Sesame Street Scuba Elmo Seat – Padded, Soft and Durable – For Regular and Elongated Toilets – Removable Cushion for Easy Cleaning – Firm Grip Handles – Green and White

Sesame Street Scuba Elmo Seat – Padded, Soft and Durable – For Regular and Elongated Toilets – Removable Cushion for Easy Cleaning – Firm Grip Handles – Green and White

Whether it’s at home or on-the-go, the Scuba Elmo Seat is a fantastic solution for your child’s bathroom and potty training needs. It’s a no hassle fix to help your child use the restroom in any situation, and it’s simple to use. The Sesame Street Scuba Elmo Seat fits most regular and elongated toilet seats, is easily portable, and is a breeze to clean. Make bathroom time fun!

Main features

  • FITS MOST TOILETS: Our Sesame Street Scuba Elmo Seat was created with most toilets in mind. Whether your child is using the restroom in your home or in a public place, the Sesame Street Scuba Elmo Seat fits most regular and elongated toilet seats. With our potty seat, you’ll never have to worry about being caught with a misfitting seat and an impatient child.
  • NO HASSLE: The Sesame Street Scuba Elmo Seat is a no hassle fix to help your child use the restroom in any situation. It’s lightweight and easy to use: Simply place it on top of the adult toilet seat and pack it up when you’re done. Plus, the detachable cushion makes cleaning a breeze. All you need to do is remove the cushion and wash with a damp cloth.
  • PORTABLE: Whether you’re going to visit grandma and grandpa or on a road trip to the park, our Sesame Street Scuba Elmo Seat is the perfect solution for out-of-the-house bathroom needs. It fits in most diaper bags and is easy to unpack and apply to toilet seats.
  • FEATURES FUN FRIENDS: The only thing more enjoyable than the Sesame Street Scuba Elmo Seat’s awesome green color is the inclusion of your child’s favorite Sesame Street character, Elmo. Make bathroom time fun!
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Package includes 1 Sesame Street Scuba Elmo Seat.

Verified reviews


Slides around

We have an elongated toilet and I don’t know of anyway to hold this seat in place. My daughter has trouble sitting back far enough because when she tries to scoot back, the whole seat goes with her. So when she pees, it gets in between the potty ring and the toilet seat and makes a big mess.

Louisa Central Square, NY

Comfy, but I wish it stayed in place better

I like the squishiness of the seat, but after my son has been sitting there a while (10 min.), the rigid plastic base still cuts a ridge into his legs (the seat squishes all the way down). I think once he gets more efficient at using the seat this will improve. The urine guard at the front is also a separate piece just tucked in between the seat and the base, so when my son climbs on, he sometimes knocks it out of place (doesn’t guard well then). I do like that it’s a bendable rubber type material so it has some give when he scooches his behind over it. My dad had to fashion a filler block out of styrofoam attached with packing tape to the back of the seat because our toilet is oval so this potty seat slides back when my son sits down. The description said it works with round and oval seats. This is true – it does fit – but slides to the back of the toilet opening so my son’s feet don’t reach the stool and he gets scared. With the seat braced to the front it’s fine. Great, colorful graphics!

Iva Balta, ND

Simply awful

My daughter liked the seat she had (Primo Ducka) but really wanted a seat with handles for pooping. This little seat seemed to fit the bill and was cheap enough that I didn’t mind buying another seat.Yes, it “fits” elongated toilets. But there is nothing to keep it from sliding around on the longer toilet seat underneath it – no clamps, no pegs, no rubber feet, nothing! Every time my daughter tried to sit down, the seat would slide 4 inches backwards – landing her on the pee guard. If I start with the little seat as far back as possible, it’s too far for her to get on without help (she’s nearly 3!) and once on, her feet don’t touch her fairly tall step stool. It needs to be at the front of the toilet seat but it won’t stay there. So I have to be with her to hold it in place so she can climb on. Not a problem if you are starting out – you need to be with your child – but this is a problem if your child knows how to use the potty and wants to express her independence and “do it herself”.Once she is sitting with the seat in the proper place, the biggest complaint starts. This thing collects pee. The little pee guard is pointless. From what I’ve seen pee guards are needed by some kids, not by others – regardless of sex. My daughter needs one – a decent one. This one just deflects her pee all over the seat, the floor, her pants, her shoes. In short, a drippy, nasty mess that has to be cleaned every time it is used with extra laundry. I shudder to think of the muck that is accumulating in the foam under the vinyl.She wanted one with handles. Fine. I’ve added two simple drawer pull knobs to our Primo Ducka potty seat. She’s pleased. This piece of junk went in the trash.

Leticia Red Wing, MN

Looked at in store, will not buy

We had a seat SORT OF like this when my son was training – and lost it. Not sure if it was the same manufacturer or not. It had no handles then, and the pee guard stood up high and was removable. We never used the pee guard, it made it harder to get on the seat and it just wasn’t needed – we just taught my son to point it down.Now I am training twin girls and thinking Elmo might get one of them on the potty more (one shows way more interest than the other – it’s the reluctant one I want to bribe) We have little potties with inserts that come off but most parents know the power of Elmo – I’m willing to try anything at this point, within reason. (ie the all-out free standing elmo potty is too much, LOL, and I want to take advantage of the fact that both are willing to use the big potty with an insert)The reviews about the pee guard on this were so puzzling I had to see it in person before buying it – and it looks TERRIBLE. It’s a very low pee guard. Basically too low to serve any purpose for a boy, but it’s there, and it’s high enough that boy or girl I can see them peeing on it and making more of a mess than if it wasn’t there. (One of my girls likes to look down and kind of shift her stuff forward as she pees – not normally a problem, but with this in the way, it would be) And it does not come off. I actually stood there in the store contemplating if we could cut it out somehow, maybe with a dremmel, but you shouldn’t have to make modifications to a potty ring. It’s one of the worst designs I can imagine. It’s like I can kind of see what they were thinking but they should have thought harder. So I decided to skip this. Even if we were to have marginal success with it, I am pregnant with another boy now, and I refuse to buy something I know he won’t be able to use.I am really kicking myself for not replacing my son’s potty ring when we lost it, but he was doing well enough without it and I never saw it becoming a hard to find item. No handles made it easier to travel with. We kept it in our diaper bag. Now I am in the market for a used potty ring!

Simone Bradgate, IA

Unsafe Material

A sticker on the packaging clearly stated that the potty material includes a known cancer causing agent. I sent it back to Amazon immediately. My daughter was very disappointed because she loves Dora!

Gay Menard, TX

Missing the Splash Guard

I ordered this product because it was advertised to have a built-in splash shield, which many don’t. I specifically researched and looked for one with that for my little girl. It says it has one and the picture shows it. However, the actual product does not have one. I opened the package, thinking it might be inside the wrapping,but no, it wasn’t. Now, I’m out $15 and still have to look for another one.Two days later: I am adding this note on and raising my rating from one star to four stars. After I wrote the above review, amazon contacted me within 24 hours and offered me a refund, even if I wanted to keep the item. I was so surprised by the generosity of that offer. Amazon once again has proved itself excellent in customer satisfaction and really checked the reviews to see if they could make the situation better. I really appreciate that and love amazon all the more for it. Thank you, amazon.

Kasey Mentmore, NM

A fun seat, but not terribly comfortable

I like this seat mostly because Elmo seems to have magical powers over little ones! If your kid is like mine, however, and likes to sit on the potty “unproductively” you might want to consider something a little more comfortable. The plastic frame that the cushion sits on has a rim around the inside. While your child is sitting, the fairly cheaply made cushion settles down and your child’s butt is now resting on the edge of the hard plastic. Our daughter would always get up and complain about her butt hurting. Depending on what kind of toilet seat you have, it also has a tendency to slip around. I had to put some non-skid pads on the bottom so that it wouldn’t fall into the toilet with a toddler’s wiggling around. You could end up with pinched fingers or a soaked tot.

Mildred Ida, LA


bought this as a replacement for my son’s first potty seat, this one is much better. not as padded, which means it won’t rip open and harbor a bunch of bacteria. my son’s old one used to collect urine underneat of it in the plastic part, this one doesn’t at all, it’s perfect

Summer Garita, NM

Cute, but doesn’t fit elongated toilet very well.

I really like this potty seat, but it doesn’t quite fit well on our elongated toilet. It works well enough, and the colors aren’t as bright as they appear in photo nor is the design exactly the same. It’s o.k. for the price. My daughter really wanted a red potty seat, but if I could do it again I would buy her a different brand.

Earlene Big Cove Tannery, PA

A steal

Seat comes off the plastic handle-and-holder. Colors are nice and seat is soft and easy to clean. It is light and my 18-month-old can lift and place it (albeit not always with the right fit) on the toilet seat. Guard is useless in my mind since my LO can’t climb over it, but otherwise a steal and saved me the trouble of getting a potty.

Zelda Gresham, OR

Daughter loves this!

We bought this potty seat to leave at her grandma’s house, and she loves it. She wouldnt go potty on the training potty for the longest time and as soon as we put this one on the big potty, she went #1 & #2 and is well on her way to being potty trained. I would put 6 stars if i could!

Lucy Keiser, AR

Love it!

It fits the toilet seat very well. It doesn’t slide from side to side. Easy to use,it’s light. Made in USA.

Dina Salem, WV

Fits but slides around my elongated seat

This does fit on an elongated toilet seat, but it slides around. It wouldn’t dump my kid in or anything, but the slipping might startle a child. I may see if I can find some sort of anti-slip stickers. I did not bother with the splash guard, I just threw it out. It looked flimsy and unnecessary. My daughter loves the SpongeBob theme. I’m not so fond of the vinyl seat, as my daughter’s hiney sticks to it and is a little uncomfortable when she gets up. But, it’s cheap enough and serves its purpose – allowing my daughter to sit on the big potty without falling in.

Kristina Valley Lee, MD

My son loves Thomas, but the potty seat scares him!

We haven’t officially started potty training yet, just slowly introducing it. My son loved the seat… until I put him on it. He walked around the house with it when we first got it, but as soon as I put it on the toilet and tried to sit him down on it, it was over. He hates it now. I have 2 complaints: 1.) I like that the cushion is removable, but it’s a little TOO removable- they need to put velcro on the bottom or something (which I plan on doing if my son ever uses it), and 2.) I don’t know if all our toilet seats are weird shaped or it’s a design flaw, but I think there’s way too much movement of the seat when it’s on the toilet. Part of the problem with my son may be that he’s scared of the potty seat’s wiggle when it’s on the toilet. Nonetheless, I ended up buying a Fisher Price potty seat that goes on the floor as well.

Gracie Huletts Landing, NY


I transitioned my daughter from the potty to the regular toilet. I wanted something that would draw her attention to make her want to sit on it and this seat did it. Day1 I thought she would be scared but she said "Dora"! And sat on it with no fight. Great seat!

Daisy Rheems, PA

Fits most toilets

We have 3 of these (1st was a gift; subsequent others purchased from Amazon after successful use). It is comfy padding (I presume comfy – the padding is quite thick and has some squish to it). The handles are great for keeping my daughter’s hands busy instead of touching other things. While it does slide around on some larger toilets, I’d say it fits well to about 75% of toilets we’ve used it on.

Shawn Table Rock, NE

Kids love Dora

I bought this from the wish list of a homeless shelter where I live. They have a number of children living there and I imagine many of them potty train while they are staying there. I know how much my nieces and nephews love Dora so I thought this would get used more than a plain potty seat.

Jean Saint Paul, VA

only for tiny toilet seats

this is a good toilet ring, but ONLY if you have the smallest, round toilet seats. the package blatantly lies in saying that it fits elongated seats – it will fit, but it’ll also slide around and leave large gaps. my home has a mix of elongated/round seats, and i found that the baby bjorn rung is the best for the larger bowls. we use that for our elongated seats, and this ring for the tiny toilet that’s in the hallway. otherwise this ring – which can not be adjusted to fit – will slide around a lot and feel very unstable when you’re trying to toilet train.

Keri Americus, GA

Missing some parts

The toilet set is nice. Other reviewers had complained that it did not fit on their toilet seats but I have three different toilets and it works on all three. It is a nice design and my son love that Thomas, Percy, & James are all on his potty seat. The one problem is that it does not have a splash guard. The packaging says it was supposed to have a splash guard and handle to hang on the toilet handle. It did not come with either of these and when I contacted the seller she claimed they were not supposed to come with the seat. According to the packaging and description they were! My son was attached as soon as it saw it so I couldn’t return it. Check when you buy one of these. If you have a boy you may not want to buy this unless it has the splash guard.

Gretchen Bellflower, MO

Maybe better for girls?

This potty seat fits the toilet fine, and seems comfortable to sit on. I think that the splash guard makes it a bit of a tight squeeze for my son to sit on the potty–we need to put him on carefully so as not to pinch anything. MIght be better suited for girls. We have a baby bjorn brand one for our downstairs toilet and it does not have the same issue.

Marla Utica, NY

Ok–not great for boys

My son is almost 2.5 years old, and has been potty training for about a month. We have two potty seats—one for upstairs, one for downstairs. This one is decent–we have no problems with it fitting on our elongated toilet.However, be prepared to clean up pee if you use this with a boy! He has to sit just right in order to aim down and not get pee on the seat–I don’t think the pee guard is high enough for use with boys. Also–if he ‘aims’ just right, pee gets under the seat, causing a mess on the regular toilet seat. I have to clean both seats every time I take this one off for adult use. It’s easier for him to use it when he isn’t wearing anything below the waist–he’s better able to get his legs spread further apart for better support and aim.I think this would be better for girls–but someone has to get it right for boys!

Ola Sparta, NJ

Great little potty seat

I bought this seat because I (bad mommy) forgot my 2 year old daughter’s potty in a hotel while we were on vacation. She absolutely loves this potty seat! She loves that she can take it off and put it on another toilet if need be. She uses her little step stool to get up on the big potty and she feels like a big girl. The fact that is Dora is a huge bonus for her. She uses this every day.

Esperanza Dowling, MI

If you make a potty seat, make a decent one!

Really, how hard can it be to design one of these things? This fails for two basic reasons:1) It slides backwards on the toilet seat making it unstable and hard for my daughters to sit down. This is an enormous design flaw.2) The pee guard is basically flush with the seat, so what is its purpose other than to decrease the actual potty-business real estate? It takes away room for daughters’ pee to go down. And it’s not high enough to save my baby boy from getting soaked when my daughter didn’t clamp her knees shut tightly enough to prevent her pee from shooting cleanly over the guard and onto baby’s head. He was not pleased. Neither was I.I also have a two mini-potties, the Fisher Price froggy and singing ducky. The pee guard on the froggy potty is great. I love this low-tech seat as it’s easy to clean and hands down my twin daughters’ favorite. The singing duck potty was more expensive, is much harder to clean, is annoyingly loud and wakes up the baby, and there are a lot more spills due to the lack of pee guard. Highly recommend the froggy potty if you are in the market.

Winifred Warrendale, PA


Not good quality and didn’t fit my toilet. I suppose its ok as a travel one if you need that.

Vera Towaco, NJ

Here we go!

Another child to potty train and anything they are into to get them to go is where I head and this seems to do the trick. It holds up well and she seems to enjoy seeing Dora.

Imelda Ludlow Falls, OH

Great but one change…

I have a boy, so the little guard cup was useful until my son learned to pull it out. After sitting on the toilets for chunks of time (waiting 🙂 he got bored so he would pull this out —not very helpful! I wish it was permanently attached to the seat. Other than that it’s fantastic, soft, stable, easy to sit on and clean.

Katrina Glen Fork, WV

Thomas Potty Seat

I just started potty training my two year old son and I found the Thomas potty seat to be a great incentive. The seat is cushioned so it’s nice and comfortable and it fits nicely on most seats. It’s also compact enough to fit in the diaper bag if you want to take it on the go. For boys, it does come with a splash guard. The padded part of the seat lifts up and it gets inserted between the plastic and padding. It stays in place most of the time, but it is easy to misplace. I would have preferred it to be permanently attached, but aside from that I am happy with this purchase.

Natalia Jacksonburg, WV

Love them but can’t clean them

These potty seats sit securely on the toilet. They are soft and padded for little tushies. My only gripe with them are the crevices underneath where crude stuff collects. Hard as I try, the grime is still there. I just can’t get in there the clean them. Were it not for this problem, this is a terrific seat and my kids both loved them.

Tara Kirkland, IL

Child’s Potty Seat

Purchased this for my Grandson to use at my house. Works very well and he really liked the Spiderman all over the potty. He used it and all is working well – I also bought the step stool (Thomas the Train logo on step stool).

Adeline Port Norris, NJ

Grandson Loves It

What can I say about a potty seat. It fits, his butt fits it, he likes the characters on it, it’s easy to clean. Buy it.

Andrea Purdum, NE