Simba Baby/Kids Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelet-Natural Citronella and Lemon Extract/ No DEET, Extra Safe!

Simba Baby/Kids Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelet-Natural Citronella and Lemon Extract/ No DEET, Extra Safe!

price is for 1 bracelet only.

Main features

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  • Made with natural nontoxic artificial doeskin integrating natural citronella extract with high-molecule nanotech, DEET Free!
  • Wear the bracelet around wrist or ankle and adjust it to optimal tightness with snaps.
  • A continuous 168 hours, 1 cubic meter protection area is created to keep mosquito away.
  • The product can be hung on the baby bed, baby trolley or any place near the place near the place where the baby is playing to form a natural protection area.
  • Can be reused when sealed in ziplock foil bag provided when not in use.

Verified reviews


It worked in the northeast in Brasil!

I was not so sure about this product, but after using it during a 2 week vacation in Brasil on my 13 month old baby I can say that this product works. My nice did not wear one for the first week and got bitten by mosquitos really bad. I also used the liquid reppelent that I bought at Giggle: BabyGanics. Using both at the same time worked perfectly.

Autumn Buena, NJ


I’m not sure if this item works or not. It fell off the first time my baby wore it. It was around his ankle and he was in a forward facing carrier with dangling legs. Not a lot of activity in that position so not sure how it came off. I know how to work a snap.

Coleen Stevenson, AL

effective but very strong scent

I hung this near my son’s crib when a few mosquitos managed to get into our house and it was very effective. However, when I was around it for more than an hour, I would feel queasy- the citronella scent is very strong! Good for bug repelling, but if you have a sensitive nose, you might not be able to handle them!

Nettie Anthony, KS

Wonderful all natural product!

I love that this product contains no deet but is still effective. My daughter wears it whenever she plays outside and I have noticed a huge difference in the amount of bites she gets. We will definitely be purchasing another bracelet once this one wears off.

Rhonda Orono, ME

Keeps the biters away

I took these with us on our way to India for my 2 girls (4 and 2). I definitely saw a few well fed mosquitos there but I didn’t notice any bites on my little ones. I am pretty sure it was because of the combination of this and the Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard. I put this on their ankles and that worked out better as it stayed out of their way. The only downside I can think of is, after about 3 days of constant use, it looked pretty dirty. The smell was definitely weaker than it started out but I suppose that is to be expected. All in all, I was happy with this product.

Cristina Caulfield, MO

Works on my baby

My baby everytime goes out would get couple of mosquito bites. After I put this on her, up to now no bites. What a surprise. I now bought another three for my friend’s kids. Only reason didn’t give 5 star is the smell is very strong.

Mollie Ryland, AL

no mosquito bites

Our daughter gets bit by mosquitos just going from the house to the car. When she has on her band she doesn’t get bitten. I love that it’s nontoxic because she has manged to take it off her ankle and chew on it.

Felecia Mount Erie, IL