Sesame Street Teether Baby Rattle Toy

Sesame Street Teether Baby Rattle Toy

Sesame Street Teether Baby Rattle Toy

Main features

  • Plush rattle toy
  • Bonus ring for easy attachment
  • Machine washable
  • Multi-textured surfaces
  • Colors and designs may vary

Verified reviews


Good Color and size

although my son loves elmo he never really engaged with this toy and he has alot of other teethers that he actively played with.

Ellen Valley Springs, AR

Big smiles

My little one was quite excited to gnaw on the hands of Elmo. He studies the eyes and nose so intently. He’s a good friend for car rides and in the high chair waiting for food. It was bigger than I thought it would be, but that was a pleasant surprise.

Elsie Sullivan, IN

Smaller than I expected

Baby has not really played with it yet but he has started to mouth the hands, which are kind of rubbery. The rattle sound is very soft and the material feels really nice. Seems to be very sturdy.

Bettye Joseph, OR

BIG hit!

We got this for our son when he was five months old, and now at almost 10 months he still likes it. He chews on Elmo’s hands as well as his eyes (which are soft). I dropped it in a mud puddle one rainy day, and it cleaned off with no issue (I hand washed it with baby soap and let it air dry).

Edna Macy, NE

Just okay

There was nothing too special about this toy. My son played with it a little but never used it as a teether. Also Im not sure if the description says that this is a rattle toy but it is not.

Bettye Turnerville, GA

Machine Washable 🙂 🙂 🙂

My 6 month old son LOVES this Elmo teether rattle toy! I actually ordered 2, one for the car seat and one for where ever he’s playing. I LOVE that it’s machine washable! All his other stuffed toys are not. I’ve washed Elmo many times and he’s never lost his color or quality! My son loves chewing on the teether hands and the crinkley sounding feet. I HIGHLY recommend the Elmo Teether Rattle Toy! (Also a great price!)

Krystal Rome, IA

love elmo!

We got this for my son 6 month old for valentines day along with an Elmo book on love and he really loves his little elmo! Elmo’s hands are perfect right now cause he’s teething and he is also the perfect size for my lil guy to grab. Plus, mommy thinks he is super cute! I’ll grab him and make him dance around while Elmo’s on TV

Melissa Paulden, AZ

Ok teether

My 7 month old loves Elmo and has been teething like crazy so I bought him this Elmo teether. His hands are the teething parts and the rest of him is fuzzy like a stuffed animal. My 7 month old seems to like it enough to teeth on it, but of course when he first got his hands on it, he started biting Elmo’s eyeballs! So far, it’s still in one piece, we’ll see how long it lasts. One odd thing of note, our Elmo is very cross-eyed!

Colette Mulberry, FL

Adorable and functional!

This rattle toy is adorable- and the hands are very tempting to teeth with. The hook is useful too- although I did have a hard time figuring out exactly what to hook it to since it isn’t that big/long. But if your kid loves Elmo as much as mine does, definitely get this! 🙂

Deidre Emmons, MN

Love Elmo

My granddaughter is only 8 months old and she LOVES Elmo. This was a great item for her and reasonably priced.

Jennie Tipton, KS