Sesame Street Framed Friends Folding Potty Seat – For Standard Toilets – Regular For Home or Travel Use – 18 Plus Months – Green – Comes With Travel-Ready Bag

Sesame Street Framed Friends Folding Potty Seat – For Standard Toilets – Regular For Home or Travel Use – 18 Plus Months – Green – Comes With Travel-Ready Bag

Our Framed Friends Folding Potty Seat was created with nearly all types of toilets in mind. Whether your child is using the restroom in your home or a public setting, it fits over all regular and elongated toilet seats. Whether you’re travelling to visit grandma and grandpa or going on a road trip to the park, our Framed Friends Folding Potty Seat is perfect for your child’s away-from-home bathroom needs. It’s lightweight, fits in most diaper and travel bags (including the one it comes with), and is easy to unpack and apply to toilet seats. Plus, it’s easy to clean. It’s time to make using the potty fun!

Main features

  • Sesame Characters
  • NO HASSLE USE: The Sesame Street Framed Friends Folding Potty Seat is a no hassle fix to help your child use the restroom in any situation. It’s easy to use: Simply place it on top of the adult toilet seat and pack it up when you’re done. Plus, the single-piece plastic body makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Easy to clean, fold, pack and go
  • Fits regular toilets

Verified reviews


Too tipsy

I have to agree with others, it isn’t very strong. My daughter was excited about the print on the seat, but as soon as we used it out in a public bathroom, she wasn’t very happy. It isn’t sturdy enough and she wanted off before her business was done. I have decided to put this one away and maybe for the next one we can use it. I recommend the more sturdier ones, but they don’t fold up as Convenient as this one. **** I finally found a folding cushy potty seat on another website for $15.00, and I like it much better.** **Look at 2nd picture (not purple one) this is the potty seat I am writing this review about, not sure how this purple one comes up?

Olga Dibble, OK


I was looking for a portable potty seat to take with us on trips out of the house. I originally saw this seat at Toys R Us and purchased it. After using it a few times I feel in love with it. We decided to get another one to use at home. We don’t want to use the same seat in our home that we use in public restrooms for obvious reasons. I went back to our Toys R Us, but they no longer carried the item. I started looking online and found it here on amazon. We have a potty chair for her here at home that has a seat that can be used on the regular toilet and we can’t use it at home. Our toilets are elongated and it slides all over the place and scares both her and I. This seat doesn’t move for us. With me being germ conscience and my husband a germ-o-phob the thought of potty training and public restrooms combined were the items nightmares were made of.The five stars and the title tell how I love this item, but here are the reasons why. It folds up and fits into my medium sized purses and the small diaper bag with room to spare. It’s easy to clean and sanitize and very simple to use. Our daughter loves Elmo and is getting to know some other Sesame Street characters and loves using this seat. At first we had to go over the characters every time we used it and she’d even try to point to the characters while she was using it. I also like how the seat has little flaps in the front that helps keep the potty in place. There are also cushions on the underside of the seat to keep it from sliding around while it’s being used. The hinges actually snap in place and it’s secure. I’ve never had the hinges give while trying to use it. The only time I have had it slide is when I did not have it properly secured on the front of the toilet. So that was my fault, not that of the seat.I’m surprised when reading other reviews for this item! My daughter is just over 2 years and weighs about 26 pounds. I have never noticed it bending, sliding or anything and I keep both eyes on her at all times in the bathroom. She has never had her bottom pinched nor has she EVER fallen into the toilet. I can’t explain why my experience has been so different in comparison, but if I ever need a third seat I guess I’ll have three of these.The only down side for me is that I wish it came with it’s own little carrying case. I keep ours in a gallon sized ziplock bag and change the bag when I feel it necessary. Other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Samantha Fairview, OR

Not worth trying

I bought a pretty princess seat cover just like this one and then saw this Sesame Street one in Burlington Coat Factory & confirmed (from taking it out of the box_) that it is the same thing, just different decoration. At any rate, I out it on the toilet and the overhang lip in the front does not hang over enough. If it did, I think it would help keep it in place better. However, the cushions on the underneath (wish they would show you that on the product images) are just that, a cushion. It has nothing to do with actually helping hold the potty seat in place, as it slides around all too easily. It snapped open well and I felt it was good, but once I sat my 16month old 21lb girl on it, I better understand the reviews others are giving. Although it’s snapped together pretty solidly, when I put my daughter on it, she seat really sunk in toward the toilet water a bit, enough to worry me too much to keep it. I can see where people might say it pinches because although it’s not supposed to bend anymore in that direction, it does, and could possibly pinch. My main issues with the seat though are that it:1 – had nothing to click it/stick it on the seat to keep it in place2 – sinks down under the weight of my 21 lb girl3 – I can see my own hands getting unsanitary from touching the seat to open and close it after being on the toiletI think it’s a great idea, but not a well developed/made product to do the job it’s supposed to do.

Tami Clarkston, WA

Dangerous! Totally disgusted.

I dont know how the people who like this thing got it to work but my son hates it and won’t go near sitting on it. Its too unstable for him, slides on the seat and doesnt fit even our own home toilet. There are no grips of any kind on the bottom so its straight, smooth plastic on porcelain which presents a severe danger to any child trying to use it. The flexibility is great for travel but it gives under my son’s weight before he even hit thirty pounds and that freaked him out so bad he started yelling, ‘no, no, no!’ It was ridiculous. I ended up having to get an extra of his padded ‘ducky’ seat from WalMart to stuff in his backpack to drag around with us. Less convenient but a million times safer and he’ll actually use it. Would never buy this again!

Janelle Coggon, IA

Go With The Primo

We inherited this seat from a friend as we started to potty train our son. Not only does it bend when my 26 lb son sits on it but if he shifts his weight or leans to one side the seat jumps and moves. This seat really made him feel uneasy. We bought the Primo seat after we read the reviews and have used it constantly for the last month. I would give it 5 stars. Not only is it sturdy but it stays in place. The seams are not flat like this seat with big bird so be careful if you like to slide your child’s bottom all over it but I feel there is no real threat using the primo. I also believe that’s what makes the primo so much sturdier. Good Luck! BTW we have used the primo everywhere: Planes, Porter potty, mall… and so on it works great EVERYWHERE.

Edwina Stonefort, IL

Does not stay in place

We used this ring in public restrooms when we were out and about. Often it wouldn’t fit the toilet very well and would slide around when my boys would sit on it, even if I carefully lifted them onto the ring myself. A couple of times it almost dumped them in the toilet and scared them to death. I don’t recommend it.

Meagan East Woodstock, CT

Flimsy poor design

Maybe this works for really light toddlers. Our lil guy is 30 pounds and this seat bends so much you worry it will crack. It does just flex, but because of its instability you don’t feel comfortable using it. Also with the flexing, since there isn’t anything holding it in place on the toilet, it snaps off quite easily and falls in or off the toilet.

Juliet San Acacia, NM

Some of the reviews were mixed and now I understand why.

I had a lot of hopes for this product. Some of the reviews were mixed and now I understand why.ConsIt constantly slips off the toilet seat when she moves. If I turn my back for a second and she tries to get off she is likely to almost fall in the toilet.This product takes too much detailed precision to use it correctly. We have other seats that work much better but they are not travel seats.I would be uncomfortable using this in a public restroom.I would not recommed purchasing this.ProsIt has characters on it and she likes that.

Kathi Pilot, VA


I saw the bad reviews on this and ordered one anyway, because I figured it really couldn’t be that bad. It is AWFUL. I got it because we were flying to go on vacation and I figured this would be smaller to pack and use on the plane and would be small in the house we were renting. We have a Potette Plus that we use on a regular basis (just running errands) but I didn’t want to have to worry about where is was and/or leaving it at home while out and about. This was SO shakey, pintched my little one, completely feel in on itself, all in all awful! My little girl wouldn’t go potty on it. She just held it for HOURS. DO not buy this.

Trudy Waldorf, MD

Just awful.

We bought this for the diaper bag when my first was ready to potty train. My second is using the potty now, and I pulled it out to give it one more shot. It doesn’t fit well on any toilet seat, public or residential, it slides around horribly, and it bows under my kids’ weight causing the joints to catch skin. Both of my kids ended up sideways and screaming on the toilet with pinched thighs, and I had to support their weight to keep them from falling in. I wanted so badly for this to work, but it doesn’t. 🙁

Vivian Henrieville, UT

Easy take along “potty” seat cover

I like this product for a few reasons: 1. it folds up easily so I can bring it anywhere; 2. it cleans up in a jiffy; 3. my kids like the graphics but that wasn’t as important as was the fact that it actually helped ease their anxiety when using a public toilet. I agree that it MIGHT have a nasty tendancy to pinch skin IF your little one moves around a lot on top of it, BUT, I never leave my child unattended on the seat and let’s face it, these aren’t meant to replace a real toilet or even a more traditional potty seat, it’s just for travel and in an emergency when you hate the thought of putting yourself in a public toilet with your kids, this will save the day. Just make sure you position it correctly towards the front of the toilet set, there are rubberized pieces underneath to help keep it snug. If you plan to use this all the time for potty training, I’d go with something more secure, but for compact, light portability this is the best bet. Also, the bulkier travel seats with padded tops are not as sanitary and if you rip a corner of the seat, it’s pretty much useless since water will get inside the foam.

Maryellen Golden Valley, AZ

Not very universal.

We bought this to keep in the diaper bag while we were potty training. I thought it would be great when we were at a public potty or at a friends house. Not so much… It did not fit a single public potty. It made it almost easier for her to fall with the seat than without. It did fit some of the “home” potties we tried it with, but I just was not that impressed. Our daughter loves that elmo is on it and it is very compact. I just wish it would fit to make it less likely that she would fall in a disgusting public potty.

Sadie Grant, CO

It’s all right for trips

We’re at the phase where we start to wenture out without diapers. Instead, I take this seat in the bag. It’s flimsy, yes, but I’m there to provide some back support as well. I would not use it every day at home, but it has allowed us to have some freedom while keepin up with her PT progress, and so far, we’ve never had a bad experience with it. At 28lbs, though, my daughter is probably putting less stress than a bigger kid.

Jenifer Huntington Woods, MI

awesome product for potty training!!

wow what an awesome product!! really helped since my son would not go on a public potty while potty training, he was so scared. this made potty training so easy while out shopping! and it fits in my purse/ diaper bag! so glad to have it for my next child!

Diane Bushnell, NE

Portability is the main perk of this.

We used this for the first couple weeks of potty training. It is a little tricky getting it on the toilets depending on the shape and it never feels quite sturdy (my daughter was about 25 or 27 pounds at the time). I kept it in the diaper bag and it is washable. At home we used a ring on that is more sturdy. After she got the hang of potty outside the house (which was mostly because of auto flush toilets anyway), we ditched it. it worked for the transition and I will save it for my son probably also.

Suzette Rockwell, NC

This is the POOP!

I totally love this thing. It folds up to a nice, easy to carry size. It even fits in a cargo pocket. Totally awesome product.

Lorrie Rockville, RI

This Seat Has Worked Great For Us

I’ve had this seat for almost three years and have used it on two children. It has really been a lifesaver for me when my kids have had to use public toilets. It folds up super small and I just keep it in a gallon size zippy bag in my purse.You do have to be careful when you put it onto the toilet seat so that it doesn’t fall into the toilet because there isn’t anything that ‘hooks’ it onto the toilet. It just sits on top of the toilet seat. I hold it steady with one hand and lift my kid up with the other so that he doesn’t accidentally push it off. It does have a little give to it when it’s sat upon (it has four hinges where it folds so you really have to kind of expect this). Fortunately I haven’t ever had any of the falling into the potty problems some reviewers have had. I just lost my seat the other day…must have accidentally left it somewhere while out running errands…so I’m about to order a new one. Hopefully this new one will work just as well as my old one. I’ll update and let you know!

Henrietta Phoenix, MD

I saved my kid from falling in the toliet with this

I got mine at Target, (new Item) but it’s the same kind of travel seat. It is very unstable and collapses your kid right into the toilet! Luckily I had my hands on her but can’t say for sure she didn’t get some gross public toilet water on her! EWWWW! just go to Babies R Us and buy the travel potty they make in New Orleans…a little bit bigger, but so sturdy and can also set it up on the grass or side of road in a bind!Update: I still used this with caution for a while and I have to say, it is very small and handy, especially if you find yourself at an event with gross Port-a-johns. Just be ready to catch your little one!

Matilda Post Falls, ID