Sesame Street Bath Tub Bumper – White

Sesame Street Bath Tub Bumper – White

Inflatable Safety Bathtub Bumpers provide an air cushioned environment while you bath your little one. The bumpers, covered with your favorite Sesame Street characters, are the perfect solution to cover hard tub surfaces. The inflatable bumpers fit most standard size bathtubs.

Main features

  • Deflates easily for storage or travel
  • Moisten suction cups before placing on tub surface
  • Not for textured surfaces
  • Wash with mild soap and water

Verified reviews


Cute but not all that safe.

This bumper has not even been used since it never was able to hold in air due to it being defective.Sadly it arrived right before the holidays and we only had 15 days for returns. Returns during the busiest week of the year? YEAH RIGHT! Next time I will make sure I have a 30 day return (at least that) before I make another purchase.

Lelia Twin Falls, ID

Doesn’t stick to tub/Great customer service

Great customer service by manufacture. One I got did not hold air from day one. They were happy to help. It does not stick to my tub.

April Moriarty, NM

great product but… big issue

I love this, my 10 month old twin boys love the pictures and touch and play with all the colorful characters during every bath. It gives me the security I need to bathe them together without worrying about one tipping over and bumping their head on the bath tub wall. Plus, right now they are a perfect fit to lay side to side across the tub with the bumper behind their back and feet on the other side so I can wash all the “important parts” easily. The bumper supports them and keeps them from slipping down in the water while I wash.The only negative is that it rips too easily. The suction cups hold well, but the boys grab the top and are pulling up. When they pull on it, instead of the suction cup just releasing, the plastic behind it tears away and now there is a BIG hole the size of the suction cup base. My housekeeper also ripped one trying to take it off the tub to clean the tub. You have to grab each suction cup and remove it without pulling on the bumper itself at all.I can do that, my housekeeper can do that, but little one’s don’t get the concept.I wish this was made of a covered foam like pool floats for adults are. It would be perfect if it was. So now I have only one bumper for the 2nd time (I’ve already replaced it once in the first 2 months we’ve had it). I am debating on whether to spend the money again and buy another set.If it were made of better material I would give it a 5 star rating. It just rips too easily in an area that should be reinforced to handle the stress of removing the bumper suction cups. It’s not like we are abusing it.

Kristin Knoxville, GA

Worked ok for a short time

This worked OK for a few weeks.As some other reviewers noted the vinyl rips when you try to take the bumper out soyou have to be extra careful with that.

Bridgett Haxtun, CO

Works great for us

We are very happy with these bumpers. We have not had any problems with the suction cups working properly. I wet my hand a little and wiped each cup before sticking it on and they made a pretty secure lock. Our little guy likes grabbing at the characters on the bumpers and has only managed to pull off one suction cup area one time. I think they add enough cushion to really make us feel a lot more comfortable about him not getting hurt in the tub.

Jeannie Lester, WV

Falls off constantly

The suction cups are garbage and it won’t stay on. My 1 year old can also pull it down easily. Good idea but bad execution of the product. Don’t buy it.

Shana Vernon, VT

Great Product

Don’t listen to the bad reviews. This product is perfect & functions appropriately. Protects the child from banging head on side of tub. It’s worth every cent!!!!!!!!!!! Remove after each bath & allow to air dry. I installed two small clear 3M hooks inside my shower at the top & they hang from there to air dry, they are out of the way & hidden by the shower curtain.

Clara Mora, LA

Helps make bath time more safe

These are nice tub bumpers. Yes, the suction cups sometimes come off but what suction cup doesn’t? The only problems I have are that my twins try to pull them off and use them to climb out. Those issues really aren’t the bumpers’ fault! I feel a lot more comfortable bathing my babies knowing that the bumpers are there to keep them from hurting their heads. I would buy again and would recommend them.

Ellen Alda, NE