Sesame Street Biodegradable Table Topper Disposable Stick-on Placemat, 18-Count

Sesame Street Biodegradable Table Topper Disposable Stick-on Placemat, 18-Count

Protect your baby from germs on restaurant tables. Babies toss normal placemats to the floor, forcing them to eat “finger foods” right off of tabletops containing germs and cleaning chemicals. The Table Topper cleverly “sticks in place” with adhesive strips, providing a sanitary eating surface for your infant during the entire meal. Educational and entertaining designs keep your baby occupied so you can eat too. Feed your baby with food and not with germs.

Main features

  • Package and placemats now made with biodegradable plastic
  • Sticks in place with adhesive strips so baby can’t toss it to the floor
  • Sanitary eating surface provides peace of mind when eating out
  • Made in China
  • FDA approved

Verified reviews


Buyer beware! Not biodegrable and not made is USA!!!

Purchased the Neat Solutions Baby Einstein 30-count Biodegrable Table Toppers. Received Neat Solutions Baby Einstein Eco-friendly table toppers made in China, package print reads 18 (must have been a misprint, in such cases these mistakes are usually off-loaded at close-out prices but these were sold not as such) but has a white round sticker slapped on top that reads 30. Package has a white round sticker slapped on top of the 18 that reads 30 – I counted the package contents and it did indeed contain 30 table toppers but they are not as pictured, not biodegradable, and not made in the USA as the description misleads. See photos uploaded by me and you will see what I mean…I did use a handful of these before realizing they are not what I had ordered, at least it does not match as pictured and described. That issue aside, the product is useful to a point. The 5th piece used, my 8 month old son found the corners and started peeling the plastic sheet off the table with relative ease so it was rendered useless within 2 mins of having stuck it on the table in the restaurant. Size is kinda small, would be even better if the length was longer/wider so that my son does not end up touching the table to the left and right.Hope this review helps.

Jerry Newton Highlands, MA

If you have a baby and you eat out, you need these

My title says it all. Chick -a-Fila use to have these available at thier restaurants and I used to take a couple at a time. They got smart and now only put them in the bags for kids meals. So, I purchased them here. I really don’t think it matters what type of charater you get, it is just important to be able to put these down on the table in public restaurants. The mat stays in place with a sticky adheseve on the back. My baby is too young to eat off of a plate, without her trying to throw the plate on the floor. I feel good knowing that my baby is not eating off of a table that was probably cleaned by a dirty dishrag anyway! So my advice to you moms out there… Get these!

Francis Glen Carbon, IL

These were the best for eating in a restaurant

These were the best for eating in a restaurant with small children and babies. I still use them sometimes for my 3 year old (when I remember to put them in my purse. They stick securely on all four edges and keep baby from eating directly off the table. I used a reusable place mat for my older child, but my younger one would pull it off the table. Not these… the Neat Solutions Baby Einstein Biodegradable Table Topper Disposable Stick-on he left on the table where it belonged. He enjoyed looking at and pointing to the pictures, it was very entertaining for him while waiting for his food when he was very small.

Lora Warsaw, IL

Great for eating out.

My baby reached the point of only eating finger foods but was not well practiced using a plate. These allow me to provide a clean surface for her to eat off of at restaurants. I received two different prints in one package. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Dominique Broseley, MO

Convenient and easy to use

Super convenient and easy to use, and they stay well on most restaurant tables. The only downside is that sometimes there is residue left behind from the sticky strips.

Concepcion Gordonville, MO

Must have

Works just as written. I don’t know what the fuss is all about not being able to peel the sticker, we had no trouble whatsoever. Because of this we can dine out comfortably and with peace of mind because those tiny hands won’t be touching on nasty tables anymore.

Tania Glastonbury, CT

What a great idea

We love this for eating out at restaurants. It totally saves us from holding a plate to keep it from being broken by our 1 year old! The only complaint is that it can be somewhat difficult to place, especially when the little one is grabbing it – and you only really get one shot at it – likely by design, to make it easy to remove. Sometimes, it leaves a bit of an outline from the adhesive – but with a little elbow grease it removes easily. A must for the diaper bag!

Geneva Westhoff, TX

Great placemats!

I can’t seem to find the ones made of calcium and are fully biodegradeable so these were the next best thing. They work great, lots of colors and the multi pack I purchased from Amazon came with a few different designs that my son seems to love. He can’t really color on them which isn’t a huge deal. Great for easy cleanup!

Myrna Wainwright, OK

Great idea, not practical.

I loved this idea but I can’t get my son to stop peeling it off the table. The adhesive doesn’t go completely to the edge, so my little one can pull up the edge and rip it right off.

Angelia East Waterford, PA


we bought this to go with this Inglesina chair, and I have to said I think it is one of our best baby purchases. These things STICK to the table, so he can’t get them up. Being that his hands always touch surfaces and then go in his mouth, and knowing that restaurants either clean with nasty chemicals or do not clean enough-these are a MUST have for your baby.

Adrian Dora, AL

Don’t leave home without it!

Absolutely love these disposable stick on placemats! We had a boring one before (i can’t even remember what it is lol) but this one has nice bright colors.

Monika Broussard, LA

The BEST disposable placemats for your Toddler!

I’ve tried several brands of disposable placemats and these are the best (and cheapest) I’ve found. The plastic is thicker than others and the adhesive that sticks it to the table is much stronger than others we’ve tried.

Ashley Monroe City, IN

Must have

If you go out to eat a lot this is a must have for sure! Sticks right on the table and kiddo can est rift off of it. Of course once your child can est off a plate im touching need these anymore.

Bettie Lebanon, SD

Love these!

My son loves them because they are colorful and fun. I love them because they keep my son from eating food right off the tables at the restaurants. Easy to use and I recommend them to everyone!

Rochelle Chandler, AZ

Very handy for messy toddlers!

We love using these disposable placemats at restaurants with our toddler. He’s still at the stage where he’s "exploring" his food (a.k.a. getting it everywhere) so it’s nice to have a large area for him to contain his food. We also felt better about having his food on top of these mats instead of on the restaurant table. The designs/pictures on the mats also kept him distracted for a bit (until something else catches his attention). The best part is being able to peel it off at the end of the meal and roll up his mess right along with it. The only thing to be careful of are the sneaky fingers that try to rip it off. Also, it doesn’t stick to all surfaces so be wary of that.

Jewell Vevay, IN

Very handy

We always feel guilty for the mess our baby leaves behind at restaurant tables, and these mats help us to keep things under control. Now they need to make one for the floor 😉

Janelle Harrison City, PA

Baby can peel these off really easily

We got these primarily because our baby loves to gnaw on the table when out at restaurants… The disposable placemats given at Chick-Fil-A worked great as a barrier for her, so we got these. Ehh, these aren’t nearly as good – she manages to yank these off in a matter of seconds vs the other ones staying on for most of our meal.

Alma Mapleton, OR


if you hate germs these are wonderful they cover the table so baby can put food all over it and play with the pretty pictures as well

Patti Oacoma, SD

Nearly Perfect

These are great and a must have for any diaper bag. My son is still pretty young and small (10 months) and I’m a little concerned he will have no trouble ripping these off once he gets a little bigger but for the last few months they have been great and make me feel much more comfortable when we eat out. I lay this down, place his food on it and away he goes.

Patsy Pleasantville, OH

Love these.

These are perfect. I love them. They are easy to put on and do the job. I pop one on a restaurant table, toss down some tiny finger foods and everyone is happy. Plus my child isn’t ingesting all the chemicals and germs left behind by others!

Ruthie Sheridan, MI

Give these at every 1 year old’s birthday!

My husband and I use to cringe when our son would move his food to the restaurant table. Finally, we can have a little bit of peace with these placemat. Additionally, we are thankful we can leave our table a little cleaner at restaurants because the placemat kind of contains the mess. The biodegradable quality is a nice bonus!On a side note, this specific item number is better than the item that comes with the container. The container is too bulky to be practical.

Loretta Ozan, AR


We use it every time we eat out and it keeps my son from making a bigger mess. Plus, it keeps my son from putting his hands all over the table which could have been cleaned with a dirty rag. Lots of wait staff have mentioned how it is such a great idea. It does leave some glue residue on some plastic table tops but, so far, we have been able to get the glue off with baby wipes and elbow grease.

Stacey Marble Falls, AR


I LOVE these. Not only are they practical for eating out, but they are educational too. I’m a teacher and I love the Baby Einstein products.

Georgia Ramsay, MI


Very colorful and fun disposable placemats. I think these are a great deal because you get so many for the price.

Mandy Freeman, SD

Make dining out a little easier on everyone

I do not, as much as I would like to, always have time to wipe off every surface my child touches. However, if the surface is one he’ll be eating off of, I would dearly like for it to be clean. And this is where these neat little table toppers come in. Just slap one down, and you don’t have to worry about what grime lies in the cracks of the table underneath. It also makes clean up (of the table, at least) easier – just pull up the sides, wrapping up any remaining food on the mat, and toss it.The one thing that annoys me are the stick on sides. It’s really tricky to pull the plastic off the stick-on edges, even more so when your little one is grabbing at it. It seems impossible sometimes to get a nail between the table topper and the plastic covering the adhesive. But, if you don’t stick all four sides down, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you might as well have not used the topper at all, as it’s going to end up on the floor (along with anything that was on it). Baby Einstein – all your stuff is made so well, please add a little “pull here” tab to the sticky edge covers and this item will be PERFECT.

Kristina Deer Island, OR

30 table toppers.

I bought one pack of these a year ago and still have not run out. (We eat out just a few times a month). They work really well and I like how they are sticky on all four sides which makes them harder for my toddler to take off. My package had a "30 count" sticker over the 18 count on the package, but I did count and there were 30 inside. Great buy and seems like a better value than what you can buy in stores.

Jamie New Church, VA

Great Product!

Great product…really works well when dining out with baby. My son loves them! It really separates him from all the germs that could be on tables.

Connie Hitchita, OK

Great baby product!

Fantastic product, works as specified. I keep a couple of these in the diaper bag for impromptu meals out with baby and they are invaluable.

Rena Shakopee, MN

These are amazing!

I keep a packet of these in the diaper bag and they are so useful for when we go out to eat. They easily stick to the table to provide a clean, sanitary, area for my son to eat from since plates and bowls just are thrown. They are also easy to remove and leave no marks.

Luella Lenoir, NC

Clean & Easy

These table toppers are great! I use them because I want to protect my little one from the germs and dirt on tables. I also use them b/c it saves servers time cleaning up. I stick them to the table, let my son make a mess then peel the table topper off and roll it into itself.

Lee Haddock, GA