Sesame Street Teething Book

Sesame Street Teething Book

Munchkin Sesame Street Teething Book Munchkin Sesame Street Teething Book is a multi-textured toy that’s a teether and fun Elmo book at the same time. This book contains crinkly pages to attract your baby’s attention, while providing corners for teething to relieve sore gums. Why You’ll Love It: This BPA-free teething book comes in bright colors and textures. There are fun and attractive pictures of Elmo and friends that can help develop baby’s visual skills. Age: Newborn and up Features Multi-textured toy Attracts baby’s attention Corners for teething Contains fun pictures Provides visual development Fun and entertaining for kids

Main features

  • Multi-textured surfaces with crinkly paper
  • Bright colors and textures encourage visual development
  • Bonus ring for easy attachment
  • Textured teething corners
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


It’s OK

It’s OK. My 4 month old son likes it, but doesn’t play with it for long. . . . .

Patrica Walton, NY

Cute and nice quality

It’s still a little bit too big for my 5 month old, but it’s a cute book and seems to be of good quality. Hopefully she will enjoy it later on.

Antoinette East Hampton, NY

cute book

I got this book for my little grandaughter. She loves it. It’s very colorful and is short and easy to read to her and holds her attention. She loves to put things in her mouth, so the teether is good. I highly recommend it.

Jillian Mountain City, GA

cute teething book

This is a cute soft book. My son loves the bright colors and textures. He is teething so he likes to chew on the soft rubber edges. It is really easy to wash, just throw it in with the laundry. It is durable. The only downside is that the content is limited. It only has the first three numbers and letters. It would be nice if it had at least the first five numbers and letters.

Johnnie Beauty, KY

Cute starter book

Great crinkle toy for the babies. This was a constant toy when in the car for long rides. This may have started my son’s love for Elmo.

Annabelle Bernalillo, NM

Great book for teething babies!

I got this book for my son because he wants to chew on his board books when I read to him and then he ends up with little bits of cardboard in his mouth. This book is crinkly and is great for teething babies!

Louella Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Awesome teething book

Love this book! It’s the perfect teething book. My daughter loves it too because it’s Elmo and she loves him.

Erica Roundhill, KY

Great first book for baby

I recieved this book as a gift for my baby girl and she loves it. The two edges are great for teething babys to chew. The book is soft, has a great page that crinkles, and a little squeaky button under a picture of a beach ball. The book has a lot of interaction for the child because of these features and all the colors. Great introduction for ABC and 1,2,3. You can read to baby or just let baby play and chew on it. Also love the little hook you can attach to a play mat or side of the crib.

Julie Nixa, MO

Our son loved this thing for a while.

Our son loved this little book but got bored with it fairly quickly. Maybe we introduced it too late (around 5 mos) but the moment he saw a real book he stopped playing with this thing.

Leigh Walker, SD

Best teether book!

My LO loves this book!!! We go everywhere with it. He takes it around all his toys too. Great for teething and he loves the crinkly noise it makes.

Julia Galt, IL

Great Teether!

The crinkly pages seem to fascinate younger children. The rubber corner and spine make great teether for biting on. The bright colors also seem to attract attention.

Daphne Gate City, VA

Takes up a lot of time

My 6 month old would chew on this for a while, there is the soft fabric part, the harder part, the ring, and the soft part that makes the plastic sound. Just too much going on and keeps the little one very busy. When my baby gets tired eating it, I just spend some time reading it to her a few times using different tones and accents, she loves it.

Maryanne Lewis, WI


Great price, excellent durable, yet soft, product. My infant daughter LOVES her Elmo Teether Book! 🙂 I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Brandi Lansing, OH

My girl loves it.

Bought it for 3 month old girl. She loves it. her favorite toy. She can chew on it and loves turning pages. Buy it, your kids will love it too.

Iva River Grove, IL

My son didn’t love this book like I thought he would…

My son likes this book, but doesn’t LOVE it. It was kind of a bummer that the “squeeker” bulb that’s in the 3rd page isn’t “kid friendly”. He can’t squeek it himself because he doesn’t even know that it’s there. It’s inside the fabric of the book. I bought it as a teether book, but he didn’t seem too interested at that age either for some reason… All-in-All, not too exciting for my 11 month-old son.

Lula New Church, VA

I’m gonna buy more

I bought this for my grand daughter. She’s eight months old and loves it. Best thing is she can’t rip it. She’s teething right now and so it’s nice that she can chew on it as well.

Ingrid Bliss, NY


I expected more I guess. There is not really much of a story, just a few pages of counting. Of course, its a teething book but I think you can find some better soft-material books that will hold up just as well.

Deann Centerview, MO

Great book… not so great for teething.

My LO for sure loves this book and like to squeeze it and put parts of it in her mouth- it’s nice that it’s soft. But didn’t do much for her teething wise- and she doesn’t like the plastic ends made for teething. LOL. Maybe other little ones do? But overall it’s nice 😉

Mariana Belleville, AR

Great teething toy

I got this toy for my daughter when she was 3 months old and she has always liked it. Now that she is 6 months old, it is one of her favorite toys. She holds it like she is reading it and enjoys crinkling the pages. If your baby likes crinkly paper, then they will enjoy this toy. It is easy for a 5 month + to chew on.

Chris Bessemer, PA

Cleans up great

My daughter is a chewer! And she chewed on this book and it actually held up. Even threw it into the washer a couple times and she still likes to tote it around sometimes now at almost 1 year old.

Sharon Montezuma, OH