ShadyBaby Pink-Brown Polka Dots Stroller Parasol, SPF 50+ Stroller Umbrella – 24″ Diameter

ShadyBaby Pink-Brown Polka Dots Stroller Parasol, SPF 50+ Stroller Umbrella – 24″ Diameter


Main features

  • Upf 50+ sun protection, 24″ diameter parasol
  • Easily attaches in 3 places to help block the sun from any direction
  • Just clip on and cruise, light weight and sturdy
  • Water repellent material
  • Sock Monkey

Verified reviews


I like the design

But does not meet my expectation. Not big enough to cover my baby. And should turn it all the time to keep her out of sun.

Maura Clifton Springs, NY

great looking AND funtional

I live in Singapore and it’s either very rainy or very sunny.I got a super huge bulky stroller in pink and black but sadly, does not provide enough shade nor protect my 2 month old baby girl.Thank goodness for ShadyBaby!I always get compliments for it as to how it looks so sweet in pink…even my husband,who is against all things frou-frou,loves this on the stroller.It will not protect your baby from the rain nor sun completely, but as the material is thicker than most parasols,it’s about provided 80% more shade to my infant.this is the stroller/carseat I bought from Amazon as well, as you can imagine,it’s quite bulky.the parasol still attaches just fine

Margaret Kirkville, IA

Good umbrella but irritating clasp to attach to stroller

The umbrella is great. Love the size and it is good quality. The down size is that the attachment to the stroller is difficult to use because it is hard to move (sun changes direction).

Vilma Wingate, IN

Keeps tilting… not made very well

I keep tightening the umbrella, but it keeps moving and falling. And it swings at the slightest breeze. I stopped using it because i’m afraid it’s going to fall into my daughters face. It hooks onto the stoller just fine, that’s not the issue… but once you get it in the right position and tighten it, it stays for a few minutes and then flops. I even had my husband tighten it and it kept falling. I wanted an umbrella that was cute and functional, but I now I have to look for something strictly functional.

Neva Culloden, GA

Not flexible enough

Whilst this looks nice, it doesn’t really do a good job unless you’re stationary. I first used it when I went for a walk, and it just got on my nerves! I had to keep moving it in order to keep the sun off my daughter. If it were more flexible it would be a lot more useful. As it is, I’ve only used it two or three times. Since then it has been sat in the garage unused. Disappointing.

Elsie Sunbright, TN

Good Idea

…But it proved itself useless for my strollers (Kolcraft Contours Lite & Baby Trend Deluxe Double Sit-N-Stand). So I returned it. I wanted it to work so badly though 🙁

Alfreda Pickford, MI

useless… sorry!

Thought I could attach this to a stroller. It won’t stay is place. It will swivel and fall over regardless of what stroller I try to use it on. Not the best… just collecting dust now!

Esperanza Lyon, MS