Shermag Glider Rocker Combo, Pecan with Oatmeal

Shermag Glider Rocker Combo, Pecan with Oatmeal

Handcrafted from select hardwoods, this stylish glider features thickly padded seat cushions and arms for additional comfort and a oversize seating area. A steel encased ball bearing mechanism ensures a smooth, quiet and relaxing glide motion. This glider can be adjusted and locked in multiple positions for additional comfort and enjoyment.

Main features

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Padded arms with storage
  • Soft luxurious fabric
  • Steel ball bearing system for ease of glide
  • Matching ottoman with padded cushion included

Verified reviews


Great chair, just could be a smidge larger

This is a really a great chair, the only complaints we have with it is that it could be larger and the ottoman could be higher.The seat is approximately the size of an economy class airline seat. It’s just fine for us because I’m petite and my husband is very tall and slim, so he fits in it too, but if you have a sturdier build, it might be a bit cozy for you. The ottoman that comes with this chair could be a little higher. Most ottomans are either at, or close to the height of the chair seat and this one is definitely lower. It’s not uncomfortable, just a little strange. While the back height is perfect for me to rest my head on (I’m 5’6″), it hits my 6ft 4 husband at the top of his shoulders and it would be nice if the back were tall enough that he could rest his head on the back too since the chair is so comfortable it would put anyone to sleep!All in all though, we’re very happy with this chair. We did a lot of research before buying this chair and Shermag, along with Dutalier, is one of the top manufacturers for rocker gliders. Shermag was also recommended in the latest edition of the Baby Bargains book (kind of like a consumer reports for baby products). The setup was literally about 15 minutes and the cushions are very comfy. The gliding mechanism is incredibly smooth and the materials appear to be high quality.A couple of nice aspects about this chair that I didn’t know before we got it were that 1)you can lock the chair so it can’t glide at all 2)you can lock the chair into a couple of “reclined” positions as though you’re in a recliner although this feature seems a little strange to me since without an attached foot support like a regular recliner then your legs sort of dangle.All in all, great chair great quality!UPDATE: Three years of heavy use and two kids later, we still love this chair! It’s held up flawlessly. Still comfy, quiet, and the cushions still look like new

Kaitlin East Mc Keesport, PA

Months of hassle – will never buy a Shermag product again!

We bought this glider from another store, not Amazon. It cost less than the price here because we purchased it during a Cyber Monday sale.It was comfortable enough at first – not ridiculously comfortable, but it didn’t hurt to sit in it. The padding on the glider compressed considerably fairly quickly, but that alone wouldn’t have been a dealbreaker, because the glider looked really nice for the price point and we didn’t really want to pony up $600 or more for a higher-quality one.That turned out to be a huge mistake.About a month after we started using the glider regularly, it started clunking very loudly any time we rocked in it. This was annoying to us and made it harder to use it for rocking our baby to sleep, as you might imagine. We got in touch with the store where we’d purchased it and were told to contact Shermag. Shermag sent us a replacement side assembly for the glider, which took over two months to ship out because their warehouse staff was on vacation. (Kinda makes you wish you worked in their warehouse, doesn’t it?)So we dealt with the horrid clunking while we waited for the replacement part to arrive. When it finally arrived, we put it on, and voila – no more clunking!…That lasted for all of a week before the clunking began again, and this time it was worse than before. My husband tried taking the glider apart and reassembling it entirely, making sure everything was tightened correctly. It didn’t help. We contacted Shermag again repeatedly but never received another response from them – as in, ever.We ended up contacting the store from which we bought the glider again. Since Shermag was being unhelpful, they were kind enough to offer to replace the glider entirely or refund our money. We opted for the replacement, thinking that surely a completely new glider would not have the same issue…WRONG!The new glider arrived, and we assembled it and broke down the old one to send back to the store. The new glider worked fine for a couple of weeks, and then began not only clunking but also loudly creaking.At that point, we decided we’d had enough and asked the store if we could still get a refund. The store kindly refunded our money and we bought a Dutailier instead. Sure, we had to spend more than twice as much money to get it, but that’s a small price to pay for never having to deal with this level of annoyance again.In conclusion, I am very disappointed with the quality of Shermag’s product and customer service. I will never buy anything from them again.

Francesca West Lebanon, IN

Pros and Cons

I’ve only had this glider for a little over a month and am currently expecting. It’s definitely helped me out on nights where sleeping in the bed has become too uncomfortable. I would actually give it 3.5 stars. For the price, it’s a pretty decent glider/ottoman combo.PROS-small/compact. It’s a nice-sized glider that is still small enough to tuck into a corner of an apartment if needed. For me, space is an issue so I didn’t want to get a glider that was too massive.-has a locking feature (about 5 positions) that you can put it into. Helpful if you want a little bit of a recline if you’re taking a rest and don’t feel like gliding.-plush and comfy. The only concern I have is how long the plushiness will last!-easy to assemble. My husband’s not exactly that handy but he was still able to put it together pretty quickly and without much of a problem.-no problems with noise/squeaking and I find it to be very quiet. Then again, I’ve only had it for a month! Only time will tell…-relatively esthetic-looking. There are definitely gliders out there that look more elegant, but for the price it’s decent looking (nice quality wood and cushions).CONS-does NOT have reclining feature. Again, this glider does have the lock feature were it can lock into a quasi-reclining position, but the back does NOT recline back as in some other gliders. There are Shermag gliders (ie, I saw a “chocolate tea glider” at Babies R US) where the back does recline fully, but sadly this glider does NOT. Even if you lock it in the most posterior position, you’re probably only “reclined” at about 20degrees…definitely not comfy enough to truly fall asleep in! If it only had the reclining feature, I’d probably sleep in it every night.-is small/compact. I know that I had listed this as a pro as well, but for some people this glider might be too small/short/snug. I am 5’3″ and a size 0-2 so it isn’t an issue and I feel that the glider fits me perfectly. My husband, though thin, is much taller and complains that the glider is too short for him and there is not enough neck/head support as a result. I would say if you are over 5’6″ and bigger than a size 12, you should probably look for a bigger glider to comfortably fit you and give you more space to maneuver around (unless you like the snug feeling). I am concerned that once the baby arrives, the glider might not accommodate me, the baby, AND a nursing pillow (not sure if the standard Boppy pillow will fit in the glider, period).-could use more back support. I feel like the back support could be increased, but that might just be me. You can obviously tuck in a small pillow to make up for it.-check all parts before assembling! There definitely were a few little nicks/scratches in the wood (they were small enough so we didn’t mind). Also, the glider’s base/unit itself was not fitted properly at the factory so it didn’t glide correctly at first. We didn’t realize the factory’s mistake until after we had assembled the chairtop to the glider base/unit, and we had to take it apart to get it in the right position before reassembling it. It wasn’t a big deal, but I would just check to make sure that everything is there and functional before attempting to assemble it all together (the bottom base should be gliding on its own).

Adriana Midvale, UT

Love it!

After purchasing a less than quality glider and having to return it, I decided to spend the extra money and go for the one I really wanted. I am so happy that I did. This glider is so comfortable and really nice quality. I love how it reclines and locks into 6 different positions, that was a must for me. It was fairly easy to put together (the only thing that gave me any problem was that the right and left sides were labeled backward for the arm rests). The cushions are just as thick as they look and very comfortable. The color in the picture is accurate as well. I am 5’3″ and 155 at 9 months pregnant and I fit in it well. My husband is 5’7″ and 160 and he fits really well also. It is a bit more narrow in the seat than some that I sat in but not by much. The only negative is that there is a ‘greasy’ sound coming from somewhere under the chair. I am sure it is something that will work itself out or maybe I could wipe away some of the joint lubrication and it would fix it, I just haven’t yet. Overall, I highly recommend this chair, especially from Amazon. It arrived very quickly and in perfect condition.

Michelle Austin, PA

Nice product, chemical-y smell

I tested this glider and ottoman at Babies R Us and found it as comfortable (if not more so) than the higher-priced Dutailer. We had a similar glider when my first son was both and it got a lot of use.While I like the look and find it comfortable, as well as reasonably easy to put together, the concern is that the smell on the upholstery is very chemical-y to me. My husband and I thought it might be the packing materials at first, but when we took away the boxes and styrofoam packing material, noticed the smell was on the upholstery as well. Since my son was born early and premature, I’m extremely careful not to expose him to any unnecessary contaminants. I don’t know what the odor is other than that it is strongest on the uphostery. And I can be pretty sure it’s not a good thing.We’re airing out the cushions now which seems to be helping. Still, I think it’s important to be aware that this product has an issue where something that it’s made with is causing this odor. I’m more sensitive than most to odor, and it might not bother other buyers, but I can be sure that parents would want to know before buying this for their baby.

Angela White Bluff, TN

Great, but bolts came loose….twice

We originally bought this glider in June of 2010 and it was great, but around April 2011 we noticed the bolts at the hinges started getting loose causing the chair to have a hiccup while gliding. Called AMazon, and they quickly sent us a new one. Well, almost a year later the new one is doing the same. It appears to be a design flaw in the chair as it happened twice. Well, we got another refund from Amazon and plan to find a different chair then this.For the record, i’m pretty mechanically inclined. Huge garage full of tools and just couldn’t get anything to fix this.

Sheree Catlettsburg, KY

A Good Buy

I’m about a week away from having my first child, and this is the second glider we’ve purchased. The first one was from some website called “gliders r us” or something. It was only one hundred and fifty dollars, but it was very small and shallow in the seat area and the cushion was really thin. This glider is a slightly tighter fit in width, but has a deeper seat, and the thicker cushion makes a huge difference. The gliding motion is much fuller range than the cheaper chair, although my husband feels the base is rickety and unstable.This chair looks and feels exactly twice as nice as the cheaper one we bought, and even the microfiber is of much nicer quality. Getting the chair arm cushions on is quite tricky, and there are no instructions, but we did it!

Yesenia Mouth Of Wilson, VA

Love this chair.

I’ve spent a lot of time in this chair and I love it! It’s in the Nursery and is perfect for those middle of the night feeding. It’s comfortable and glides very smooth. It doesn’t make the grinding noise that some gliders do so it makes it easy to rock the babe.

Sierra Creston, CA

glider is fine

it took hours to put this dam chair together. My husband and I could have got a divorce over putting this dam thing together. We had such problems the arms are the hardest part and you need a team of people to make this work. When i say this took hours to put together I am not joking please either pay someone or don"t buy this. Save your marriage don’t buy it if you are putting it together yourselves ..

Lenora Carmi, IL

Piece of Crap

We bought this chair two months ago and both arms have broken already. Also, the mechanism to lock the chair so it wont rock constantly engages randomly and wakes our baby when we rock him. Steer clear of Shermag products.

Reyna Presidio, TX

Overall good buy

I agonized for about 6 months about what glider to buy for my small nursery, and now that my little guy is 3 months old, I just couldn’t wait any longer. Not wanting to spend a fortune on a custom glider that you can’t sit in before you buy, it came down to a Shermag or a Dutailier, which are the two makers you can find in most stores (Target, Babies R Us, etc). Both were pretty comfortable, but price-wise, Shermag was the way to go. Still, there are so many models of Shermag gliders from lots of different sites. I could not decide and hated to buy one that squeaked or wasn’t comfortable, so I was really tempted to buy the one I had sat in from Target (it’s about $100 cheaper than this one). However, you have to order it online (you can’t buy it in the store) and with taxes and shipping, the price kept going up and up without getting a better quality chair. And if I didn’t like it, I would’ve spent almost $100 in shipping it to me and shipping it back. With free Prime shipping through Amazon and a reasonable price for the extra thick coushin and the locking position model, I decided to go with this one.It came really quickly (I got it last week), as with all things coming directly from Amazon vs. other internet retailers, but the box was significantly damaged on arrival, like many other reviewers note. I carefully took out each piece to check for damage, and there was only one piece that showed slight superficial damage, but that didn’t seem to be related to the shipping damage. The wood was slightly crushed on the bottom of the foot of the ottoman, which is barely visible and wasn’t worth complaining to Shermag about or fussing with shipping it back.The chair and ottoman were really easy to put together using just the provided Allen wrench. The rocking base of the chair and the ottoman are already assembled, so you just have to attach the seat, the arms and the back. No problems there.The cushions are very comfortable and if you rest the back cushion on top of the seat cushion (instead of tucking it behind the seat cushion, it extends above the wood back rest of the chair and is a great height. I’m 5’9" and it hits me right in the base of my skull which is perfect for leaning my head back and closing my eyes (while still being able to keep my hair in a pony tail). It is definitely narrow, which is great for our small space. I’m 125 lbs and I have plenty of room but my 6′, 185lb husband is more snug in it. He says it’s comfortable and he doesn’t feel like it’s too small. As other reviewers have written, the foot stool is way too low to rest your calves on comfortably, but it’s perfect to put your feet flat on and bend your knees up. This position also makes it easier to keep rocking.The rocking/gliding motion is overall smooth but our chair does have some quiet squeaks and pops. The squeak sounds like something that WD40 might be able to take care of, if we can find the source in the right joint without greasing up the whole chair, but the popping seems like it is probably just a side effect of the quality. The popping sound/feeling is like your knee quietly popping when you walk. It’s not loud or jarring, but you can feel a slight "pop" (that’s the only word I can think of for it —- besides "thwup") as you near the back swing and if you lean your head against the back of the chair you can hear it, too. I wish it didn’t have that, but I’m thankful that that is the biggest issue (so far) after such debate about what chair to get. Overall, I’m satisfied with the purchase, but with the rocking mechanism issue out of the box, I think the value of the chair is slightly lower than the price it’s being sold for.

Amalia Alpine, AL

great chair for Mamas!

We bought this chair right before our first son was born. I don’t know what I’d do without it! Early on (say the first 3 months of his life) I spent nearly 7 to 8 hours a day in this chair because my son loved to be rocked and it was the perfect chair to nurse him in. The arms are a perfect height to rest the Boppy on and feed him comfortably. We’ve had problems with the locking mechanism on the chair, but the company got us replacement parts pretty easily, so I definitely would recommend it.

Serena Moscow, PA

Love this chair.

Our daughter bought this chair for her home when she was pregnant. We watch our grandson several days a week and I needed a chair to put in our guest room that I could use when he is here and also that I could use just when I wanted time for myself to relax. It is wonderful. I would buy this item again. Received in good condition and on time.

Katina Saint Francisville, IL

Perfect for me

I love this chair. It makes nursing so comfortable.Pros: Fabric, comfort of cushion, rocker can lock to stationary positionCons: not for large people. Chair squeaks when my husband sits in itOttoman is a bit low, I had to put a pillow on it to have my feet rest at a comfortable heightOttoman does not lock and is a pinch hazard for little hands and feet now that she crawls around the baby room.

Herminia Shrewsbury, MA


After almost a year of constant use, this glider holds up well.The fabric is soft and easy to clean.Every nursery needs one !

Adeline Beardsley, MN

Comfortable and cleans well

Before buying this glider I compared it with Pottery Barn Kids, Storkcraft, Dutailier and other Shermag models. I owned a Shermag when my 1st 2 were little but it was 1/2 the cost of this one and I hated the cushions from day 1. The arm rests didn’t have the part that goes down to the seat and would flop over exposing the wood. Very uncomfortable. The fabric was also a little scratchy. Based on that one I knew I needed to spend a little more and knew a little better what I was looking for. Storkcraft and Dutailier had good reviews but the cushions on those were ugly (I love the piping!). I really wanted a Pottery Barn one and debated putting it on credit since it’s out of my budget. I’m so glad I didn’t! A couple weeks after buying this one I sat in a Pottery Barn one that a friend owns and I was happy when I realized it’s built the same as this one with a few things that I didn’t like over this Shermag (stiffer cushions, armrest cushion doesn’t go down to the seat or end of the wood armrest, fabric was rough).I’ve owned it for 2 months now. When it first arrived I wasn’t super impressed and was even a little disappointed. It took a week to get here even though I have Prime. When I opened the box there were loose screws everywhere which was a bad sign but luckily nothing was damaged and amazingly no screws were missing. I put it together mostly by myself but needed my husband to help with putting the back on. It was simple but I’m used to assembling furniture and enjoy doing it. When I sat in it I was a little disappointed because it wasn’t as cushy as I’d hoped. The cushions were really firm and the back cushion hit my shoulder blades funny making it a little uncomfortable. I contemplated taking it apart and shipping it back but decided against it because it wasn’t that bad and I didn’t want to put in the effort. I’m actually really glad I decided to keep it! It’s become much more comfortable and I sit in it every day to nurse and rock my baby. It’s kind of like memory foam where it molds to your body but the indents go away after you get up. It takes a few minutes for them to disappear so don’t panic and think it’ll stay like that. My baby has spit up on it a few times and my 2 year old wiped chocolate fingers on it and it’s cleaned up good as new with a damp cloth! I got the Espresso with pearl beige upholstery. It looks just like the picture.If I had more money to spend I would probably get a fully upholstered glider and ottoman instead of a wooden glider (I think they look better). As far as gliders go I think this one looks great, cleans well, is comfortable (give it time), and was a good price. I recommend it.

Jeannie Hurst, TX

Not a good chair.

Not very smooth. We bought another that is one third the price that rocks so much better. Do not buy

Lorena Oakwood, GA

We sat in a bunch of rockers at the store and decided we like this one the best

This same rocker was twice the amazon price at babies r us. We did our research (with no intention of buying from a baby store becaus they are overpriced). We sat in a bunch of rockers at the store and decided we like this one the best. The ones at the store that were in our price range were cheaply made, not sturdy and uncomfortable when you consider the amount of time you’ll spend in it. We bought this one and couldn’t be happier. Now, my son is 6 months and I have logged many hours nursing in this chair. It’s still in great shape, doens’t make noise and is comfortable. Highly recommend. Also, it holds my 6’4" husband comfortably (I’m 5’8") and the less expensive ones felt like the little chairs for kids in gradeschool when we sat in them. They were tiny and we barely fit. If you’re looking for a glider for a nursery, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Noelle Dorchester, SC

Really nice glider!

We’ve had this glider for several years now and it is still good as new. The material is soft, easy to clean and held up well. The wood is beautiful and the rocker glides very nicely. My only compliant is that while the rocker has a lock, the ottoman does not, which makes it a bit dangerous during the toddler years. However, once our little one was mobile, we just put the ottoman away in a closet, which solved the problem. Overall, a great and solid rocker/glider.

Ava Dyer, NV