Sesame Street Sesame Street Pullover Bib Set,Girl, 2-Count

Sesame Street Sesame Street Pullover Bib Set,Girl, 2-Count

Neat Solutions 2 Pack Girl Sesame Street Pullover Bib Set. Absorbent pullover head design. Great for toddlers. Soft on babies skin. BPA and phthalate free.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Absorbent printed woven terry bibs with large coverage area to help keep baby clean and dry from spills and messes
  • Pullover head design; Great for toddlers
  • Soft on babies skin
  • BPA and phthalate free

Verified reviews


They’re okay

These bibs are decent. They are large which is nice as they will be able to grow with baby. Their only drawback is that they don’t seem to wash well; rice cereal–unless immediately washed–will harden and not wash out of the bibs. We have been able to avoid this by rinsing them out in the sink right after eating, but like many moms adding one more step to my day–even a small one–is not something I’m keen on. I really like not having to use Velcro or snaps so these will do until I find another brand that I like better.

Johnnie Pine Hill, AL

Love these bibs!

Our 6 month old has reflux, so she spits up A LOT! We love this style of bib because they just pull over her head like a t-shirt. I can put it on her with one hand while I’m holding her. These save us from having dozens of outfit changes per day!

Evangelina Greybull, WY

exactly what I was looking for!

These bibs are so great! My 9 month old has figured out how to take most Velcro and tie bibs off as soon as you put them on. He is at the stage where he wants to feed himself… therefore whatever he is eating goes all over his clothes, face, hands and hair!I searched all sorts of websites for towel bibs-because my mom used to make us kids bibs out of old dish towels when we were little. For the price these are great and are long and cover his whole torso and are soft enough to wipe his face off when he’s done making a mess. They are also thick enough to absorb the water or milk he is spills all over himself while drinking without leaving his clothes underneath soaked!I loves these and would recommend them to mom’s of older babies, they are great! I will be ordering a few more for spares!

Stacey Astatula, FL

Brightly Colored Bibs, that are fun to wear!

My child who hates to wear any bibs, loves to wear these! They are very brightly colored and fun to look at and wear. They go on easily over the head, and they are soft and comfy. They are big enough to cover the chest of any messy eater. I love these bibs, and recommend them to you!

Althea Portersville, PA

Perfect for toddler

My son pulls off most bibs immediately, but these are large and go over his head — they have a fighting chance of serving their purpose! Cute too!

Peggy Morris, GA

Great product!

I am very, very happy with this product! The designs are cute, but more importantly, it serves its purpose! No more clothes filled with drool thanks to these bibs!

Carolyn Bridgewater, SD

Cute and Functional

These bibs are high quality and our 18mo old is crazy about Elmo and anything Sesame Street. They wash well, too.

Kristy Sperry, OK

Big enough for messy toddler

Mom loves the size and durability. These get washed often. Toddler loves the characters. They are his favorite, and even were before he watched any tv.

Darla Birch Tree, MO

Good for the price

These were a perfect solution to my son’s new habit of tearing off his velcro bibs. We’ve had these for a few weeks now and I use them at home and for trips out and they work well in both situations. They pack small and are easy to wash and have a nice coverage area as well. I bought these along with some Bumkins Junior bibs and these are slightly more convenient, but not as versatile. Either way, worth the money becuase they save me a lot of frustration.

Ella Cowan, TN

Love these bibs!

I really like these bibs! They are really big and helped us a lot with our baby’s first feeding. They are the biggest ones that I found.

Earlene Berlin, GA

SUPER! Love these bibs!

Awwww, I adore these bibs. Honestly, I bought them for much less at WalMart. $5.44 for two. I have about 12 now and every time my son eats, I use a regular bib, waterproof and then I put this bib over it. These bibs are really large and catch everything that might fall down a baby’s lap. They are just terrycloth and have no other lining but they are great for eating. My son has dropped everything on them known to man and they don’t stain, they wash wonderfully and so far, after about 30 washings, they are holding up great! No piling, no strings coming out, I’m really impressed! The neckline is stretchy but does not sag when it’s put on, it sits in just the right place. I love these bibs!

Elma Fishers, IN

Stay put

My 13 month old hates bibs and rips them off immediately, so I purchased these bibs. He still tries to pull them off and stretches the neck out in the process, but they stay put. He hates this but I love it.What I don’t love is that they are character bibs, but it was that or annoying sayings about foods my son can’t even eat, as he has food intolerances. So these were the lesser of two evils. I wish they just had plain ones.Hopefully these will wash up well and hold up over time as other reviewers have mentioned. They are large and provide adequate coverage for a toddler who tends to get messy.

Heather Princeton, IA

Nice bibs

I bought this set when my son started pulling bibs off during meals (when he was around ten months old). These are large enough to cover his torso (pretty much as good as you can get with a bib) and still fit over his head (he’s now fourteen months old). I’m pretty sure they’ll last. They wash great (the fabric is similar to a towel) and the hole is the perfect size.

Grace Foresthill, CA

perfect for toddler

We found that his other bibs weren’t covering him well enough as he grew out of his 12month size clothes. These are perfect for his size, and look like they will fit for the rest of his toddlerhood. I only wish they came in more designs.

Manuela Kettle Falls, WA

It helps

My son is a messy eater and these keep the mess from getting all over him. Absorbent and large couldn’t ask for anything more from a bib.

Deloris Flat Rock, MI

Excellent Towel Like Bibs!

My daughter is 20 months old and has started disliking the use of plastic bibs. She removes her bib two minutes into a meal. This has caused frustration on my end, since it gets difficult keeping up with laundry with her clothes getting so stained from food. My husband suggested that I look for a bib with some of the characters she loves from Sesame Street, and I ran into this bib set.I give it a five stars because it does the job: keeps my daughter’s shirts stain free. She doesn’t remove it and specifically asks for the bib of her wish (depending on her mood).This is an excellent product for anyone looking for a cute bib that protects clothing. Note that this bib is made out of towel like material – so it doesn’t protect clothes from getting wet.

Tracie Glen Flora, TX

Big bib for messy toddler

This bib is much longer than normal ones so it catches more mess… Great for my 12-month old who has mastered the “Uh Oh” food toss. I just ordered a second set!

Lorene Nekoma, KS

Cute, Functional Toddler Bibs

These bibs are cute and functional. They seem well-made and are holding up to washing and wearing. The bright colors and girly-look are attractive to my toddler.

Dorothy New Millport, PA

Super Cute, Toddler’s Favorite Bibs

These are my daughter’s favorite bibs. They have good coverage over her clothing and fit over her head well. You can use them multiple times, even though they are terry cloth. I have four of these bibs total and could easily use more because she doesn’t want to use any other. Super cute too.

Adrian Celina, OH

Good Quality cloth bibs

These are a nice absorbant cloth, can be used as drool bibs also. Neck size only adequate for Infants up to 12 mo.

Muriel Wabasha, MN

absorbant and coverage

lots of coverage and easy on and off, baby can’t take it off which is a huge plus, easy to wash and absorbs a lot of mess.

Kara Emmonak, AK