Sesame Street Teething Baby Blanket

Sesame Street Teething Baby Blanket

Soft fabric with textured corners;Blanket is easy to grasp and hold;Multi-textured surfaces;Bonus ring for easy attachment;BPA free

Main features

  • Soft fabric with textured corners
  • Blanket is easy to grasp and hold
  • Multi-textured surfaces
  • Bonus ring for easy attachment
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Love it

I bought this for my daughter and she loves it. She has played with this so many times that I surprised it is still in one piece.

Shelby Avalon, MS

Baby loves the crinkly part

We gave this to our son at 3 months and he as really taken a liking to this teething blanket. I think his favorite part of it is the crinkly corner. I attached his to the side of his car seat and I can always hear him crinkling it as I am driving. He loves to snuggle with it and chew anywhere on the blanket. He has had it for one month now and whenever I put it in his reach he grabs at it. The bright red of elmo really catches his attention.

Jesse Cowansville, PA

baby loves it!!!

My 7mo old little boy loves to play and chew on it while in his car seat. Great product and a great price!

Rene Oakhurst, TX

Our son could take it or leave it.

The toy is of good construction but our son never really got into it. Mostly user preference I think.

Dana Occoquan, VA

Very cute

I bought this for my 3 month old because his older sister was having an Elmo themed 2nd birthday party, and didn’t want him to feel left out:) Anyway, he loves to chew on it, even though he’s not even close to teething yet.

Angelique Miles City, MT