Sesame Street Backseat Safety Mirror

Sesame Street Backseat Safety Mirror

2002420034 Features: -Back seat.-Adorable Elmo mirror gives your baby endless enjoyment as well.-Large mirror pivots so you can view your little darling at any angle.-Adjustable straps easily attaches to most headrests.

Main features

  • Backseat mirror for viewing your rear-facing baby
  • Mirror pivots to view baby at any angle
  • Elmo is peaking out from the top of the mirror
  • Easily straps around the headrest
  • One elmo mirror

Verified reviews



We are so happy with this that we ordered a second one (the first was a registry gift). The image is nice and clear and large, and I love being able to see our daughter’s adorable face when we are waiting at lights.

Lillian Red Rock, AZ

Cute- but small and moves easily

We bought this for my 1 year old who loves Elmo but is still rear facing. I like it, it fit very easily to the car seat. However, it is easily moved by my daughters feet or bumped when putting her in or taking her out of her carseat. It has now become more of a fun thing for her rather us to see her- but that’s ok. She likes it and its still useful, even if not for the original intent. Also- even when we can see her- the mirror is rather small! But it’s clear- not distorted like some mirrors we’ve tried!

Alyce Holliday, TX

A very good mirror

This is one of the better back seat mirrors I’ve used. Having two straps, it holds onto the head of the seat better. Once it’s strapped on the mirror pivots on a flat base. A pivoting mirror makes it very easy move around and get the right view. It can slip but that it easily resolved by moving the base to the bottom of the head rest (touching the seat) and then pivoting the mirror on the base.Since it has two straps I feel pretty good about it not flying off or my chlid tearing it off the seat. The mirror is small but definately large enough to see my childs whole face and neck. I think it’s a good purchase.

Margret Palos Park, IL

Great purchase.

I love this little mirror. In my experience, it hasn’t shifted at all while driving. I can also see the baby just fine as long as it’s positioned correctly when I get in the car. I also don’t have a problem with the baby moving and not being in my line of sight – it’s a carseat, he can’t move that far! 🙂

Trudy Splendora, TX

Best car mirror we’ve found

This mirror is awesome. Finally, a mirror that isn’t convex and makes your kid look miles away! It is cute, easy to attach, and makes it easy to see my baby’s face. It stays put too – you would think on bouncy roads it would move, but ours hasn’t budged unless we physically bumped it ourselves. We have one in our Escape and with baby’s seat in the center, it works perfect. However, our F-150 only allows us to put the baby seat on one side or the other and it’s hard to position the mirror so that the driver can see the baby. Not a fault of the mirror in any way. Just mentioning it as a vehicle challenge.

Linda Lindrith, NM