Simba Baby Rotary Spinning Bottle and Nipple Brush set

Simba Baby Rotary Spinning Bottle and Nipple Brush set

Available in orange and green. Color vary upon availability.

Main features

  • Spinning mechanish is easier on the wrist when washing bottles
  • Nanotech sponge lasts longer than regular bottle sponge, and is easier to dry. It does not scratch bottles and nipple
  • Package comes with 1 Bottle brush, and 1 nipple brush (can be used to clean any smaller accessories)
  • Material: Sponge: Nanotech high density sponge. Handle: Polyproplene
  • Made in Taiwan

Verified reviews


Great nipple brush bad bottle brush

The nipple brush is perfect for nipples like medela, evenflo. However the bottle prush design is not good. The sponge is al,ost impossible to get through the narrow neck of the bottle without some squeezing assistance, and the sponge once in the bottle rarely scrapes or reaches the bottom of the bottle where most of the milk residue builds up.

Elsie Pownal, ME

Best. Bottle brush. Ever.

I swear… the brushes on the first two pages of Amazon suck. They are scratchy, huge and have bristles like you were scrubbing a metal pan. Why??? Not to mention, those all far apart and suck. I know. I’ve had more than one.This one from Simba I stumbled upon somewhere around page 3 or 4 of the results for "bottle brush". I can’t believe it isn’t more popular! The small brush is perfect for tiny bottles and nipples. I use the little one to get into the little Medela bottles that came with my pump.The big fat brush has a rotating handle. The sponge on the end has two textures! Four sides are very soft and two sides are slightly rougher. This both scrubs the bottle and gets into all the tiny cracks of it. Honestly, such a simple design but so perfect. The sponges are replaceable if they get stained or gross. Overall, I’m extremely happy with these brushes and will include this in gifts I get for future soon-to-be-parents. I’m going to check out the other stuff from this brand. The box came entirely in Chinese so that was kinda interesting 🙂

Alisha Saint Francis, KY

works well on different bottle types

I use these two brushes all the time. They fit different bottle and nipple types. Really easy to use. I like that the brushes are replaceable.

Ginger Watertown, WI

Great brush, squeaky clean bottles!

Great bottle brush that has held up to months of frequent repeated use. Gets my bottles squeaky clean, which is important! I trimmed the sponge to fit into narrow necked bottles, still works excellently!

Lois Galesburg, MI

Love love

When we lived it japan we had these .. And we got some in the states from Walmart which suck and I found these online so great 🙂

Sophie Cainsville, MO

Would buy again and purchase as a gift

Love the small brush for washing the baby bottle nipples. Don’t care to much for the rotary handle on the large brush but the spongy part is nice.

Carolina Del Rio, TX

Not as great as I thought it would be

In theory, these brushes sound amazing. It rotates around the inside of a bottle so you don’t have to move it around. But I just don’t see it cleaning very well. I’m an exclusive pumper so I use a lot of bottles and these need more effort than I expected. The sponge itself doesn’t remove all the residue and leaves some film inside, especially towards the opening. It doesn’t work for baby bottles as well as I would’ve liked, but we’ve used it for our coffee thermos and coffee pots and I’m okay with those because they don’t need to be as sparkling clean as our baby bottles.The nipple brush does work well for what it’s meant to do. It cleans the nipple bottles and I still use it for that purpose, but the tip of the brush is getting worn out very fast. I suppose they’re not meant to be durable since they ARE just sponges, but I wouldn’t buy these two together because I get more use out of the nipple brush than the bottle brush.

Maria Lumberton, MS

Great for cleaning small spaces!

The nipple brush is my favorite!!! It cleans nipples, and in the small crevices of my pumping parts . . . it’s really my go-to brush to make sure everything is spiffy clean! Love that it also has a little hook for hanging up. It allows it to dry and keeps it spotlessly clean for the next time.

Bettie Tyner, NC

Nice sponge brush without having to deal with bristle

I have dr brown reuglar bottles and also have dr brown brush, however I’m sick and tired of the bristle spraying water everywhere everytime I pull it out of the bottle. I don’t know why all the bottle brushes comes like that… it’s pointless. Inorder to get the milk greese off the bottle, you need a nice sponge brush like this. I highly recommanded.However it require a little wiggle effort to get into the regular bottle. It’s alittle big at the opening, but thats the only way it will fill up the bottle when cleaning.

Rosario Keewatin, MN

Sponges spin

They’re ok. They definitely work but they spin, I thought it would be good but it means the handle spins but not always the sponge, if you turn the cup the sponge moves with it. This means the sponge doesn’t actually move, it stays put and can’t clean the cup. The little sponge is VERY short. I bought them for something besides nipples and I suppose they’d be great for bottle nipples but if you want to use it for long skinny items, be prepared to stretch your fingers because this will not reach easily. I like that they both have the end covered since some bottle/skinny/small brushes don’t have a sponge or scrubby at the end.All in all it’s not bad, I’ll probably buy it again, for the price it’s worth it.

Deena Calhoun, MO


Does the work, pretty nice features in design that help cleaning and handling, even fits small bottle necks. Totally recommended.

Katheryn Osteen, FL

twisting helpful?

Could not get this into the taller slender bottles without forcing the sponge in them. I do not understand how the rotary function helps because I felt it cleaned better when used just like any other bottle brush. Wanted to like this so bad because of the fact it’s all sponge, but do not think I will be buying this again. Prefer the Dr. Brown’s deluxe brush.

Angelica Farmington, NM

Great brushes!

This bottle brush is awesome!I use this with my Similac SimplySmart bottles/nipples. The brush is great for the nipples because it really gets every crevasse. If you use some muscle (not a lot, but some) then the big brush goes into the nipple part and cleans it. If the nipple is particularly gross, I use the small brush and it fits perfectly.I tried this with my Medela bottles, and it fits, but it’s a bit big for them. I find that it squeezes off all the soap/water when shoving the brush in the bottle and then sprays when you take it out. I recommend the OXO brush for Medela.I also use this brush with my son’s sippy cups and my Contigo tumbler.I love that it foams up nicely and using the rotary spin is much less work!I also love that you can change out the sponges and not have to buy a new brush set every time!

Pat Chappell, NE

The nipple brush is great.

I really like the nipple brush. Also it’s made of sponge, so it doesn’t make scratches on the plastic bottles.

Debbie Harlan, IN

Use them everyday, love it.

This brush make the bottle wash/clean effortless. Well built, good size, I sometimes even use the nipple brush to clean the milk bottle, it still able to clean the enrie regular size of bottle. Highly recommend!

Olivia Circle, AK