Sesame Street Potty Topper Disposable Stick-in-Place Toilet Seat Covers, 40-Count

Sesame Street Potty Topper Disposable Stick-in-Place Toilet Seat Covers, 40-Count

Protect your children (and the whole family) from germs on public toilet seats. Normal tissue seat covers tear apart, soak through, and slide off the seat. Potty Topper cleverly “sticks in place” with adhesive tabs, providing a reliable sanitary barrier between little bottoms and big germs. The oversized dimensions cover the sides of the seat too, especially where your child holds on. A soft absorbent top is super comfortable, and a plastic liner below eliminates wet seats from soaking through. You and your child will love the adorable designs.

Main features

  • Protect your child and the whole family from germs on public toilet seats
  • Luxuriously soft surface is printed with your child’s favorite characters
  • Special barrier underneath blocks moisture and germs
  • It is oversized to prevent little fingers and bottoms from touching yucky toilet surfaces
  • Resealable zip lock travel Jumbo Packs contain 40 seat covers each

Verified reviews


quite useful

Even though my preschooler is 4 years old, I still use this when we go out to public restrooms. This way, I don’t have to freak out about him touching every where.

Kara Palmerdale, AL

Good covers

I ordered these for my potty training daughter. I am disgusted by the thought of public pottys and my daughter has to hold on to the seat to balance. Lining it with toilet paper just doesnt work for the little ones. I bought these actually thinking they overlapped the seat and hung down a little. They ONLY cover the actual seat top. They fit toilets great and stay in place with the little stickers. I carry them with me everywhere. They actually helped too with her public potty anxiety…I could bribe her with using her “elmo potty seat”. She was terrified of the the auto flushers, because they kept flushing with her on it. If you dont already know this…cover the sensor with some TP before use and then it wont flush with your kid on it! 🙂

Elva Jacksonville, TX


I would recommend these for even adults! They are easy to apply and work well. My only issue is I wish there were more of the sticky tape.

Louise Sulphur, KY


I do not like this product. I had similar product by a different manufacture and was running out so I bought this. Bad bad bad. First, it’s so hard to remove the plastic that is attached to adhesive, second, it won’t stick to toilet seat( because adhesive is not good and because adhesive part comes off when removing the plastic). And because of the lack of and the poor quality of the adhesive, This toiler seat does no good because it just falls into the toilet before you even use it. Because you can’t flush it down the toilet, you would have to pick up the seat that has fallen into the toilet BEFORE it’s even used, so not only it works but also you would be picking this up from the toilet bowl. No use. I do not recommend this product. I would give zero star if I could.

Anna Catawba, WI


These things are a lifesaver! They have 3 tape sections so it sticks to the bowl making it easy to sit without it falling off. It also has a plastic coating underneath so its really clean for my little one to sit on

Denice Albertville, MN

Potty training necessity!

We love these when we are out and about. We even use them to cover the hotel toilet seat when we are away. Great purchase!

Rocio Ireland, WV

Functional & makes my daughter happy

It’s a life saver for public washrooms that aren’t smart enough to have seat covers available. It’s thicker and more comfortable that the flimsy ones anyway. Sesame Street design made it an immediate hit with our daughter who got a little freaked out by our earlier attempts at lining seats with toilet paper. Definitely worth having on hand.

Shanna Harlingen, TX

I have a life outside the house!

Potty training in NYC is tragic. You have to plan short trips and carry around a potty with you everywhere. The last thing a New Yorker needs in extra baggage. So I was carrying around one of those fancy-named potette portable potties and every time my two year old used it, his bum and other unmentionables barely fit in usually resulting in a big mess for me to cleanup. I tried desperately to cover the “big” toilets in paper towels and get him to sit on it but he protested like he was at a Rage Against the Machine concert circa 1997. Anyway, the Sesame Street Potty Topper has saved my life. He loves to sit on Elmo’s face and do his business. He is highly entertained and these don’t move (stickies in the front) and provide lots of coverage so he can use his hands on the seat. It is so unbelievably easy for me to stick a few of these in my bag or pocket and be off. I am still left with the dilemma of having to know where there are public bathrooms or child-bathroom-friendly places. I am sure there is an app for that…

Olivia Lambert, MS

great product

great for covering the seat for little ones who are not able to squat or understand the dangers of the public potty!The sticky tabs are key.

Robert Victor, ID

Must have for travel!

Was going to NYC for a weekend, with two kids and really needed a bunch of toilet toppers for the less than pristine toilets of the city. These did the job, at at a fairly reasonable price. They have enough cover, and are waterproof which is a must.

Earline Fullerton, LA

Keeps them clean

There are other seat covers out there, but this one is superior. The tape keeps them from falling in the toilet and they are waterproof, for icky situations. Great for travel. I even use them myself when we are in a restroom that doesn’t supply the paper ones. Of course, we can’t flush them. I just put them in the sanitary napkin disposal bins.

Chelsea Clam Gulch, AK