ShadyBaby Sock Monkey Stroller Parasol, SPF 50+ Stroller Umbrella – 24″ Diameter

ShadyBaby Sock Monkey Stroller Parasol, SPF 50+ Stroller Umbrella – 24″ Diameter

The 24″ wide parasol is made with UPF 50+ fabric. Adjustable in three places to block the sun from any direction. Quick release allows the clamp to stay in place for storage. Clamp attaches to round, oval or square tubes 3/4″ to 1-1/4″ in diameter (Most full size strollers, joggers, travel systems). Does not fit smaller, compact umbrella strollers with tubes 3/4″ and under.

Main features

  • Upf 50+ sun protection, 24″ diameter parasol
  • Just clip on and cruise, light weight and sturdy
  • Easily attaches in 3 places to help block the sun from any direction
  • Water repellent material

Verified reviews



This umbrella is super cute. I bought it to bring to the beach to shade my 3 month old son from the sun. I could not find a useful way to clip it to his stroller. The clipping mechanism, if opened wide enough to fit around parts of my stroller would fall apart. I would then be scrambling on the ground to pick up little nuts and washers while my son baked so I could screw the darn thing back together and try again! In addition to it being not very easy to clip, the umbrella itself is very small. I ended up carrying it by hand and holding it over the baby when he was in the bjorn. I am going to return the umbrella tomorrow.

April Wolcott, CT

Cute but useless

I bought this shade for travel to a hot and sunny climate and I was really disappointed by its performance. The shade itself is actually quite small and does not provide very much sun coverage. And the clamp did not firmly attach to the bar on my Chico Liteway stroller so the shade would constantly swing out to the side or slide down the bar. After a few attempts to make this umbrella work for us, I just gave up on it and now it is a toy for my son. I really wish I had not spent the money on this product.

Lacy Ewa Beach, HI


I have a fair-skinned little guy and was sorry I opted for a smaller umbrella stroller as opposed to a big stroller that I could maneuver the canopy on. So I bought this umbrella for my Chicco Liteway stroller and I think it has been great. The fabric is adorable…many compliments. And it keeps the sun off my baby. It requires adjusting, of course, when turning corners but wouldn’t anything? I think for the price, this is a great product for me. I am happy with it as it provides good air flow for the baby while blocking the summer sun.

Lucinda Gatlinburg, TN

Cute & well-made, but still not that practical

I bought this umbrella because we were traveling for a month and only bringing the Snap N Go + car seat, which doesn’t have much of a sun shade. This umbrella is well-made, easy to attach & adjust, and is cute, but it was a pain to have to readjust it every time I turned a corner or the road turned. I’d have to stop and walk around to the front of the stroller to adjust it. I ended up just throwing a receiving blanket over the car seat — it gave better coverage, needed less repositioning, and if I did need to move it, I could do it while pushing the stroller.

Valarie Steward, IL

doesn’t stay up very well

This umbrella does not stay attached very well. I had high hopes for it, maybe used it 2 times and then sold it. It just didn’t seem sturdy or big enough to really provide shade.

Gussie Merrill, IA