Sesame Street Elmo Splish Splash Bath Mat – Non-Slip Construction – Easy to Clean – 100% BPA, Latex, Phthalate, and Lead Free – Safe and Comfortable – Clear

Sesame Street Elmo Splish Splash Bath Mat – Non-Slip Construction – Easy to Clean – 100% BPA, Latex, Phthalate, and Lead Free – Safe and Comfortable – Clear

Elmo vinyl bath mat comes with skid resistant cups for safety and comfort. Elmo from Sesame playing in fun dimensional designs and vivid colors make bath time extra special. Skid resistant suction cups attach easily to your bathtub. Tips: For use on smooth, even surfaces only.

Main features

  • STURDY, NON-SLIP: We know the safety of your child is paramount, and bath time can be fraught with slips, bumps, and boo-boos. Designed to stay firmly planted on the base of your tub, the Sesame Street Elmo Splish Splash Bath Mat employs an array of suction cups that tightly adhere to any ceramic or plastic tub. Not only is the bottom of our bath mat slip and skid resistant, but so is the top. It will keep your child upright and safe despite the many lubricants present during bath time.
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE: Many bath tub mats overlook the more basic necessities in terms of your child’s health and safety. The Sesame Street Elmo Splish Splash Bath Tub Mat is 100% BPA, latex, phthalate, and lead free, and is made from toxin free vinyl material. Plus, it’s comfortable and pleasant to use. The vinyl material is soft on your child’s feet, and is guaranteed to make bath time a more enjoyable experience.
  • FANTASY FRIENDS: It’s time for your child to look forward to bath time! Featuring his or her favorite Sesame Street character Elmo, this bombastic bath mat is sure to brighten up both your bathroom and little one’s face. Bath time doesn’t have to be an annoying chore anymore!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: While many bath mats require tedious hand cleaning, our Elmo Splish Splash Bath Tub Mat is machine washable and dries easily, making cleaning a hassle free task. Simply toss it in with any load of laundry and hang to dry.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Package includes (1) Sesame Street Elmo Splish Splash Bath Tub Mat. Measures 30″ L x 14.5″ W.

Verified reviews


The mat works, but could be dangerous.

I bought this mat several months ago and it has worked well. I have two young children and they have been able to stay safe in the tub. I noticed, however, after using it for quite a while, that the rubber decals were starting to come off. We have the Elmo mat, and it has small shells and fish on it. These peeled right off (my two-year-old can peel them off with ease), and my 10-month-old daughter put them in her mouth. Since they are small and flexible, she could have easily choked on them. I let my son play with them since they kind of stick to the side of the tub, but I would advise anyone with these mats to watch their children carefully when the decals start to come off. The mat still works and my kids still use it, but I just wanted to give a warning to those who might not realize that the fun shapes will eventually come off.As far as other reviewers complaining of a strong smell- I never noticed a smell coming from the mat at all. If you buy this mat at the store, give it a sniff before taking it home. I have no idea what the problem would be, but mine is perfectly fine.The only other thing I noticed is that it doesn’t seem particularly comfortable to sit on or crawl on. My son will often have little marks on his skin after sitting on it for a long time, and my daughter (who is crawling), doesn’t seem to like the feeling on her knees as she crawls. It’s kind of bumpy and rough, but I guess that’s the idea behind a non-skid surface. Safety over comfort, I suppose.

Carlene Lake Havasu City, AZ

Does the job

Yes… STINKY! But it does stick once you take the time to press down on all the suction cups. It does the job… Getting my toddler in the tub without a fight or injuries.

Kelli Preston, KY

Cute but stinks and hard to keep clean

I bought this mat about 8 months ago. We only use it randomly now. As others have said this things smells awful when you first get it and it stinks like that for a while! Worse than that is the fact that it really doesn’t have that much traction. Also the thing that has annoyed me most and the reason we don’t use it nightly is due to the difficulty of keeping mold off of it. I’m sure this is probably what happens with any bath mat that has suction cups on bottom but it’s a pain. I will say the Elmos are cute and haven’t faded too much even with all the bleaching I have had to do to keep the mold off. Honestly I wouldn’t really recommend this. I feel I might have been better off buying the traction stickers that just stick permanentely to the tub….probably safer and definitely would’ve been easier to clean.

Taylor Medina, OH

Fun Mat

Our little guy enjoys this mat. After a few months of use (and regular cleaning) it is discolored a little – the plastic isn’t as clear as it first was. But the mat is serving its purpose and we’ve had no slips or falls.

Fannie Boons Camp, KY

Not a very good product

I love the design on this but the mat doesn’t stick to the tub at all. I’m using this right now for my tall 10 month old baby and she doesn’t slip off the mat but the mat and her slide around the tub together. It’s definitely not worth ordering online and paying for shipping, I suggest if you want to try this get it at a store where you can return it if you experience the same problems as I have. I ordered mine online so I’ll just suck it up as a minor loss.

Gay North Highlands, CA

Horrible – characters are raised and hard

I am returning this immediately. The picture gives the impression that the images are part of the plastic which is not the case. They are hard, raised and would not be at all comfortable to sit or stand on. Very disappointing.

Marion Cherry Creek, SD

Elmos swim away, but good mat

The size and traction of the mat have been ok for the year we have owned this, but a few months in the Elmo’s started peeling off. My 2yr old was excited to see Elmo under the water and before I knew it he had them in his hands! After the first time this happened, I was cautious and made sure he didn’t try to put in his mouth each time that another Elmo came off.Mat requires weekly scrubbing to remove/prevent mold build up on the back side around the suction cups.While I was disappointed about the decals and worried this was a safety hazard, I don’t leave my child unsupervised in the tub, and actually plan to repurchase this mat today!

Bethany Stoneville, NC

He Loves It.

Our boy (2 yrs., 8 mo.) is now getting old enough that we thought he might get out of his little inflatable tub and start taking showers with my wife or me. We tried it and he slipped around on the slick surface of the shower/tub and took a couple minor spills. It was just enough that he didn’t want to get into the shower again. So, my wife picked up a Sesame Street Bath Mat by Ginsey featuring brightly colored Elmo in little images.The boy was then terrified at getting into the shower again, but was very fascinated with the bright colored images. It was enough to coax him back in. Cautious enough at first, he finally entered and had a good bath. He’s still bothered a bit about the spraying water, and sometimes we have to hold him to keep the spray away from directly into his face. Fortunately, the mat sticks down with little suction cups so there’s no slippage at all. It will only be a matter of time until he’s fully used to it. I hate the looks of it, but it’s not for me, it’s for the boy and he loves it.Gary Peterson

Caryn Versailles, NY

Mold hazard!

This product was fine but after over 6 mos to 1 yr, mold formed around and underneath the characters, which are I assume glued onto the bath mat. This eventually, after just over 1 yr, caused the characters to come off, the smaller ones first, then the bigger ones. (I had the Elmo/Sesame one). This wouldn’t be a big deal but for the fact that my son is 2.5 yrs old and ALLERGIC to mold. So naturally, unless I was a lazy and careless parent, I had to throw it away. The mold was embedded even where the characters came off, so it’s not like it was mold-free if I tore them all off. I am going to find something else that has fewer nooks and crannies for mold to grow in. I DO NOT recommend this product. It’s not cheap enough to buy and replace every year.

Kathleen Westfield, NY


Like other people said it had a smell when I got it, but it went away quickly. It sticks great and covers most of the tub.

Sheree Altair, TX

It’s not the best or worst

I have tried several kinds of bath mats and this one so far does the best at staying in place. To avoid the brown slimy stuff that builds up from everday use, I hang it up when done using. I have had this for about a year and several of the fish & shells have fallen off and one elmo has almost completely detached. Seems like most products these days only last a year.

Bernadette Yuma, TN

great product

I have had this mat for about 9 months now and I LOVE it and my son does as well. He does not slip. GREAT PRODUCT!!

Carey Elyria, OH

Slippery and STINKS!

We have this same bath mat but in the elmo design. It’s not too great. The mat itself is pretty slippery, not too much traction on it. The worst thing is the horrible smell it gives off. It smells like a skunk. I know when it comes to certain plastic products, they have this certain chemical smell that goes away shortly after you remove it from the packaging. This is NOTHING like that. It smells so bad and it’s so strong. My whole bathroom smells like there is a skunk living in it.*UPDATE: My daughter slipped on this mat. There is no traction on this mat. The little Elmos are the only pieces that are made of no-slip rubber. As you can see in the photos, the Elmos are pretty far apart, especially for baby feet. Not a good mat at all.

Mia Antelope, CA

Great bath mat

After reading the reviews about the smell of this bath mat I was nervous, but there are not a lot of others to choose from on Amazon or in the stores right now. The price was right so I decided to take a chance, and I am glad I did. Ok, to be fair, there is a smell that did not go away for about 3 days. I started out by placing the bath mat out on the outside porch for a day. It still had that weird plastic-rubber smell to it, which honestly did have me a bit worried. I then put it in the tub and gave my daughter a bath. This mat stuck to the tub really well, and my daughter loved it. I left it in the tub for a week or so, which totally has now cleared up that odd smell totally. My daughter really used to be nervous in the tub because she could feel the slippery floor and also fell one time. She now dances on this mat every time she has bath time and also likes to sit on it and play. I gave this mat 5 stars for that reason because I feel safe letting her get a little wild in the tub and she definitely has developed a lot of confidence and feels safe enough to dance in the water and have a great time and is no longer feeling unsteady. I highly recommend this bath mat. Also I should note that this mat is high quality, and I don’t have any indication that it will crack or anything like that. We have had this mat now for about 2 months.

Harriet Ritzville, WA

Cute good quality

This bath mat is functional and works well. It is a good size good quality. It is really cute too. My son says that Elmo is swimming .

Sofia Dexter, KS

Good depending on your tub

I bought this mat about 3 months ago. Based on the reviews I thought I would try it. There were comments regarding it not sticking to the tub. Well we just moved and this matt worked well with our old bathtub- but at our new home it does not stick to our tub at all and just floats up. I’m not sure why- but it won work now-So while it worked it was great, but now I cannot use it.So its 50/50 rather it will work for you.

Opal Coldspring, TX

Adorable and great quality

I love this bath mat. I was a little apprehensive when purchasing as sometimes I find licensed products are of lesser quality, but definitely not the case with this bath mat. It’s a generous size and the suction cups stick very well. The vinyl is heavy weight and the Elmo characters are pieced on very nicely, not just printed on the mat. My son loves it and it seems like it will last for a very long time.

Lily Two Dot, MT

Cute and holds up well

We’re on our third of this mat and it does hold up pretty well to daily use. It sticks well to the tub and cleans up easily with plain bath cleaner. The decals do start to peel up eventually but that’s been the case with any decal mat we’ve used. There is some “plastic” smell initially but that went away for us within 24 hours.

Corine Skippers, VA

No smell at all, little small though and doesnt seem very comfortable

This mat doesn’t seem like it would be very comfortable to sit on but it helps against slipping and does its job. I never had a problem with a bad smell but I wish it was a few inches bigger both ways.

Jacqueline Whitlash, MT

The Elmos come off after a few months

We have had two of these now and while it does cushion the tub, the Elmos, fish, and shells come off after a few months and the mat looks very dingy. Other than that, it’s ok. Our second mat (which we just got earlier this year) only has 2 shells left on it. Disappointing.

Lucile Sherman, NY

Cute at first

The first mat arrived crumpled in the packaging and after a week of trying to straighten it out I contacted Amazon for a replacement. They promtly exchanged it and I was very happy with the second mat for several months. I was cleaning it recently and noticed that there was mold/mildew on it for the first time and I couldn’t seem to get it off. After studying it I realized that it was growing in between the mat and the Spongebob/Patrick characters. We pull the mat out after my son bathes so it can air dry on the towel bar and we also clean it frequently however there is no way to get under the characters to clean it. The characters should be adhered with a watertight seal. Lasted only ten months, I expected a bit more.

Lindsey Grundy Center, IA

Super cute …

Bought this for my kids b/c they love Sponge Bob (even though they don’t watch the cartoon, ha!) – I just wish this had less suction cups and that they were bigger. This was a pain in the butt to put down the first time, then to pick it up, clean it off and attempt to put it down again — ugh.

Sheree Johnson, NY