Sesame Street Inflatable Bathtub, Blue/White

Sesame Street Inflatable Bathtub, Blue/White

Inflatable Sesame Street Bathtub provides the perfect sized environment for little ones. The air cushioned tub includes a supportive back piece to help parents easily maneuver baby during the splish and splash session. The front of the tub includes two pockets to store and quickly access all bathing necessities. Attached hook allows you to easily hang to dry. Deflate for storage or travel. Features: •Deflates easily for storage or travel •Compartments are perfect for bathing accessories •Hook to easily hang dry •Wash with mild soap and water

Main features

  • Deflates easily for storage or travel
  • Compartments are perfect for bathing accessories
  • Hook to easily hang dry
  • Wash with mild soap and water

Verified reviews



My grand daughter loves, loves, loves her little Sesame Street tub. She wants to swim with “Emo” & “Errrrnie”! The tub is well made, easy to set up, and sturdy. My grand daughter is 22 months and weighs 30 lbs. This tub is shorter than some but much deeper than several others which is nice for a toddler like her. To compare this tub to another sold here; the Pink Disney Princess tub is a bit longer but not as deep.

Helen Mauckport, IN

Some reservations

I purchased this inflatable tub when our previous one started deflating constantly. This one is cute (with Elmo and Cookie Monster) and seems to be of good quality. It fits into our standard tub, and our baby enjoys bathing in it. My only complaint is that the pillow takes up a lot of room and is not removable, so our baby will grow out of it quicker than tubs without a pillow. Our baby is currently 15 months old and about 32″ tall. She fits in it fine for now.Also, the bottle holders aren’t very useful for us, but the baby likes to make pretend they’re little pools for her toys.Update 7/13: We have had some issues with mildew/mold with this tub. Perhaps it is user error, but we’ve discovered that the tub doesn’t dry thoroughly behind the pillow and in the folds of the bottle holders. Now that we’ve discovered the problem, we’re trying to be more diligent about preventing it, but this makes the tub a bit more high-maintenance that our previous tub that didn’t have these bells and whistles.

Cassie Stonewall, NC

Baby loves it!

I bought this for my granddaughter, who was 8 months old at the time. It is very safe and comfortable for her, and she loves it. I wouldn’t want to have to blow it up without the aid of an inflation device, though. There are several chambers that require air. I gave out on the first chamber. The temperature strip never worked, but that was not a big deal to me. I still gave it 5 stars.

Jackie Dammeron Valley, UT

Extra features not really functional, but tub works great.

Fits snug in the tub, so it won’t wiggle around. However, it is a little tough to fill up because the faucet in the bathtub runs on the edge of the tub and you lose lots of the water unless you stand there and actually push the side flat against the tub to fill it.The water indicators don’t really work, but that’s not much of a surprise and we don’t really use the shampoo holders. However, it is soft and provides a place for a little one to sit and if they happen to slide to the side, there is a soft cushion to catch them.

Rosie Denver, IN

Great for travel 🙂

Purchased this for my 11 month old son’s first cruise. I knew we would not have a lot of space in the room, so being able to pack this deflated and just inflate when we were already there worked out really well. It’s also a really nice product and my son really loved it. It was roomier than his usual bathtub. It’s too bad it doesn’t fit in our bathtub at home. It’s a little bit wider and would need to be squished to fit. Now that our trip is over, our son sits and plays in it while its dry.

Deena Mount Vernon, SD

Too slippery!

First of all this tub is a nightmare to inflate, I blew it up by mouth and it took forever and was very awkward. Next filling it up with water was difficult because the side came out too far from the spout and I ended up having to use a cup to fill it with water. When I put my son in it I immediately realized how slippery the bottom was and I could barely keep him sitting up. Every time he would start moving around he would slip from one side to another and flip over on his belly. I kept having to “rescue” him because he couldn’t get any grip to hold himself in one spot. I would suggest to mother’s considering this tub to instead get one with grips on the bottom. Finally, there is no drain so you will have to lift this heavy tub to dump it out.

Rhonda Quecreek, PA

no drain.

there is no drain!!! the dirty water just piles up. the pockets are cool though. wasn’t enough for me to keep it. I purchaed one with a drain and no pockets. Worth the trade!!

Ruthie East Flat Rock, NC

Good value, but baby must sit unassisted

This tub is fine for a baby who can sit up firmly and unassisted. My grandson was almost 8 months old when he used it. It would not work for a baby who can’t sit up or is still a wobbly sitter. Get the baby’s parents to blow it up if you’re a grandparent.

Cathleen Sumerduck, VA

no complaints

I bought this for travel with a 7 month old. It was easy to inflate in a few minutes by myself and works perfectly. No complaints!

Pamela Lake Jackson, TX

Great for trips!

This was the perfect solution for a hotel room that didn’t have a bath tub (only a shower). Although, the suction cup didn’t hold it up – but not a big deal since it would rest nicely against the wall.

Vonda Mallie, KY

Good tub

I like the size of this tub– but do be careful to let it dry with the velcro seatback detached so it can dry out, because that’s an easy breeding ground for mildew.

Lily Sweet Grass, MT

Very useful

We loved this tub. We bought this when my daughrer was old enough to sit in a tub like this and all the way up until she was 18 months. She loved all the sesame street characters.

Florence Onaga, KS

Purchased to travel with

I am having to attend a work conference and thought I would purchase this instead of putting my baby in a dirty tub with my foot germs. The concept is good as I can put it in the tub and not expose him to any foot germs and I can then air dry it by removing it. It’s easy to inflate and pretty sturdy.

Jamie Big Lake, AK

Perfect for bathtime!

We started using this tub for our daughter as soon as she could sit up (even while she was still wobbly). She was a big baby and the infant tub was just too small for her. She is 13 months now and we still use this tub and she loves it! It really helps to not have to fill up the entire bathtub for her baths and the inflatable tub is nice is she gets a bit unsteady. I do not love the seat back…she moves around so much that is never is used has a seat and it just takes up space.

Kasey Cleo Springs, OK

Nice for traveling, but baby slides around in it a lot.

I always bring this with me when we travel with our son because you never know what products were used to clean other peoples/ hotel room bathtubs. It’s definitely useful for traveling, but you better keep a constant hold on your baby because their little butts slide all around on the flat bottom of the inflatable and can whack their head on the sides of the bathtub. I don’t use it at home for that reason

Suzanne Mc Gregor, TX

Baby loves it!

Very safe and my baby loves it. Great design that my baby loves, loves finding Elmo. Good quality, has kept the air in it for a while.

Alba Trinidad, CA

In between baby tub and adult tub

This worked great for our daughter to stay snug and safe in the tube until she got sturdy on her feet. She also loved riding around on it on the carpet (An unintended toy, but I’m happy to have dual purpose baby items).

Nona Troy, IN

Good for Travel

I purchased this inflatable tub for travel. My family is constantly on the move, my four month old has already stayed in 3 hotels! I read through other reviews before purchasing because overall it was a great item.After using it I would definitely say its a must have.ProsThe cubbies/pockets were great for holding the shampoo and wash cloth while bathing.Deflates quickly for travel.Suction on rear was great to hang dry in the hotel bathrooms.ConsThe only con I found was the difficulty level of blowing it up. I had to pinch the valve at just the right places to get air to go in. Once I found the right spots I blew the whole thing up easily. There are four valves to fully inflate the tub.Some people complain that it is slippery, however I would never leave my infant or young child in a bathtub unassisted. Personally I think that is asking for trouble! Holding my 4 month old (he was 2 months the first time we used it) up was not difficult. There is a backrest that I held him against rather easily.I would buy this again.

Gracie Laketon, IN

Absolutely perfect!

I have a 13 month old that is all over the place in the tub and isn’t very sure footed in it. It’s not that I fill up the tub with too much water or anything but she get’s uneasy and scared in the water. This inflatable tub is perfect, fits well in the tub and she is able to play in the water more to get used to it. Before this I tried giving her a bath in the sink but that only freaked her out more so this was the perfect solution. My one regret is that I didn’t buy this sooner. There is a review that says there is a drawback with this tub not having a plug at the bottom and when you pull the tub up to empty it that it may tear the seams. I didn’t think to much of it but when I first went to lift it to empty it I could see where she was coming from. The solution is to just put your arms under it and tip it over to get the water out that way. Great great product, baby loves it, was adorable watching her play in the water finally!

Deirdre Creswell, NC

but I would probably try to find a better alternative if I had know about the following cons …

This bathtub is cute, but I would probably try to find a better alternative if I had know about the following cons beforehand:The cons for this tub are: 1) It is somewhat small for a child over one year old. Not enough wiggle room. 2) This tun does not have a drain, this is a major drawback as you have to to lift it up to empty (can get heavy). 3) Not sure about the two front pockets, which our toddler does not like, nor the cushion which he is constantly trying to detach.

Bette Saddle River, NJ

Best idea ever

I needed something to take on vacation out of the country. This did the trick. Our hotel did not have a tub only a shower and jacuzzi so Im so glad i had this to bath my son in plus it was a lot more sanitary. I laid it out on our patio every morning to dry and used it at night for bath time. On our last day, we deflated it and packed it. I will use this again on our next trip.

Kimberlee Ridgeway, SC

didnt like it

it’s good for traveling. we took it on a trip and it got a hole somehow so we had to inflate it every night. It does not offer good support for baby, you have to watch them super closely. It is also very slippery and baby kept going under water. Would not recommend.

Annabelle Blaine, OH

Cute and Functional

I ordered this because my son was getting too big to be bathed in the kitchen sink anymore and since he still can’t sit up on his own I wanted something to bathe him in and this just looked perfect. We don’t have a bath at home so this was perfect. It’s a nice size. The only issue I have with this product is that the bottom of the bather is so slippery. That’s the only thing I would change. Other than that, LOVE IT!!!

Michael Forest City, IA

Pain blowing it up but it’s wroth it

Fits in my tub and my daughter loves it. I don’t have to worry that she’s goin to hit herself or anything like that. She’s 8 months so she can sit-up by herself and I love the back support it has for her. It was a pain blowing it up.

Esther Hogansburg, NY