Sesame Street Meal and Play Mat

Sesame Street Meal and Play Mat

Sesame Street Meal and Play Mat is perfect for preventing messes on your kitchen floor, or wherever children eat and play. This is made up of heavy duty vinyl. It is tough enough to last a long time. Its size is T XL 48″ x 36″. This mat is washable, made out of durable vinyl; it is phthalate free and is a brilliant design.

Main features

  • XL 48″ x 36″
  • Washable
  • Durable vinyl
  • phthalate free
  • Brilliant design

Verified reviews


Five Stars

liked but not used yet

Zelda Hot Springs, MT

One Star

very poor quality, the color will fade

Jan Retsof, NY

Super cute, just kind of hard to clean

Kind of hard to clean.. that’s my only gripe. Also, I was thinking it was going to be a little thicker when I got it, it’s a thin piece of plastic, so it doesn’t really stay put on the ground very well. But it get’s the job done.

Robert Point Hope, AK

Does the job

Flimsy but it does the job. I use it on a carpet because my dining room is all carpet and so far for as long as we’ve had it – 6 months – my son hasn’t moved it out of place and all his crumbs and extra pieces of food fall on it which makes for easy clean-up for me. I also like to lower the high chair to its lowest level so I can just put snacks on it and my son can eat from them on his own by just standing next to the high chair so the mat works great for me because my son is just right over it while his food fall in place on the mat.

Myrtle Brandywine, MD

Works good.

Does the job and looks pretty. We actually use it to put on the floor and change diapers on. Great price, and it’s actually a fairly sturdy piece of plastic – it does not bunch up when babies are rolling around on it.

Danielle Lynchburg, VA

not worth $10

For $10 all you are getting is a very thin, cheap sheet of plastic wrap… it will flip up if not weighted down and will get completely discolored when cleaned. It lasted a very short time before we had to throw it out and purchase a higher quality hard plastic mat for underneath the high chair.

Willie Bushwood, MD

not helpful, cheap

I rarely buy things on amazon that I never use, due to my diligent research prior to buying anything online. Unfortunately, this product just did nothing for me. I expected something very sturdy, since it’s for your floor and you will obviously be putting things like a highchair on top of it. Within a couple uses it ripped when I accidentally bumped my highchair. I was shocked at the cheapness of it when I opened it, and totally amazed when it ripped so easily. Waste of money, fold a waterproof table cloth in half and put it under your kids when they eat.

Leah Neffs, OH

Colorful playmat keeps the mess to a minimum

We purchased this mat to go under our infant’s high chair as our dining area is carpeted. Clean up is a breeze with this plastic mat. Whether it is a solid or liquid, this mat cleans up nicely with soap and water. One thing that does occur is mild scratching from chairs and other furniture sitting atop of it for prolonged periods, but for the price, this mat could easily be replaced after a few months of use. This would also make a great play mat for times when your child wants to play with play doh or do finger painting. It wouldn’t hurt to have a few on hand in various rooms to minimize potentials messes that come with playtimes and mealtimes.

Dale Sidney, IL

Saves my carpet

Good mat. My son loves Elmo. My only complaint is that when I wipe it, it shows scratches after a while.

Sybil Egg Harbor Township, NJ