Sesame Street Elmo Shower Spray, Red

Sesame Street Elmo Shower Spray, Red

Sesame Street Elmo Push and Spray Shower Sprayer. Water, wee. This easy to use, interactive sprayer injects Sesame Street shenanigans into your child’s bathtime. Simply place the hose into tub water, press the star and delight in its soft spray.

Main features

  • Suction cups
  • For use on smooth, even surfaces only
  • ABS and PVC
  • Wash with mild soap
  • Easy to use

Verified reviews


My 22 month old loves it but it is hard to pump

My son loves Elmo and running water which is why I purchased this product despite the bad reviews. I have seen other reviewers complain about the suction cups but ours has not fallen off once. I feel the suction cups are great. The thing that prevents me from giving it 5 stars is that it is hard to pump. My son is able to do it but it takes him a bit of effort. The price is right and I would definitely buy it again.

Marianne Fairmount City, PA

Don’t buy this

Read what everyone else said. This (and similarly looking products) are too hard for kids to press to get the water out. Also, ours didn’t even suction well to our tub, so we had to put it on the tile above the tub, and the tube that has to be submerged in water barely was long enough to actually be in the water. Overall, it’s a waste. Don’t buy it.

Jeanette Greenview, CA


This was very disappointing, it is so hard to pump water!~ I have a hard time no way can my toddler pump it!

Lana Orient, IL

Doesn’t stay put

I bought this for my son at BRU because he loves to have the water running during his bath non-stop.This is a great concept he can put the star and get water out but when he does this the whole toy comes off.It did detour him from playing with the faucet but was a pain to hold it up. Save your money.

Phoebe Mountainair, NM

hard for a child to do

As neat as this looks, it is hard to use. The red ball sits in the water as a pump, and you press the blue star to make the water squirt out of elmos mouth. I thought it attached to the spicket, but it does not. The star is hard to press, even for me. My 2 year old can’t do it at all. And it is not constant. One push just gives you one squirt. Was disappointed

Claudia Glen Jean, WV

Does not work 🙁

Does not work for my 2.5 year old. Great idea if worked! I have to push button super hard ( way to hard for a kid) to get any water to come out, and then it pretty much just dribbles out. Trying to return.

Kaye Bivins, TX

pass on this

I thought this was really cute, and I thought this was going to help my toddler get more comfortable with the shower – NOT.It takes some work to pump (no way a toddler could do it) and then the amount of water that comes out is negligible.My toddler did not like it and did not want it in the bath at all.I do not think there is a problem with this particular product, I think they probably all work like this.The idea is much better than what the product actually is.Don’t waste your money.

Estelle Harrison, NY