Set of 2 SippiGrip – Universal Sippi Grip, That is compatible with all Type of Baby Bottle, Cup & Baby Toys

Set of 2 SippiGrip – Universal Sippi Grip, That is compatible with all Type of Baby Bottle, Cup & Baby Toys

No more lost or dirty cups! This is a fantastic and multifunctional product!, SippiGrip is an award winning mom-invented product, which prevents your child’s cup, bottle or toy from falling to the floor and getting lost or dirty. Will Save you from having to pick up the bottle every five seconds as our baby investigates how gravity works! Can adjust the size (length) for your stroller/highchair/purse/grocery cart/etc. Rubberized on the inside of the loop that attaches to the cup or bottle. Fits any shape of milk bottle or sipping cups.

Main features

  • SippiGrip is a great ‘On the Go’ and germ protection product!
  • Its unique grip material creates a strong hold on any cup or bottle OR Baby Toys
  • It’s unique design allows you to adjust the length up to 12″ to accommodate any height, car seat, stroller or high chair that you attach it to.
  • All BooginHead Products have been extensively tested in accordance to the US CSPIA guidelines.
  • Washable, durable and non-toxic,

Verified reviews


Great for all sizes of cups!

These sippy cup "leashes" were great in that you can adjust them around different sized cups. In the couple of months that I have had them though, not only have my kids figured out how to undo the velcro (and the cup goes flying to the ground), but the velcro is also tearing up part of the leash that doesn’t have a backing to it. I have since found sippy cup leashes that have a buckle instead of the velcro, although I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they figure out how to open that too!

Felicia Lindsborg, KS

No more playing sippy cup fetch during meals!

These work great! I love the grippy material that goes around the cup so it does not slide. 10 month old baby loves to throw her sippy cup over the side of her high chair, so this has been perfect for saving parents from playing fetch the whole meal time. She just pulls her cup up from the string when she’s ready for it again. Some of our sippys are too narrow for the loop, but it works fine to pull it tight and close the Velcro over the buckle to keep it shut.

Alyce Lewisburg, KY

Must have for the cup thrower

My son tosses his cups all the time. These are great for the kitchen and also in the car so he can toss it and be able to reel it back in without help from me.

Nichole Hickory Corners, MI

Sanity Saver

One less thing to juggle and try to keep off yucky floors when at a restaurant or out and about.

Erica Vivian, SD

Hold the cups in their place

It holds a heavy sippy cup or bottle of water with no problem. Resist all the pulling by baby.The only issue, the color I bought is too light and attracts stains.

Gayla Gulf Breeze, FL

Great buy!!

These things are fantastic!! They attach to any size and brand of sippy/straw cup (even a bottle though I have never tried). We even attach them to smoothie cups we may get when we go to the mall. I don’t ever have to worry about my child dropping her cup and it no longer being drinkable because the straw touched the nasty floor. They also work great for making it through the "I like to throw my cup on the floor while eating in my highchair, making a big mess" phase. I’m expecting baby #2 and have already purchased some gender appropriate ones for the second child. I can’t do without these!

Ronda Fairmont, OK

Does exactly what its designed to!

These straps are easy to attach both to the highchair and to the cup! They come apart easily when you want them to but stay put when the little ones try to remove them! No more chasing the sippy cup around the kitchen!!

Agnes Warners, NY

A must have !

Love these ! Fits all the different sized cups & no more constantly bending over to pick up the cup !!

Leanna Nebo, KY

Very useful!

My daughter loves that these keep baby’s sippy cup off the ground while in the stroller, and off the floor while in a restaurant!

Christina Winneconne, WI

Just what we needed

My child tends to through her sippy when she is done with it (or just to watch it fall). This keeps it off the ground and she can even reach over the side and grab it to pull it back up. Haven’t found any sippy it doesn’t work with, however, narrower ones can make it easier to open the velcro if you have a child with great fine motor skills like mine.

Bobbie Doylestown, PA