Seventh Generation Original Soft and Gentle Free and Clear Baby Wipes, 350 Count

Seventh Generation Original Soft and Gentle Free and Clear Baby Wipes, 350 Count

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Baby Wipes are made with your baby, and your environment, in mind. Unlike conventional baby wipes, Seventh Generation Wipes are not bleached with chemicals containing chlorine, and don’t contain alcohol, fragrance, or synthetic ingredients that may irritate baby’s sensitive skin. Completely Natural Cleaning for Your Baby. Every caregiver wants what’s best for their children and the world they will grow up in. Studies show that children are disproportionately affected by daily exposures to toxic chemicals. But caregivers often had to choose between products that worked and products that were healthy for their baby and the planet. Until now.When chlorine and chlorine derivatives are used in industrial processes (such as bleaching paper and wood pulp), they produce substances called chlorinated hydrocarbons, which can persist in the environment, accumulate in animals and people, and can be toxic to human and environmental health. Hypoallergenic, whitened without chemicals containing chlorine, unscented, and alcohol free, Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Baby Wipes are perfect for around the house. Seventh Generation Baby Wipes are moistened with natural aloe vera, vitamin E, and water to cleanse gently and naturally. Unlike many traditional baby wipes, ours are fragrance free, not bleached with chemicals containing chlorine and do not contain alcohol or synthetic ingredients that can irritate baby’s skin.

Main features

  • Advanced baby care for sensitive little bottoms
  • Soft & flexible for nook and cranny performance
  • Thin, just moist enough wipes allow simple spot cleaning
  • A natural choice: free of alcohol, dyes and synthetic fragrances (unscented)
  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic and safe for use on sensitive skin

Verified reviews


So disappointed…

I bought these because I am a fan of Seventh Genration’s other products like dish soap, spray cleaner, hand wash, etc…I regret buying these. I am SO disappointed with these wipes. There are a few complaints:1) They are SO dry. There’s not enough moisture to wipe away a mess, so I end up using twice as many and literally scrubbing my daughter’s heiny to get it clean.2) They don’t feed through the refillable container well. They are always coming apart, so you have to open the lid and grab more and then re-feed it though the pop up top. Not always easy to do when you have a squirmy 10 month old in one hand!3) They are very thin and small.4) They smell bad.I cancelled my subscribe and save for these wipes, and I will never buy them again.

Pearlie Lazear, CO


Oh, the smell that emanates from these wipes is unbearable. Unscented, yeah right!I even put the wipes in a ziploc bag (while they were still in the original disposable pouch) and they still stunk up my diaper bag! I really really don’t like these wipes.

Patsy Barryville, NY


I don’t like these at all. I used only a few and ended up giving the rest away. The velcro came off after my sons circumcision because I accidentally got vaseline on it (used it as a barrier after the surgery). They leaked urine also.

Althea Dorton, KY

better wipes out there.

Since it has changed the quality, I stopped buying them.Now I’m using Target wipes and works just fine, or better.

Megan Patricksburg, IN

Not like they used to be

I used to love these wipes. And then something changed. They must have started using a new solution or something, because the smell of them changed (and the new smell is not good). I have stopped buying and am currently looking into using other brands instead.

Leah Mendota, IL

Honest Co vs Seventh Generation (old and new)

Well when I placed the order I did not realize that these were an older version of SG wipes… Ugh! These are horrible. They are dry, thin, not very absorbent and seem to have a rough texture. I have tried the new ones when I ran out of the Honest Co. wipes that are home delivered. The NEW SG wipes were good. These old SG wipes I ordered from Amazon were cheaper than Honest Co. for just wipes. Hence, why I bought these in bulk as my back up (remember, not knowing they were different than what I bought last week at my grocery store). Bad idea. I like the Honest Co. wipes better, and will just order more of them. These are so harsh, I may just donate these.

Helen Edwards, IL

New wipe is too thin!

I used to love these wipes–they were all I used for almost 2 years. However, the most recent purchase of these wipes was a big disappointment. I’m not sure why, but they seemed to have changed their wipe and now it is so thin! I have to use two wipes together to clean anything and even then they feel flimsy (which is not what you want when you’re cleaning up a messy diaper!)I give this product two stars only because I like that they don’t have a lot of the chemicals that other wipes have. However, with this new wipe from Seventh Generation I’ll be looking to switch to another natural wipe

Lou Princeton, ID

Smells Awful, Too Thin, Stick Together

I’ve been using these wipes for 6 months, mainly because I wanted something natural and unscented for my baby. It’s strange, I didn’t notice the awful smell until these past two weeks. It’s literally unbearable, it smells raunchy! Not sure if it’s this particular case I ordered from Amazon or if they’d been like this all along and I ever noticed? Anyway, another thing that bothers me is they are very thin, stick together, so you end up using multiples each time. A waste, in my opinion. Now I’m looking into bum boosa and Nature Babycare.

Aisha Halethorpe, MD

Stinky but good

These wipes do have kind of a bad smell to them even though they are unscented. My husband can’t stand it but I can deal with it. But, the wipes are a good size and they are nice and soft. The ingredient list is for the most part harmless. I don’t like the fact that they contain sodium benzoate and citric acid (which can combine to form benzene). But Seventh Generation says that they’ve conducted testing and there is no detectable benzene in the wipes. It is so hard to find the perfect non-toxic wipe. I’ve tried tushies wipes. I like their ingredients but the wipes themselves are a little rough. These Seventh Generation wipes are much softer on my baby’s bottom. One other thing, I put these wipes in a wipes container and the next wipe doesn’t always pop out so it can be a little annoying to have to dig in the container for the next wipe. But I did re-order these wipes so in general I do like them.

Deena Nellis, WV

Not a Step Forward in Wipe Technology

I like some of the features listed on the packaging such as “alcohol free” etc. I figured they’d be just as good as the wipes we’ve been using but it seems they are less moist which results in needing twice as many per diaper change. I also had a tough time getting the package open, the “resealable tape” was difficult to peel back. I will have to remember to open the next package before they are needed so I don’t have a squirmy baby rolling off the table while I’m struggling to get the tape off so it can still be used to reseal the package and preserve the minimal moistness of the wipes.

Rosetta Elm, PA

Great wipes

First time parent and this is the first wipes we purchase for our newborn. Totally happy with it. Its not too wet and still moist enough to wipe off the mess. Then again, being first time parent, we change our diapers rather quickly and often so stuff don’t get dried up.I don’t know what the fuss is about the size being shrunk from previous version but its size are comparable to other brands from what I read. Either way, we never neatly fold them to maximize surface usage anyways.Not bleached, no fragrance, and no alcohol. This is what we wanted and these wipes certainly fit our bill nicely.Also, I recommend skipping getting plastic dispenser all together. Especially when Amazon sells them by the bulk. Less plastic waste please. The refill package is nicely designed, resealable tape stays strong and keeps the wipes moist. If you really want one, just buy a single dispenser one or some generic dispenser from your local stores.

Willie Joseph, UT

Soft, strong, and hypoallergenic! These are the wipes of choice for me.

Soft, strong, and hypoallergenic! These are the wipes of choice for me. I like Seventh Generation as a company, and their products live up to expectation. My daughter has sensitive skin, and these scent-free wipes have never irritated her. Great product.

Penelope Lawtons, NY

Great wipes.

I really like these.

Lilly Alkol, WV

Too dry

I love Seventh Generation products, but unfortunately I think that these wipes fall short. They are awfully dry, I feel like I need to use 5 or 6 to get the job done. It’s too bad because I like the fact that they are chlorine-free. I won’t be ordering these again.

Fern Florahome, FL

Great Wipes

Love these for quality, lack of chemicals, and, most importantly, they wipe really really well. You will use less wipes. Working in childcare for over 10 years and now as a new mom, I was really surprised how much more I liked these than other wipes. Cloth wipes are great for cloth diapering but these are great for on the go and comparable to cloth when it comes to superior wipe-ability. Plus I don’t abruptly rush to rip them out of my son mouth when he grabs a clean one, I take it away still, but much more gently because I’m not nearly as concerned about the contents of the wipes. With the subscribe and save percentage off discount (order 5 subscribe and save items) I don’t worry about the price to value ratio.

Fanny Hatfield, IN

The BEST for sensitivity!

When my son was born, I assumed he would have sensitive skin, just like me, and boy was I right! I tried huggies sensitive wipes and a few others and nothing worked…they all left him irritated. Until I found these! They are great, almost instantly after making the switch things started to change and I’ve been using them for 8 months with no problem. They are nice and thick too…they do have a bit of a funny “clean” smell because they don’t have perfumes but you get used to it instantly. Love them!

Tori Deerfield, NH

NOT unscented

The wipes work well, but they smell terrible. The box claimed they were unscented so I’m really disappointed. I usually buy the Kirkland brand but thought I’d try these because they seem more natural – I think I’ll go back to the Kirkland’s.

Angelita Amelia, NE

Feels Good

What attracted me to these wipes is that they are nontoxic and made conscientiously. The wipes function well for adult use as well and are just as good as my favorite brand, Huggies.My only concern, I’ve yet to see these wipes in the stores in my neighborhood (Duane Reade, Walgreen’s, etc.). If I did, I’d certainly purchase these wipes. They’re not just for babies. Adults appreciate a clean bottom as well.

Claire South Deerfield, MA

Great wipes for the price!

These wipes are gentle to our baby’s bottom and stay very moist in the packs. They are worth the money!

Tammie Saint Libory, NE

Prefer the newer version

These wipes were fine, but I actually prefer the more recent "Thick and Soft" Seventh Generation wipes. I know many reviewers on Amazon like these original wipes the best, but I like that the newer version is a bit wetter (though less soapy than the Earth’s Best wipes) and seems to smell less strong.

Callie North Houston, TX

the BEST baby wipes

There are the only baby wipes we buy. hypoallergenic and all natural. we use to buy them for our daughters when they were babies. They are 5 and 7 now and we still purchase them to use in the bathrooms. Highly recommend.

Ashlee Clifton, TX

Seem a Little Harsher on Their Skin

I know this sounds counter intuitive but they seem like they are harsher on my 14 month olds skin than most traditional baby wipes. They are do not have any moisturizer which is what I think the real problem is. They are a thinner and compare to the pampers sensitive product. They are fragrance free but that does not mean they smell like nothing. In my opinion they have a light chemical scent like something you would smell in a hospital which is not immediately familiar. Overall, a decent wipe but I would not buy them again. I really enjoy the lightly scented wipes that have the lotion or aloe built in.

Lynette Kempton, PA

Dry and they smell

Free and clear does not mean fragrance free. They have an awful smell to them, I at first thought it might be my son but quickly realized that it was the wipes. Not only do the wipes have a noticeable odor, they are very thin and smaller compared to other brands. I have found that i have to use at least twice if not three times as many wipes compared to other brands. On top of the fact that they are thin and small, they also must to be put in the warmer with added water to moisten them so i can properly clean my son. When i opened my first pack i thought they were completely dried up and thought maybe it was a bad pack opened the other ones just to find that they were equally as dry. Also i do have to mention that they do not feed properly threw the plastic box opening, nor will the lid close properly, I had to open the bottom portion of the box to access the wipes when they were not in the warmer. I hope seventh generation resolves these issues so i would want and be willing to buy them again

Iva Union, OR

OK, but a little dry

We have used these many times in the past, so we’re pretty familiar with both the brand, and these wipes in particular.Noticed that they are quite a bit drier than normal (and even relatively for other wipe brands as well), and I see now that others mentioned the same thing. As I recall, these have always been on the thin side, which is not great for big blowouts, but of course that is probably part of the green manufacturing at play.Definitely just "OK" now whereas the previous version would have received 4 stars. I probably will not be buying these again.

Verna Drennen, WV


These wipes are awful. They do not do a decent job of cleaning my newborn son. It takes many wipes to get him clean. The worst part of these wipes though is their smell. It smells like stinky feet, and after a few days of using my son started to smell like them. I’ll spend the extra money and buy the Earth’s Best wipes.

Lucinda Westby, WI

working well for us

Good wipes, don’t fall apart. Seem comfortable for baby. Glad we got these. Buying in bulk is the way to go.

Joanne Milton, LA

Great Wipes…No Weird Odor

I was hesitant to buy these because some of the reviews said they smelled weird. I bought a pack from the grocery store and didn’t find that they smelled weird so I ordered some on Amazon. We like them a lot! They are a good size and they come out of the package easy.

Goldie Fort Riley, KS

Great Wipes

I ordered these wipes for what chemicals aren’t in them, and they do not disappoint. They are thick and work well; only one wipe is needed for most diapers, two for bigger messes. Baby’s sensitive skin doesn’t have any reactions.

Kendra Woodlawn, IL

They smell bad

Instead of unscented, they should say fragrance-free, they are NOT unscented. They smell terrible. I was all for something more natural, and was hoping to stick without fragrance…but these are def. not the ones I’m going to stick with. I have to use through this whole box I ordered (which sucks) and I have already cancelled this subscription. As far as wetness, I found them to be wet enough and big enough comparable to other natural-type wipes I’ve used before (California Organics). I just can not handle the smell…really…it is bad.

Casandra Darrington, WA

Love Seventh Generation Products

Started to purchase all of our household Seventh Generation items from Amazon a few months ago. Love their wipes because they are Chlorine-free with no alcohol or fragrances and gentle on skin. Love Seventh Generation products and will continue to use them for my family.

Chasity Barnesville, MN