Sesame Street Table Topper Disposable Stick-on Placemats with Reusable Pop-up Travel Case, 50-Count

Sesame Street Table Topper Disposable Stick-on Placemats with Reusable Pop-up Travel Case, 50-Count

Protect your baby from germs on restaurant tables. Babies toss normal placemats to the floor, forcing them to eat “finger foods” right off of tabletops containing germs and cleaning chemicals. Table Topper cleverly “sticks in place” with adhesive strips, providing a sanitary eating surface for your infant during the entire meal. Educational and entertaining designs keep your baby occupied so you can eat too. Feed your baby food, not germs.

Main features

  • Favorite characters form a fun and educational design, teaching age appropriate lessons
  • Sticks in place in adhesive strips, providing a sanitary eating surface for baby
  • Features resealable zip lock packs
  • Protects children from germs on table surfaces
  • Keeps the baby occupied while you are busy

Verified reviews


Nice but not very usefull

The table topers and case meet my expectations, they are very nice and everything, but after I got it, I found out that they aren’t as usefull as I thougth… Maybe when my baby becomes a toddler I’ll use them more…

Flossie New Vineyard, ME

It serves it purpose

It gets the job done, but I don’t really like pulling the tabs off of each side because it makes a loud noise. Then you have to lay it down on the table carefully so that it’s smooth. After pulling the tabs, they will stick to you and that’s really annoying. I use it because my girls are messy eaters, but they don’t even notice the Sesame Street characters in front of them.

Angelia Glen Echo, MD

Handy item for on the go feedings

• The dimensions of the placemat is 17.5 x 12 – I just mention that because I didn’t see it in the description above.
• There is adhesive on all 4 sides. I bought a pack of these from a local store, and they only had adhesive on 2 sides. This is a nice option if you need all 4 sides. Also, the adhesive is fairly sticky – but my 13 month old can pull it up when she wants to!
• Nice bright colors!
• Competitive price. I saw a count of 20 at a local store for half this price…so you get @ 10 more placemats for the price when you buy the lot of 50.
• Pop up dispenser is nice but a little bulky. I think the measurements on the Amazon description page must allude to this box…its roughly 8x5x2. I didn’t receive a resealable bag…I did when I bought them locally with no pop up box. The resealable bag is nice if you only need a couple and you have a small bag. The pop up box makes it easier/faster to open/close.
• These are plastic and I don’t believe you can decorate them if you wanted. Instead, you could bring a coloring page (or get one from the restaurant) and color on top of this one, then eat off of this plastic one.Cons:
• The only tricky thing is getting the place mat down with the adhesive part exposed when your child is grabbing or batting at it. Its no big deal.
• I don’t know if this is a “con” or not, but I only got the “blue” place mats even though the picture also shows yellow.I’ve had several people in public comment on the great idea and ask where to get them.I recommend this product – I’ve reloaded!

Selena Rocky Ridge, OH

Can’t live without them!

We have had multiple kinds of Table Toppers: sesame street, mickey, cars, baby einstein and they are all equivalent. I don’t know how parents did without these. When my baby was very young- we used them when we ate out to wrap around the side of the table (his favorite past time was chewing on EVERYTHING). As he got older, they were great for snacks and his food. We always have them on hand. It is hard to go to a restaurant with a baby just learning table food. We couldn’t give him a plate because he would throw it and the paper placemate they provided would disintegrate after being touched by his food. I love these table toppers and hope EVERY mom out there gets some- they really are a lifesaver to creating a clean eating space for your child!

Sue Burlison, TN

Great for out & about!

I bought these and we love them! They come in an easy to use little container that fits perfectly in the diaper bag and they are really easy to attach to any table at any restaurant! It makes cleanup so easy when we are done! My daughter is quite the little Messy Monster and since we’ve been using these mats, my life has been made so much easier! Before, I dreaded going out to eat because of the mess that I would end up cleaning up (Please, don’t leave huge messes! Clean up after your kids — at least a little! 😉 Servers have enough on their … plates! lol) I’d definitely recommend and I’ve actually purchased more sets for friends! 🙂 5/5

Wilma Isola, MS

Cute and functional

Always a fan of Sesame Street. Love it how it came with a case no need to worry it gets buried in my diaper bag. no more worry of my son touching dirty tables at restaurants and this is super easy to clean up

Christian Jefferson, MD

Great idea!

Love these disposable placemats. Gives my toddler something colorful to look at while giving her a clean place to eat! Also so easy to clean up and throw away. Love the sticky strips to keep it in place…..never hard to remove from the table when we’re finished and haven’t had any issues with leaving residue behind. Would highly recommend.

Paulette Falcon Heights, TX

This may be one of my favorite baby/toddler products!

The moment that you can take your baby out to eat, put them in a high chair and order food off a regular menu is a huge milestone! This product makes that transition a bit easier. I was a little neurotic when we went out to eat. As soon as we got to our table, I was getting my son settled and neurotically wiping down every surface with Clorox wipes. It was a bit of a production. Now instead, I just rip off the sticky strips (which is trick at first, but it gets easier) and place this on the table. I usually put about 4/5 of the table topper on the top of the table and then leave enough to cover the edge of the able. (I attach the bottom of the placement to the bottom of the table). This way it covers anywhere my son might touch..including the side and bottom which probably don’t get cleaned that often!These table toppers are great because I can just attach them to the table and I don’t feel like my son is eating off of what could be a dirty table. It’s also great because I can just scoop these up and wrap up his mess, so I don’t feel like I’m leaving a mess on the table for the server to clean up.The travel case is key. It is thin enough to keep in the front pocket of my diaper bag and is very convenient. I get these for all of my new mom friends as one of the ‘essential’ items.They are a little pricey, but totally worth it for the piece of mind while dining out.

Shelly Manset, ME

Clean & fun

We love these! Then we don’t have to worry about if the restaurant cleaned the table to our standards or about our little one throwing a dish to the floor. She likes to look at the pictures and point out the items on the topper. I wish they had more variety.

Tanisha Camp Nelson, CA

Great Idea but one little annoying flaw

These stick onto a table very well. We tried one out at home on our wooden kitchen table and it left a mark where all the sticky glue was. My husband scrubbed it with a dish cloth, with an abrasive sponge and then tried using a razor blade and there is still a mark from the stickiness.We’ll bring these for eating out, but they’re now banned from being used inside the house.

Deana Faulkton, SD

Essential for dining out with Kids.

These are a must have item if you have small children. You can stick them to the table, and not worry about your child who may be too young to use a plate. I can cut up some food and put it on the mat so my toddler can eat with his hands and not have to fear that the busboys did not do the best job cleaning my table. Also, easy clean up, just throw away and no mess on the table.I also like to use them for coloring time because they prevent running off of the page and onto the table surface with markers and crayons.

Arline Pineville, SC

Good for messy toddlers

I carried these around in my diaper bag once my daughter started eating solids more regularly. They stick onto the restaurant tables so you don’t have to worry about what germs and crud your kid is picking up. It’s easy to attach, but the tape gets a little sticky and more than a few times, it’s gotten stuck on itself. It stays on decently although if you move something heavier on it (like a plate), it can shift.It’s very easy to remove and you can just roll it up with all the food in it so cleaning up is a (little) easier. The pictures are bright and fun, and keep my kid occupied for like an extra minute or so 😛

Hilda Golden Eagle, IL

Great for parents who are clean freaks and eat out often

Our 1.5 yr old daughter is like any toddler. She is a messy eater and sometimes smear her food on the table. If we’re lucky, she only plops her food on the table. Usually, she smear her food on the tabletop and then eats it. So, getting this placemat has become a necessity until she understands that restaurant tables are dirty and you only eat food from a dish. In the meantime, we’re using this all the time. The placemats we received were actually Elmo in his backyard, not the Sesame Street characters that you see in the photos above.All four ends have a thin strip of tape from corner to corner. Peel off the cover strips, slap on the placemat, and you’re done.We also use the Fisher Price high chair seat cover along with the placemat. Another fantastic buy.

Gertrude Osteen, FL

people who see me out with them ask where i got them

These are very helpful if you are like me and dont want to have to wash the table all the time when you take baby out to eat. they stay on really well. only issues is the first few times i used them my son didnt like the noise it made when i pulled the backing off of the sticky part. after a few uses though he got used to it.

Katie New Middletown, OH

All 50 accounted for, but not the designs pictured

I just counted, 20 in the dispenser, and another 30 in the refill package. I ordered it specifically for the dispenser, so i could leave it in the car, its about twice the thickness of a travel wipes, but 2/3 of the length. Its not the same design pictured, mine all seem to be Elmo looking for toys, which isn’t my favorite, but its all good.

Abbie Glencross, SD


must have in the diaper bag and glove compartment to keep the eating surface clean for your child when eating out

Suzanne Herman, NE

Love table toppers. This one doesn’t stick well.

I love table toppers but there is something wrong with the seasame street toppers. Maybe that is why it was cheaper. I assumed it was because it was promoting a brand toward kids. Unlike all of my other table toppers, this one doesn’t stick well and is easy to pull of by toddlers.

Julianne Nashport, OH

Must Have!!!

Don’t go anywhere outside of your home without this. Baby loves eating the edges of restaurant tables. Table Topper solves this and cuts down cleaning time. And the biodegradable plastic and non-toxic ink puts mommy’s eco heart to ease. -from a practical cloth diaper mommy

Bianca Holyoke, MN

Work great for us

With twin boys who like to push plates around we needed something for when we go out to a restaurant. These placemats kill two birds with one stone, they cover a possibly germy table and give our boys a clean eating surface. They have sticky tabs on all four sides and adhere really well. I recommend them highly!

Lucy Columbia, CT

Super cute

Love these! Its so easy to throw in the diaper bag and pull out when its time to eat in a public place. I find comfort in knowing that my child has a clean surface to eat on and she wont be coloring on the table. I recomend.

Kara West Point, CA

Very convenient, affordable and works great!

I originally registered for one of those rubber mats that you can use that has the pouch on the end to catch fallen food. After watching it in action with my other friends’ kids, they seem like such a pain because they curl up and don’t really stay in place on the table (because you roll it up to store it in your bag) and their kids could easily pull it off the table. My other friend used these placemats and told me how much she loved them because they stayed in place and she could just toss them out when the meal was done. No dirty junk to lug home and clean.The price on Amazon for a set of 50 is so cheap compared to what you can get at the retail store. And it comes with a carrying case that looks similar to the travel diaper wipe cases. I have about half the set in the case but I could probably easily fit 30-40 of them. So I don’t have to worry about ever running out – one less thing I have to deal with when re-stocking diaper bags.There are 4 strips of adhesive on the back, so the mat will stay in place. I pull part of the mat over the edge of the table, since my son likes to occasionally bite on the edge of the table. It didn’t seem to stick as well on the underside of the table, but it still did a decent job at staying so that when he did put his mouth on the edge of the table, he was touching the plastic and not the gross table.It was nice to just pull the mat off the table and toss, no icky mess to have to cleanup or bring home to clean later. Takes minimal space in the diaper bag which is a major plus.One thing I would like to note is that when using it on a metal table, when I pulled up the mat, I noticed it left a mark on the table, like it took off part of the sheen. My husband, having worked in a restaurant before, said that they all hated it when parents would bring these mats in because it would ruin their tables… Hmmm. Haven’t tried it on any wooden tables yet, but I’ll probably keep that in mind if we go someplace nicer than just a casual family dining place.I look forward to using this when we travel on the plane – no icky tray table to have to worry about!

Janine Lakeland, MI

Great for eating out.

We use these every time we go out. We can use a little plate to break up food and then just place it on the mat for him to pick up and eat. The wait staff appreciate it as well as cleanup is very easy.It might go without saying but we recently tried to stick it down on a table clothe and it did not stick. Not a big shocker but something to keep in mind. It has also left marks on one or two tables in the past.

Alberta Ten Mile, TN

Work well!

The perfect solution to those who like to dine out! The topper sticks to the table (without any permanent residue). Keeps things clean for your child!

Jenna Raquette Lake, NY


This is one of the best inventions! Our son has something clean to eat off of when we go out to restaurants. Easy to set up and dispose when finished. Would definitely recommend!

Hattie Macon, IL

A diaper bag must-have

I always make sure to keep these in my diaper bag. My son was really bad at trying to pick up the plate and dumping things. This is especially difficult when you are at a restaurant with heavy glass or ceramic plates.Pros:- Fold up flat and small, perfect for diaper bag or even just to keep in your purse- Sticks onto table well- Provides a sanitary and entertaining surface to place your toddler’s food on.Important tips for use:- These will not stick well if the table is not clean. It’s important to make sure that you wipe the table down with a dry napkin just in case there are any water droplets or anything else on the table. Other than that, I have had no problems with them sticking.- To prevent little hands from trying to pull these up, and also to make sure the area is sanitary all the way to the edge of the table, I let the mat hang over a little. By that I mean that I peel off the piece of tape that goes across the bottom and actually tape it to the bottom of the table underneath, right in front of where baby is sitting. Then I lay the place mat flat on top of the table and pull off the remaining strips. It’s very easy to do and helps keep baby from getting a hold of the edges of the mat closest to them.- In order to secure these to the table without it getting all stuck to itself, I lay it on the table where I want it and pull the strips off from underneath. It’s really easy to just stick your finger underneath and grab the edge of the strip. Then you can pull it right off and not have to pick up the place mat with the sticky exposed and end up with it sticking to itself, or not sticking where you want it to.

Amie Carter, SD

Perfect for toddlers!

We use these when we go to restaurants. They are perfect for sticking to the table, and letting our kids eat without worrying when the tale was cleaned off or what was on it before. And the make for easy clean-up after eating and they made a mess!

Eloise Willard, NM

Must have for parents

Going to restaurants with my baby has been much much easier with theses mats.Just stick it. then give her food there. Does the job. Great price for the amount of mats u get

Ella Paxton, IN

A must have

We did baby led weaning (baby finger feeds self instead of being spoon fed purees) with both of our children, so this item has been an absolute essential.Every time we go out to dinner we use one of these. They stick incredibly well to the table… just enough that the baby can’t peel it off, but not so much that it’s difficult for the us, the parents to get it back off the table.Aside from keeping baby’s food off of public tables, these are my favorite baby item because they save me from having to do one of my least favorite things. Instead of using the side of my hand to wipe all the stray food off the table, I just roll the place mat up. That gets rid of the nasty food hand thing that happens.This is one of the very few baby “novelties” I actually repurchased for my second child. I would gift it to any new parent.

Virginia Bellflower, IL

Not as described, and my child just destroys them

We use the Inglesina chair for our regular high chair and when we go out places. I thought these placemats would be great. They are not easy to stick down, they don’t lay perfectly flat, and you have to stick them down before attaching the chair to a table. Once my son watches me stick the mat down, he immediately rips it off of the table with ease. I just don’t use them at all anymore. Maybe when he is older and won’t be quick to rip them off (he is 8 months old). The other issue is that the picture shown is not what was sent – what was sent is an image of Sesame Street with some of the characters. Not a huge deal, but I was looking for a placemat that wasn’t as busy as the ones we sent. I would have really preferred the bold colors and shapes of the ones pictured for this product.

Odessa Dunkirk, MD

Glad I tried!

Was interested in these when I saw them in store, but thought they were pricey and didn’t know how they would work. After seeing a family using them when we were out to eat one night, I had to try them! Love them! So much easier than wiping the table down where my daughter eats or having to wonder how clean the table really is. The fact that there are 4 sided stickies to keep the on the table is amazing!

Dixie Venango, NE