nice foam puzzle. We use it to make blocks with it instead since it’s not a large peice for the floor. It was sort of misleading when I brought this thinking that it can be used as a playmat. It really is small that you can’t really sit on it. Better use it as building block and if for a puzzle, not really worth it.

Cecile Healdton, OK

Compact but nice

Nice product. Its a little smaller than expected. But that’s a good thing because if I want I can pack it up in a backpack and let my daughter take with her. Nice product overall.

Josephine White Hall, AR

Just OK…

This puzzle is pretty small and my 2-yr-old son is more interested in building a pedway from them rather than looking at the small letters and pictures.

Shawn Nekoma, ND

Good puzzle

My son loves to lines he colors up and tell me what each puzzle piece is. Such a cute puzzle and easy to clean up.

Roseann Eddy, TX

Good small floor puzzle

Read the size. It’s small, it is not big enough to cover a floor like most foam floor pieces. My fault for not reading the size, not the company’s fault. But they are more durable than other foam floors that we have.

Angelique Milton, KY

excelent toy!

my son(12 months) loves this floor puzzle. I assembled it as cubes and he loves throwing them and then goes fetch them…he laughs every time they hit him…specially because they are very lightwieght and doesn’t hurt him! boys tend to be a little rough sometimes…!!

Cherry Hickory Hills, IL

Great toy.

My son loves to play with this puzzle. It looks pretty good, nice colors, it’s soft and easy to put together. Wish there was more puzzle in it (maybe set with numbers?) because we always run out of pieces when building blocks.

Winnie Mount Aetna, PA